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    Is there an inactive finder yet?

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    1. The apples are in different colors. in one picture, they're red, in the other, green / invisible / brown

    2. The middle gauls'eye is missing

    3. The bone of the meat that the teuton on the right is holding is missing

    4. the liquid in the mug of the Roman on the left is gold in picture, red in the other.

    5 the left candle has a strong light in one picture, in the other its light is very dim.

    6. the right candle has a strong light in one picture, while in the other the light is very dim.

    my screenshot i added should clear things up if my english isn't good enough for you to understand. Happy Easter!

    What I see as a problem is that, new players cannot learn the mechanics of the game. If someone new joins a server then what he will get is a QUICK tutorial, which won't teach him anything. Like yes, you can learn something, but over all it won't be enough. Create a server, where only players with low prestige can join. Something like a test server, give them some gold and use this to teach them, how to play. Of course, you can't teach them everything, but you can teach them what is better in which situatiuon. And they can try it. However, even expirienced players can have low prestige. Because if you won't accept those rewards you won't "rank-up" with your prestige.

    What I would like to see in that server as a "newbie friendly" change? Remove FL from that server, that will help new players, because they won't be using it, or they won't be using it efficiently. And It would nerf "smurfs". Remove duals, so that new players have equal ground, keep sitters, but restrict their abilities, so that they can only help the owner of the acounty but the owner still needs to do the most for the account to work.

    What will happen in this kind of server, is that experienced players will join it and farm manually (manual farming is really easy if you have time) and it won't do no good for new players development

    Yeah I literally tried this on com2nx3 and we both got banned. I made a ticket questioning it and also the measures I should do to avoid any unnecessary confusion so we can game in peace but the ticket got removed and they didn't respond either hence I had to come to the forum for community members to help rather than the actual games support team lol..

    Oof, that sucks.

    The only other thing I can think of is Thor browser, but I'm not sure how it works or if it will help. Haven't used it but heard people use it for some stuff.

    You can play on different browsers.

    For example, you play on google chrome, while your partner plays on Opera which has a built in VPN option, so it won't show you are playing from the same IP.

    In case you're banned, just tell support that you and your partner are playing from the same laptop and show some evidence or something, and hope everything goes right.

    Started playing travian legends, they have very strict rules about multis:

    • § 1.1.a Each player may only own and play one account per game world.

    • § 1.1.b An account must always be played for its benefit or its confederacy’s benefit. Accounts that exist for the benefit of an account outside the same alliance or confederacy may be permanently banned and deleted. Accounts that benefit from accounts that existed for their benefit may be severely punished.

      Implement this and truly enforce it, and you have no multi problem

    I had a hard time reading this. Paragraph next time, please.

    The game will not end. Not in the next year or two, at least. They are still making money. It doesn't really matter how many players there are, there will always be the big spenders who will just keep spending and buy tons of gold for each server they play, and then buy some more for their multi accounts.

    I think the biggest problem with the multi accounts is that there is no way to get things done. You accuse someone of being multi - how are devs even supposed to check if your only evidence is a screenshot of player raiding another player or two players playing from the same IP. Devs will always give players the benefit of the doubt. Innocent before proven guilty.

    They don't seem to have an anti hacking software or anything of the sort. I truly don't understand anything about this kind of thing, but I remember, a few years ago, there was a free bot everyone was using to farm, and nobody got caught. All top farmers in 3x servers were using it. Nothing happened to them.

    I don't support multi accounting, but suppose you are playing some other game, hypothetically ,of course, and people are playing against the rules and beating you, it would the best option for you to just do the same, instead of waiting for that other game to improve and do something against those people.

    Real problem, in my opinion, is the big kingdoms. Every server has one huge kingdom that just forces people to join it - or destroy them. It's possible to beat them but they are too much. The game has many flaws in it and it's not quite possible to change this (or at least I don't see a way to).

    Again, I do NOT support cheating, botting or any activity that is against the rules of travian kingdoms.