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    I believe that many unexpected actions happned in last few hours and will happen in the next few hours. I wouln't blame a single team for that, none of the kingdom was the puppet master at the end and each kingdom played their cards depending on their own strategy :) You have to be lucky at the end and avoid hammers going your direction, but you can't control that. I didn't see Refugees sieging us with all they have (unless it's fakes) since they can't overcome us in terms of VP. It's a good server no matter what, let's not ruin it with useless blaming of each others. Wish I could have dedicated more time to it.

    Well I guess each team has different strategies. You obviously can't see the stuff behind our planning which leads to this actions (we can talk that when the server is over). Neither I can see the stuff behind your planning to finally "win" and not just "compete and have fun". Also when you keep saying that you were helping all the time, that you helped us to first place.. Did you really do it all because of us? If so, then thanks from my whole heart. But I believe there was a bigger interest than that from your side and therefore I would call it a shared interest and that we helped each other. Not my problem that you splatted more armies than us while fighting. Maybe we knew when to stop ;-)

    I don't understand you. You say "Here we go again" when you the whole server kept telling that "You don't want to win, you want the best to win". Why are you even angry? Why do you care that there are 4 sieges coming your direction when you don't want to win?

    I saw it, but it still looking like nothing. And i saw how you both often help to UNKNOWN and your fight with each other looking like funny jokes.

    The thing is we were fighting each other (NewOrder x Stars/Fruits) since day 1 and both teams were exhausted and needed somebody else to cooperate with in any further fighting. Don't forget this fact :) It's just the server was evolving quickly and objectives had to be reconsidered during the game :) But I guess if I were in your situation, I'd be using similar words to you. Hats off for the way you play at this server, making it a memorable one.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but you just said you made the first move even before the server started and still you are accusing us of making the move first :D :D :D (btw, call it a "Union", not Merge, with Fruities please, so Sissox#DE doesn't get confused)

    Looks like our diplomats are really good as they declined your planned merge with CodeX and later used their skills to create a temporary friendship with UNKNOWN to make more than half of your leadership disappear :)

    Another server where i see TheOrder throwing their chance to win by their diplomatics :D Maybe you should change the way you are doing diplomatic stuff ;-)

    Oh you can't be serious here :D It was your kingdom who made a diplomatic move first and merged with Stars :D

    What an epic battle tonight :) Fair play to UNKNOWN for probably the best OFF OP ever landed on a kingdom I was part of. I guess also first time on COM1 defending kingdom can say the result is way better for them than for attacking UNKNOWN?

    Reports soon I believe.

    Good night!

    Sissox then why feralix had to delete his account named "feralix" when he was also only sitting at "feralix&Greek" earlier? Where is the justice now? Why was he punished for something as you say "legal" and doubious was not? There is a double meter on this server and that's way more unfair than players playing as sitters although they only have the account to help the other one.

    doubious what I meant is that it is very much unethical (in my opinion) to have 2 accounts with basically the same name as it throws a shadow of possible multiacc (even though I honestly believe your words) on these accounts. Also your strategy is quite common I guess and it's not against the rules it seems. But there is a precedent that player in your situation had to delete the account he created and had to jump as dual to the account he was sitting. That's why you should be punished, not because it's against the rules (perhaps, didnt read them as I never had to check whether I'm breaking them or not)

    I'm just saying it's making a bad image in the game as it looks like multiacc (I believe it's not) and not the whole server asked you what's going on to be fair. I'm just saying that I saw a precedent that player in exactly same situation as you are had to delete one of the accounts. If it's not the case here too, then this game is not fair. Next time you make sure you use different names for this strategy ;-)

    Not entirely sure how does it work, but I believe there shouldn't be 2 accounts with basically the same name no matter it's a sitter. It throws a suspicion and I know a player who did the same - sitted one and played another one with similar name and had to delete one of his accounts. If this will not be the case and you will be able to continue on both accounts, it will be very unfair. So I guess say bye to one of your accounts and the other one should be unbanned soon.

    You still dont understand nothing, pretty all things in your message are wrong.. Really nice to see there is someone that is still thinking destroy WW ZLF was a good choice...
    My cat has better game vision than you mate ahaha

    A player who fucked up the worst in this server is saying sb else has poor game vision. OK :D I'm glad your great game vision helped you atleast to 5th spot, congratulations :D

    ehhh for this reason I'm telling you, stop talk you don't know nothing. New Order was unofficially in COM3 and it limited lot of actions between KNights - Italians - Bohemia..
    About AyYldz and game vision you have a lot to learn seems, start learing to read first, step by step you will get game vision too.

    This continuos link to the crying action in your opinion have to make me upset? Your ignorance has a bigger effect :D "Turn your weakness in your best weapons", fit well on you.

    Man you are so pathetic :D Why are you talking about NewOrder who wasn't even on the server? So lame to blame someone who is not there :D Yes, NewOrder has people from Bohémia and Knights mainly, but there is no connection to Italians except for Alejo, who btw started with Knights if Im right :) Bohémia has common past with Knights as we already played 2 COM servers as NAP/Allied kingdoms. That's the whole thing. Bohémia proved Knights that it's a good team, not my problem that Knights who didn't do well decided to help Bohémia instead of you. Maybe if you played more manly and destroyed ZLF WW when you could, they would appreciate your move and helped you instead. But that's diplomacy again, a thing you obviously suck at :D

    Lastly, you know nothing about me, so please stop talking trash, Im not saying you are bad leader either. People who played with me in the past are still on board, that proves something I guess. Maybe because we are not afraid of fighting since day 1 as you were. (Check COM1 if you dont believe)

    Have a nice day and get over your defeat quickly ;-)

    If we were only a dogs, why didnt you give us a command earlier than Ayyldiz? What you are saying just proves that you were bad at diplomacy this time. I believe you will improve next time, but for now you should really stop crying because you are only making everyone laugh. Saying that "We would win if Bohémia didn't attack us" is like if I said "We would win if nobody ever attacked us". So yeah, you are hypocritical :D Also I can say you wouldn't steal so many VP from Poles if we didn't hit them at the same time and they didn't have to spend so much def on our hammers and instead only focus on your armies. It was a war and diplomacy game, so please accept the fact that you failed and made yourselves fools because it does matter whether you are 4th or 5th because now I can say to anyone that we did beat you, which is true. History doesn't ask HOW, we just did beat you ;-) I know it is a bitter pill to swallow, I know it must hurt your ego to finish last of the best teams, I know it hurts to be betrayed by your own players (which is your own fault you believed them, you should have done sitterchecks or something else to prevent it from happening, you should make sure they are with you or you shouldnt recruit everyone to get numbers advantage). So blame only yourselves and stop saying "IF, IF, IF, IF, IF, IF"

    Maybe we went after you because we thought we have the biggest chance against you? :D

    Maybe you should stop being mad and accept your loss instead? :D

    Maybe you should understand that diplomacy is huge part of this game and obviously other teams were better in it than you? :D

    Maybe you shouldn't feed enemy WW hammers? :D

    Maybe on the next server you should do nothing until the very end of the server because it can be hardly more boring from your side? :D

    And finally as you still don't get the point I will try to explain again. I'm not saying you should have kept ZLF WW and lose all your def. I'm saying you should have zeroed that village so ZLF would be like 2 weeks slower without any chances left. Then maybe someone would finally recognise you did something right in this server :D