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    Did it quite easily but took me 18 hours as a teuton i went to sleep in between , first clear camps, relocate, clear camps again, relocate clear camps again than i relocated 1 more and camps didn't spawn. U will have more than enough resources

    Not true that the 1 always satisfies the 2nd.. As there is a big difference to have 1 treasury lvl 20 and others lvl 1 than all lvl 20. Yes as u said it would be viable only as hunting for the achievement.

    Hello i would like to suggest new achievements for duke's and king's.

    The achievement would be for having have multiple active treasuries ( so a governor can't get it) and multiple stages.

    I came to this idea because of having multiple treasuries in my capital and it would be nice if there was a hidden achievement for it :)

    1. Have 1 active treasury

    2. Have 5 active treasuries

    3. Have 10 active treasuries

    4. Have 15 active treasuries

    5. Have 20 active treasuries ( need 2 extra building slots)

    1. Have 1 20 level active treasury

    2. Have 5 20 level active treasuries

    3. Have 10 20 level active treasuries

    4. Have 15 20 level active treasuries

    5. Have 20 20 level active treasuries ( is this even possible becouse u need 2 wherehouses to upgrade to lvl 20? )

    Feel free to comment your idea or suggestion about this topic.

    I can never choose which tribe to play.
    Can you guys help me with that , or tell me which tribe is the best.
    Right now my personal rakings are 1. Tuetons, 2.Gauls , 3.Romans.
    I think tuetons are really good in attack, but just to slow sometimes?:(

    And also i wana ask you which tribe is the best for 3x speed also?

    Is there anyway when im playing a german server to make the language to english?
    If not this option would be GREATLY appriciated in game, for many players not only myself i think.!

    Gorgi - this also happens if im downloading a file in chrome and the download is showing in chrome at the bottomo of the internet. and it makes the screen blurry. and after i cancel the download bar the screen goes back to normal! if it helps anything:P

    before on other servers i got the resource bonus and travian plus but on

    i didnt get resource bonus and travian plus as it states on the wiki that i will get it :

    if this is a bug or smth. i would like a 60 gold refund.

    Starter package is only available during the first 7 days. The best time to buy it is right after you activate account. The Starter package will help you get a head start since it includes Travian PLUS, resource bonus and crop bonus which are really important features in this game.
    The Starter package costs 60 gold, which is much cheaper than paying for all it includes separately.
    The Starter Package includes:

    • 3 free trades with the NPC Trader
    • 5 instant building completions
    • 6000 Silver to spend on auctions

    It also includes the following hero equipment: