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    How can you not see this absurdity? You are talking about little factors which can change everything but only use it to deny our comments about "wing-creation" but why can't you use it on your pros aswell? (Which we have done) You are criticising only other opinions but not yours. And if you now say that it is not true, then all the Cons deserve to be added into initial post aswell because from random observer perspective they have exactly the same probability to happen as your Pros. If you can't understand this then I blame our language barrier and wish there is any native english speaker who could explain it to you all over again because so far you understood nothing

    I guess there's no point in arguing with The Advocate of Travian Kingdoms Community. I was talking about your ways of choosing what Pros and Cons are and you kept talking about those Pros and Cons (which should only work as an examples), that's what I unsuccesfuly tried to highlight, perhaps I should really make the text size bigger next time -_-

    I've tried to revert back to all the points raised in different color, hope it's clear enough to read.

    My point is that your opinion is the only right. (Sorry, can't highlight it more)...We clearly can't agree on this and even the poll is basically even (and not representative) and yet only what you consider true is stated there but what others point out you don't even include as a "possibility" or something like that. And that's why players who only read the initial post will rather vote "Yes" because you clearly are not listing all the Possible Cons, but you listed ALL the possible Pros in your opinion. You can't be sure your way is the way it would work if implemented and so neither you can't be sure my (or anybody's who is opposing your idea) way would not work.

    That's just your opinion again which only proves that your truth is the only right. Let me evaluate your Pros here in my point of view - not like it could change anything, but to prove that my points are valid and that I can disagree with every single of your points and yet it will not be enough for you to change the original post, because as I said earlier, your truth is the only one here but if you have anything against anybody else's con, you will simply not include it...

    Pros :

    • Unbiased game due to size restrictions.
      • Wings will make sure it will be as much unbiased as its now (Legends as a proof)
    • More competitive
      • Bullshit, people will be saving their armies for WW and will be afraid to lose it too early, no fight for top spots will happen until late game
    • More kingdoms fighting for top spot.
      • Not really (wings as a reason for that)
    • More players in leaderships
      • Not really (Kings of main kingdoms will rule their wings too). But honestly this is the best "+" of that list which has a potential
    • Easier to manage kingdoms.
      • Even harder, because you will have to maximize your effort, every player of your kingdom will have to be looked after. Whereas now some people don't care about people who don't practice teamplay but still send deff to WW later.
    • More room for diplomacy and strategies.
      • Again wings will deny this
    • New players will take some time to get recruited in top kingdoms.

    Have you lost your mind? How can this con be enough. If anybody reads this he will think something like: "Ok, newbies will have to work harder" - which I admit is true. But do you really expect them to work harder? They will not work at all and rather accept their defeat and never play the game again. Maybe it's your goal after all to get rid of newbies from this game because this implementation will literally cause that. Can't you see that? How many players from any kingdom you ever played in actually tried to work their way into leadership or atleast any respected role? 5 out of 500? I can guarantee you that more than 5 out of 500 will delete and never play again.

    So If you don't want to add a con: "Newbies will delete more often than now and the whole community will get smaller" atleasrt edit that one to something like: "Newbies may have really hard times and without their 100% commitment will never get into any better kingdom" (=will delete after some unsuccesful attempts when they will be destroyed in every single round in a kingdom ranked as 20)

    That's not the point. Being fucked and struggling to be promoted into top kingdom is something completely different. But you just proved what I said, you will only add what you consider right but you don't give a shit what others consider right, because your (yours and Deacon's) truth is the only one allowed.

    This is my last reply about this case, I'm tired of fighting with people refusing to accept other's opinions. Don't bother answering :)

    I agree with that and that's why it's in cons, it's not a very new player friendly approach and I stated that in my very initial posts on the main discussion too but it's a trade to have a balanced game.

    • New players are more or less fucked. You euphemize this by saying "it'll take them some time to get recruited by a top kingdom", but they just won't get recruited at all, get bashed, and get farmed. Either this, or they land in the 17th wing of some random meta.

    Deacon here's your con which should definitely be included, hope you are happy now and will finally stop summoning me in this thread, I have no joy reading your comments. About the quote above - I got sick of that one and it's a reason why I stopped scrolling through the thread to give you more cons, because it basically says that if StarX doesn't agree with the point, it will not be included in the list. Honestly, when Scorox proposed this idea I talked to him about that and was opened to testing it, but then you joined the discussion and just your attitude made me change my mind - how simple :) I wish either you or StarX make it into development team or community management team, buecause last couple of weeks it seems to be your goal :D

    Lastly, if you wish to hear my opinion again, then please read what Be2-e4 is writing in this thread, I agree with everything he says. Hope it's good enough reason not write my name here again, I would really appreciate that, because you became pathetic :)

    - If people will get their croppers later than now, it will probably make WW hammers smaller as crazy players would need to start building them a bit later and some people might complain that there will be too much deff in WWs compared to strength of WW hammers.

    - If these NPC village attacks aren't too powerfull then I believe no reward for succesful deff is needed as kingdom should work together to protect their villages and the village itself will be a reward later.

    - Siege weapons should be included if it will slower the travel time of attack and so will give the kingdom more time to call for deff.

    - The last benefit after quick brainstorming I can see is that it might prevent some players from isolating themselves on the edge of the map and might force them to stay closer to their team and might get them involved into teamplay more.

    So he can accuse us in this chat thread but I can't deffend us in this chat thread?
    I'm just trying to keep the thread balanced. Deacon is obviously fighting for one idea with his opinions, Im fighting with mine opinions. I'd think it's a discussion after all.
    Also there's been many potential risks said during the last couple of weeks - ignored. But pros (even tho you can't be sure it would work like that) are there included. That was my point :)

    Tell me, how will chances of unwanted newbie player improve with lesser amount of teammates? Nobody will want him in top teams where he could learn from the best. And in worse kingdom, he might learn some basics, but more likely will quit because of getting his ass kicked hard even before he learnt something. Just my opinion :)

    In current situation it's all about communication, if any newbie player is trying to be active, talkative, loyal, etc then you shouldn't be worried about him being a spy. If he wants to play a teamgame, he sure will. Majority of us started as no one, without experience and yet we worked our asses of to the higher places, which means it's possible for every single newbie too.

    Still this is way bigger non-sense (especially in context of the pros listed in the first post) than what you just called non-sense

    You should understand that it would be much harder to recruit a WW hammer of 200-300k crop consumption with those limits, since you would need actually to manage things around in your kingdom. Not just raid and build troops, plus park them of course in semi-active members.

    lots of metas, not interesting.

    And this is a proof Im a simmer? I played 3 of those servers.. with UNSC I ended up 8th deffender... On the other 2 I ended up in top10 attackers with WW hammers 100-150k big.. Also Iv never placed myself in top 12% of Population... Is this what you call simming?! You better stop making me laugh.. Btw who you are that you can be accusing us here like this?

    This is what I mean by that sentence.

    You should understand that it would be much harder to recruit a WW hammer of 200-300k crop consumption with those limits, since you would need actually to manage things around in your kingdom. Not just raid and build troops, plus park them of course in semi-active members.

    You have heard plenty of cons, you consider them replaced by your arguments. You apply double-meter here. Our opinions are dismissed because only you can be the only one telling the truth. But look at it from the other side aswell, maybe we dont consider your arguments good enough? Maybe some players disagree? Maybe it's not the best idea ever? Maybe it has more than just these 2 cons listed there (maybe some added, last time I checked was 2 days ago)? Maybe you should think more about the consequences and wait to hear from other experienced players and their opinions instead of immediately saying that your new rule is necessary?

    "BUILD THE WALL!!!" :D :D :D

    People would use these wings to feed their hammers, maybe multis or something else but I'm 100% sure it wouldn't decrease strength of hammers. If you are saying that there would be lot more fighting, the I can also imagine deff players overflowing with crops pretty often if their deff would be constantly reduced which means shelter fro WW hammer (same with non WW hammer building off players). Also do you really think that top players dont build troops and manage kingdom at the same time? Because tbh that's what I usually do and I believe many other players do that aswell. But I guess not everyone is capable of doing that :D


    Suggestion agreed by 60 players is now "necessary". All the negative arguments were repealed by your dreams which you have absolutely no idea if it could ever come true.

    So please give at least a bit of respect to people with other opinion and don't consider your opinion as the only right one.