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    Hospitals would make mid-game attacks on players more encouraging to make farms, but what is the later game incentive for anyone to attack each other?

    For anyone that is offensive, your troops are usually out raiding.... losing a day of raiding to bring all troops in and then attacking a player for no real gain.... all to often players with hammers in kingdoms will let other players turn into farms or non-hammer/Anvil (Anvils are a dying breed btw due to multi-accounts supplying so much def, but I won't get into that further lol) villages be destroyed because the loss of raiding income would slow down troop que's.... It always seems like you have occasional players that like war, but like my post mentions.... you may have 10-20 real hammers on a good speed server that are used for WW's.... but I (Almost) never see them used on players.... In addition, travel time would take to long to hit most other kingdoms competing for WW's. So once again... after the beginning kingdom establishment.... there is nothing for most players to do.... 1-2 months of excitement establishing kingdoms.... 2 months of raiding/building ques and social drama.... 1-2 months of WW which 99% of players have limited to no interaction with. I love the mechanics of the beginning and a little towards the middle which is why I keep coming back, but the end game is a let down almost every single time. I remember in Travian, artifacts where always exciting mid-game fun. Probably my fondest memory is when our leader/hammer was going to get wiped out by over 300k clubbies and 5/6 senators and I sent 33K pallies from 6 villages all landing same second after capture of leaders hammer and crashed the server lol... I think that was travian 2.5ish over 10 years ago.... So you can tell I keep coming back, but it's for the player vs player interaction and never building a WW which I have been a sitter for once (Way to much time involved for that lol).

    For the Love of the Game,

    I love the game play until the end... I usually make a hammer, but it seems to be almost totally pointless because of the WW ability to defend with 2-3 support kingdoms. My biggest gripe is once the hammer is used.... it's just logging in and que def troops/send crop to WW. There is literally no other skills needed besides repeated logging in and a few clicks. Def accounts are even more boring because they start to tapper off mid-game. 99% of players basically have a boring end-game. Once WW is about to start.... player vs player attacking essentially stops because there is no point. My hope is that the Travian team can do a test server or something that gets everyone involved in End-game content and boosts player vs player attacks.... an example of this would be using a pure VP method to a certain goal.... in addition, each WW would be worth 50k VP or something like that. It would encourage everyone to still capture a WW, but also not abandon their kingdom to make a WW only kingdom. It would also keep all the other treasuries necessary for victory. I don't have a perfect answer or pretend to have THE fix, but something needs to happen to spice up the end-game for 99% of players. I hope my thoughts cause others to express their thoughts and ideas which will spark a change.



    This was fixed years ago with Capital Auto Dodge. It evened the playing field and prevented multi account users from calculating their sleep schedule mostly by population monitoring and yes... spies because they couldn't take out the main army without retaliation. Sadly multi account users typically also buy more gold and had the rule changed.... kingdoms has boots which are only good for the first 10 days. We need more casual players that can sleep and wake up with an army still. This would reduce people using bots significantly.

    I refuse to play until it opens up. The app as it is right now is unpleasant when I am just building and infuriating when I try to raid or attack. I have not logged in since your promise.

    I would love the app if it actually worked, but it has been flawed for at least a year with the same problems. They have no intention of fixing it, which makes me wonder who on earth they have testing functionality for them or if they are genuinely trying to eliminate all players that don't work at home .

    Why is the game app so bloated and different then the browser version? I also can't stand the way that farm lists and reports won't show the summary icon such as yellow or red swords. Why can't I just have the classic browser interface? Why is the app so bloated with fancy stuff, that most map features error out? Was never a problem until the latest patch banned mobile phones from accessing the browser version (Administration didn't put that in the change log that I can see, but it shows me logging in almost constantly at the login page even though I can't log in and won't use the app).


    You will just have sister alliances. Many kingdoms do a merger near the end which effectively removes almost everyone not near a WW. It's very sad if you ask me. They should really bring back the center grey area and all WWS should be there. That was extremely competitive and fun. The WWs are so spread out that there is no real game play after the first couple weeks other than Sim City.... because everyone near the WW in your area is already merged or teamed up by then. Most farming is on inactive players and small kings.

    Most players will register 2 or more times to find a good location and that is why you have so many registered and inactive even within the first 2 weeks. Also, the end game is completely worthless for 90% of players, because they are in a kingdom that had a big fight mid round and now don't have any hammers big enough to affect a WW or steal a top kingdoms treasures. The developers keep tweaking things to get more fights, but Until they stop forcing players to reserve hammers until the end game, nothing will ever change. Until they make a server that is only VP based to win and they cap how many treasures can stay in each treasury. I doubt the end game will ever be more than a war of attrition.

    The question is not leading a kingdom or alliance as it sucks... it's the current system and how the leaders you follow basically ditch you at the end for VP and Treasure swapping shenanigans. The entire End Game needs to be modified to basically play out.... This is your kingdom, this is your WW if it's still insisted. I mean, 60+ people build a kingdom and then 50+ get thrown away in the last week or 2 and all the points generated get artificially added to a completely different kingdom.

    Been a dual for a top 4 king before after I smashed my hammer. When there were still alliances in kingdoms. The question is.... Do we cater to only kingdoms 1-4 now as you mentioned? What a cop out comment Archer in regards to this discussion lol. Luckily since I met your cop out comment requirements. I can say, "NO, my opinion has not changed". lol again just for good measure.

    I totally agree Aeneas with your original post. Basically kings keep building hammer for WW time and then abandon the kingdom due to the VP shenanigans. Kings only get attacked by other players, but governors get attacked just as much in addition to robber camps getting exponentially larger lol. I honestly can't see 1 perk of being a governor in the current system other than wanting to play with other players and only being allowed 1 king and a few dukes.

    On top of that, when all the governors work hard to get treasures for the kingdom, the king will just give all treasures and victory points to another kingdom through a loophole and every single governor in the kingdom ends the server empty handed and nothing they can do about it.

    No Governor can change kingdoms after the 2nd or 3rd at most village and have any real success, but the current system gives kings all the power and resources.
    Fix the loop hole to prevent VP swapping.... Treasure swapping is unavoidable, but VP swapping ticks me off.... 2 servers in a row it's become a huge problem.



    I had a while to think about this post and wanted to clarify the main point. Governors have no control over End Game and are often tossed aside due in large part to the ability of VP swapping. Why should 90% of a Kingdom be tossed aside in the last week and get nothing? 3+ months of working towards a goal and then getting left behind because of VP or WW swapping. I wish a server had no WW and had a VP goal ending of lets say 5 million. A timer of 90 days Max just in case. Hammers would be used to get treasures instead. Lastly, I think to make Governors have a real perk would be to bring back Arti's for Gov's only. That way even the 200% durability arti would be fair since a king or duke can't protect treasures that are earning VP. If you brought back Arti's for Gov's only and made a few more but with smaller perks, it would at a minimum make the end game content for Gov's exciting instead of just logging in to train def... send resources to WW.... read reports of attacks on WW.... then do it again in a few hours..... very boring if not a WW holder or king/duke......



    it's just my opinion, but if you take away your entire kingdom and focus only on WW so nobody else can steal VP.... That is a dirty cheap move and I wish you were penalized more. Otherwise, 95% of all players don't have enough catas to take down a WW, and if they can't steal treasures / VP to help, then why should anyone else play at WW time?

    Not just Top 10 for week..... check out overall ranking for attacks....
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    I'm on 2nd week and WW is at 72%.... Here are the top 10 rankings on the .com server and I challenge you to explain how this is active.... was similar rankings last week also.

    [h=4]Climbers of the week[/h]

    [h=4]Defenders of the week[/h]

    [h=4]Robbers of the week[/h]

    I'll go a step further and classify the Travian player demographics into 3 categories.
    1st - Dual accounts which almost guarantees you to be in the top 50-100 depending on server size.
    2nd - Active solo owned and may or may not have sitter.
    3rd - casual, maybe log in once or twice a day for a couple minutes to sim, but have severe resource overflow issues and usually low troop counts.

    So having a capital evasion would rarely effect the 1st demographic.
    Having a capital evasion would greatly effect the 2nd demographic.
    The 3rd demographic would never be in negative crop and therefore would have minimal effect.

    In conclusion, the capital evasion would really only benefit active players who do not have a dual and this is the category that should be the lifeblood of the server. Without this "Middle-class" of players, the 1st tier crushes the 3rd into oblivion just by farming.... not malice.... and you're stuck with a very low pop server with duals and very few Active solo accounts..... from what i'm gathering, most players are finding it extremely boring and for lack of a better word.... lonely.