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    While we're at it, can we add a search function to the inbound/outbound troops?
    I've got 900+ outgoing attacks from farmlists pretty much at all times and sometimes I need to cancel one of my actual outgoing attacks but can't find it in time through all the farmlist attacks.
    Technically having the option to filter out farmlist raids would also pretty much solve my situation but I think just making a search function is better.

    just remove resource production of grey villages until they get active again. Way easier to solve, maybe increase resources from robber hideouts or lower defence.

    Only if villages turn grey after more days cause otherwise there is just not enough time between making someone your farm and them turning grey.

    Sorry, I just assumed we are talking about a decent players and possible strategy against them. Of course you can hope that someone is leaving 50k clubs at home and that might work some of the times but if your opponent is active enough to send farmlists every 10min and experienced enough to feed such an army then I'd doubt he is gonna leave his rams/cata or army at home. And yes, COM is completely different ballgame than some local servers.

    Can you stop with the arrogance for just a moment?
    You're not talking to a bunch of newbies and you are not a god at this game. So stop the arrogance please.

    There are 2 scenarios:
    1. Enemy farms inactives with farmlist and is thus competition to your farming.
    If the enemy farms then there will be a moment where he is not online and a portion of his troops have returned home from farming. That is when you can make some nice kills. You'll never catch the entire hammer, you'll always catch something if the enemy is offline. I'd say it is safe to assume 5% of troops to be home when you attack. 5% is pretty nice to catch, you do this a few times and you'll really halt his farming, forcing him to be online more or depend less on farmlists to ensure his returning troops don't get caught.
    2. Enemy doesn't farm inactives with farmlist and is thus not competing with you.
    If he ain't competing then who cares? Yeah it can be a dangerous hammer but you are unlikely to ever catch a significant portion of their troops during normal attacks (so not including sniping a returning hammer) cause he'll make sure to always be online when his troops are home.

    How do I get to 5%?
    Well catching (portions of) hammers works best against teuton hammers, which primarily consist of clubs.
    Those hammers easily hit the 999 limit for outgoing attacks, meaning they can't send everything away at all times, AND they will have loads of returning troops all the time.
    To be honest, you can probably catch a fair bit more than 5% from teutons.
    For the other tribes it is a bit different cause these don't hit the 999 limit as soon since they have less troops.
    However, these tribes generally pay for their higher offense per crop consumption (swords/imps) or movement speed(cav) while not really gaining much defensive bonus. Meaning you can still catch quite a bit of value when you attack them.

    In any case, if they compete with your farming then they will have a portion of troops at home at some point unless they have 24/7 online time due to duals and/or sitters.

    Don't try to snipe with walking times longer than 2 hours cause then they have too big of a window to secure their troops.

    1. My capital is actually a cropper that is not even in my kingdom's borders, am I going to have to change this to merge with another kingdom?

    You are gonna need to change capital or get a treasury over it.

    2. We have a few kingdoms that are in our meta alliance and we still haven't made a 100% decision on whom we're merging with. One kingdom we share a large boarder with, but the other we will only be touching by corners. Do corners count as touching when it comes to merging?

    Can't say for sure but when corners touch between duke and king area then the king still can't collect from the duke so I think it doesn't count for unions either.

    And how do you want to do that? You're not gonna find an army of any decent player home. Only way to get rid of it is to level entire village/city and if he is in one of the top kingdoms then you're gonna need to sacrifice a whole lot of more troops for a chance to do that. Any way to weaken someone's army right now is through spiking.

    Thanks for also bringing that up.
    We need to get rid of the ability for govs to hide troops in robber hideouts.
    Other than that, you will always be able to find some portion of their troops somewhere.

    Yeah Teutons won't be able to snipe the really good players cause their troops take too long and the other player will notice, but that is what TT and EI are for, sniping offense troops.
    Teutons have the advantage that they can just raid a lot more than the other tribes cause they just have more units. So yeah, they have higher upkeep but they can out compete the other tribes.

    So no, right now spiking is NOT the only way to weaken enemy hammers. That is if you are a decent player though.

    I am sure many players have experienced this.

    You want to know when ally reinforcements arrive in your village. You go to rallypoint, go to inbound, select reinforcements and behold... a ton of troops coming back from raiding are cluttering your inbound reinforcements tab.
    You need to skim through the 50+ pages of incoming troops to find the reinforcements so you start clicking the next page button... but the "send troops" button is right below it and if for whatever reason the layout of the page is shifted upwards, the button goes up just enough so you accidentally click send troops instead of next page.


    Now ofc I can just change the page number in the url but that shouldn't be necessary.

    Why do we even need the send troops button there? If you are on the inbound troops tab then it is unlikely you want to SEND any troops.
    So could the button please be either removed from that specific tab, or be moved so it is not directly below the page number buttons, or can we move the page buttons to the top of the window instead of at the bottom?

    Guys, how about we just get rid of the morale bonus for inactives?
    See, someone spikes an inactive and suddenly the raider troops are only 66% as strong.

    This is a pretty big impact. Lets say we have a 3 club raid and 5 phalanx spike, no wall or residence.
    With morale bonus the attacker has 120*0.66=80 power, defender has 200+10=210 power (that 10 is the base power of a village)
    Attacker loses 3 units, defender loses 1.

    Then we keep having raids of 3 cause the attacker probably has sent out multiple waves before he saw the first report from the spiking.

    It will take 5 raids to kill all phalanx and the attacker will have lost 10 clubs.

    Same situation without morale bonus.
    4 raids to kill all 5 phalanx, 6 clubs lost.

    Huge difference.

    If we want to discourage the inactive farming but also want to discourage spikers I suggest we remove morale bonus on the inactive villages and increase the base power of (inactive) villages from 10 to 35.
    This means that players will have to destroy the wall or upgrade their troops if they want to not lose any units in a 3 club raid against an empty village.

    Also keep in mind guys, farming inactives is meant to be competitive. You should at most get 10% of your carry capacity in those raids if enough other players also farm the inactives.
    It is up to the offense players to then kill the farming army of his competitors.

    Back in the day if I was wrecked and people started farming me I would share the reports with the biggest farmer so he would destroy the other farmers, that made things a lot easier. Farming is part of the game and inactive farming is an important game concept that we need to keep. We just need to ENCOURAGE players to farm inactives so that we get some competition going again.

    COM6 is suffering one of the worst spikings I have seen so far.

    Though I personally have suffered not that badly I still think this needs to be dealt with asap.
    The culprit is a player still in newbie protection.
    He has killed almost 1k worth of troops so far.

    This is a broken mechanic and needs to be fixed asap. This is griefing to the max.

    Spiking, though part of the game, has been a condemned mechanic for as long as I can remember.
    Why is it that we still don't have a fix for this?
    The ability to reinforce while in newby protection only furthers enables this kind of griefing.

    I support the concept of reinforcing while still in newby protection, but spiking should have been prevented a long time ago.
    Simply make it impossible to reinforce inactives and the problem is solved.

    I think that if you go on delete you should not be able to spend the last 24 hours on your account.
    I was just attacked by my own governor and didn't have the chance to steal my stuff back again.
    This player waited at 199pop until he was almost deleted, built something and attacked me, stole the treasures and was gone, all within half an hour. This should just not be possible.
    This was probably the multi of another player, possibly a king or duke. This type of gameplay is simply abusing the mechanics of the game.
    Def or no def, this was not someone who was "just playing his game" this was someone who cowardly abused the system to set someone back as much as possible.

    How about instead of a limited amount of slots you limit it to an amount of time per day or by making it only possible to observe while the observed player is online. This way you can make sure that your mentor only looks over your shoulder while you are online and not when you are offline.

    So far over the course of my travian experience I have had a lot of new players asking me questions about all sorts of things about the game.
    Now I know quite a bit on this game and I would like to help these new players as much as possible.
    One of the things that I noticed is that players want to see what this game can offer in a short time. However, they also think a speed server would be too fast and they will not be active enough for it, and they are correct about that.
    So I had an idea. Put up a "mentor server".
    The idea is that "veteran" players volunteer to mentor new players on the game in a newbie friendly environment safe from "tryhards" and "pay-to-win" players.
    This server has very specific rules aimed to make it newbie friendly.
    1. All new players start as governors while mentors start as kings.
    2. Fast paced, but clearly divided in "phases".
    3. Long beginner protection.
    4. Lots of flexibility. (I'll elaborate this later)
    5. One or two world wonder(s).
    6. Inactive players are removed immediately from the map but their progress stays saved. (also explain more later)

    These rules should ensure a positive environment with a clear goal.
    Another thing that needs to be clear but isn't really a rule is that THIS IS NOT A NORMAL COMPETITIVE SERVER.
    If you were to think it would be fun to join this server and squish some newbies you will be banned from the server.
    If you form a big meta that turns the game stale you will be banned. (Small kingdom collaborations are ofc encouraged.)

    Before reading on please note that I understand that some aspects might demand lots of development. But, I think that even if you take away rules 3, 4, and 6, that you will have a very newbie-friendly game environment that still shows the potential that travian kingdoms has to offer.

    So to further explain the rules.
    Rule #1 is fairly obvious. Newbies can be made duke to help them get acquainted with the tribute system.

    Rule #2 also fairly obvious. Fast paced so players are easily drawn back to the game every day.
    Phases are to ensure clarity to the players.There are 3 phases:
    Phase 1 is early game or "development" phase. The aim for this phase is to develop one village into a city and have at least 2 additional villages.
    Phase 2 is mid game or "skirmish" phase. The aim for this phase is to fight other kingdoms and fight "robber/natar kingdoms" with coordinated attacks/defenses, siege weapons and maybe even chiefs. (The design of the robber/natar kingdoms is purely cosmetic and they act like individual super sized robbers.)
    Phase 3 is late game or "WW" phase. The aim for this phase is to conquer the WW and determine the winning kingdom.

    Rule #3 is either a very long beginners protection or something that you can activate, for example over the weekend.
    There are rules bound to the protection that you can manually activate.
    1. It is restricted to the first and second phase of the game. With only limited availability during the second phase.
    2. Troop training is disabled during this period.
    3. You cannot activate it within 12 hours after your last attack.
    4. Activation only triggers after all incoming attacks have landed.

    Rule #4 is to ensure that people get familiarized with as many aspects of the game as possible.
    This "rule" is highly subjective so I'll just give my thoughts on this.
    1. Players can activate a "king simulation" which allows them to see what it is like to be a king. This simulation puts them in a separate "world" for the duration. In this world they will be introduced to all the aspects of being a king such as tributes, treasures, influence, dukes, and diplomacy. All progress is reverted after simulation ends.
    2. Activating treasuries can occur in a time span of half an hour.
    3. Gold feature simulation. This simulation again puts the village(s) in a separate "world" where they can explore all the gold features. All progress is reverted after simulation ends.
    4. Mentor powers. Kind of like being a sitter but only observant. A player can allow a mentor to monitor their village development for feedback purposes.

    Rule #5
    To make the game more simple and linear there will only be one or two world wonder(s).
    First wonder grants +100% victory points, second grants +75%. (subject to change)
    So even if your kingdom doesn't hold the greatest world wonder, you will still be able to win.

    Rule #6
    This rule only functions during the first phase.
    To avoid discouraging other players and to avoid inactive players coming back to ruined village(s) their village specifics are stored and once they return their villages are set back to their original location if available. If the original location is not available they will be settled as closely by as possible.

    Maybe to encourage players to become mentors offer small gold amounts as reward when their governors achieve something in a similar manner to the way friend invitations work. (But maybe this gold should be able to be claimed on any server)

    Again, I understand that some aspects might demand lots of development. I think that even if you take away rules 3, 4, and 6 that you will have a very newbie-friendly game environment that still shows the potential that travian kingdoms has to offer.

    Let me know your thoughts on this matter, I highly appreciate the feedback.