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    A kingdom's strength depends on the strength of its active governors. So in my opinion, it is better to have as many active governors as you can recruit. I had 10 in the closed beta, all active, and wanted at least ten more. Kingdoms which are side by side can merge by one of the kings increasing influence in that direction. The ways to do this are for the king who intends to abdicate to have all troops pulled from any oases between the two kingdoms and the other king taking them - and by the one who will remain king inviting the abdicating king's governors and the abdicated king to join his or her kingdom.

    With second or fourth villages, a king can also settle in the abdicating king's kingdom and gain influence enough there to invite all governors to join him or her,

    Good answer. Now I have at least some idea how that should happen. :o

    We have many small kingdoms in our area, and this forum there is mostly questions how single player can change kingdom, etc.

    But how would one merge/join two kingdoms which are in same alliance?
    Or is it better to have two smaller kingdoms than one big kingdom?