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    We tried to stop the rebels. Stop and reset from the first place. Our attempt was unsuccessful.

    They, the insurgents, well done, greeted us with a good def, about 4kk - it's cool, i think. :thumbsup:

    It is possible that this is our attempt and led to the fact that they came to us yesterday. And maybe that's why they wanted a good battle but hive he didn't give it to them.

    Only the insurgents will be able to answer this for sure.

    From your point of view, it looks as if you are trying to put on someone else's victory.

    You are nothing. In my personal opinion, you are the main losers of this server.

    As usual, there are wars on the server where there are many contenders.

    At first, there are duels between neighbors, temporary alliances may or may not be concluded.

    Then in the final part, everyone plays for themselves - trying to win on the server. It is possible to conclude a temporary pact for a joint attack on the strongest.

    You lost the first part. You can usually deny it, but it's true.

    You also lost the second part. You have come to the strongest with help. You have given up trying to win on this server. So please don't talk about what you didn't do.

    You posted a log where you came to us.

    And why didn't you write a description next to it that 4 or 5 of you came together with 30 (approximate figure) rebels attackers?)

    Shame or desire to appropriate someone else's victory?

    Unlike you, we know how to perceive failures and defeats.

    In the last battle we lost because there were fewer of us, but who cares - for many it is important that we lost.

    Look, they lost in general, but again, who cares. Because in the last battle the so-called russians lost.

    maybe try to come up with something new, because you're tired of it.


    Again, the same thing.

    Russian (we are NOT Russian, at least we are the national team of Eastern Europe) cheating.

    The fact that our team knows the rules of this game better does not make us cheating

    The fact that our team knows how to make non-standard moves does not make us cheating.

    The fact that we know how to think strategically, a few steps ahead, also does not make us cheating.


    Based on your logic, cheating can be called almost every successful person in strategic thinking.

    For example, Hannibal Barka, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan...

    We speak the language of facts.

    We can repeat these facts, we can repeat and repeat them many times.

    Another question is will you accept them?

    In general, the facts presented by us to others are either ignored or distorted.

    Well, since we are talking about the BvB, we have already said that the BvB consists in part of members of the Empire.

    This summer server, they decided to go have fun separately.

    They have fun.

    Sometimes they ask for a def, sometimes they get it, sometimes they don't.

    That night they got a little def in one village. Shit happens.

    Why are you so indifferent to the Empire?

    If something is not yours - the fault of the Empire.

    Maybe the problem is not in the Empire but in yourself?

    We are calmly playing this server is not full.

    We calmly beat the THEPL, take their treasures. But still do not let you sleep peacefully.

    It's weird.