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    Merhaba herkese,

    COM3 dünyasında çoğunluğu Türklerden oluşan uluslararası bir ekip olarak boy göstereceğiz.Bizim için geçen sene COM1'de UNKNOWN olarak eğlenceli geçen zamandan sonra yenilenen,gelişen kadromuz ve oyun stilimizle hem kendimize hem de oyun dünyasında olacak diğer ekiplere eğlenceli bir oyun yaşatmak istiyoruz.COM3 oyun dünyasında yaşanacak olayları,operasyonları ve analizleri sizlere bu konu altından aktarmaya çalışacağız.COM3'ü bizim gözümüzden takip etmek isteyen arkadaşlara keyifli zamanlar dilerim.

    Konunun global forumda bulunan orijinal haline buradan göz atabilirsiniz : An UNTOLD Story

    Hello folks,

    We have been in the COM1 game world as a Turkish kingdom called UNKNOWN.We had a fun experience for both ourselves and our competitors by fighting from the beginning to the end of the server.In this server,we will show up as an international kingdom with changes in our staff and improvement in our style.We will strive to have fun with minimum diplomacy by taking every opportunity to fight.You can follow our story in this title.We wish everyone a good time on this page where there will be a lot of reports and occasional analyzes.Finally, good luck to other kingdoms joining the server.

    It is a problem that a new game world does not start for 45 days.Since it is the fact that a game world opens every month, it is very normal for teams to plan accordingly.I don't mean that the new COM game world will start tomorrow. Opening like mid-April would be a logical action.It is interesting to note that a new normal COM server will not open for 45 days, although some months even 3 normal COM game worlds have been opened.

    UNTOLD and some other teams were planning for normal COM server in April.We were waiting for the announcement but we were very sad to see that it was not announced.It is surprising that the normal COM game world announced every month in the last 3 years does not open these days because we have a lot of time due to the COVID-19 virus.We think that the game management made a wrong decision and we expect them to announce the game world within a few days, as we always believe that they take into account our wishes. Georgi we would appreciate it if you can give us a positive or negative feedback.Thanks for your reply in advance.

    Unfortunately we don't have the game rounds for April finalized yet, but we'll make an announcement as soon as we have them.

    Best regards

    Only the X3 COM server date appears in the lobby. Will the X1 COM server not arrive? I also asked you from the Conversations tab.I would be glad if you can check it :)

    as many people know that in test servers these kinda things can happen... but in the past test servers, in some weeks more than 300 gold is given and the week after that gold isnt given... when 500 golds given, this could make us to think "this gold can be for 2 weeks, due we must be careful on spending it" but this time normal amount of gold given (299) last week... so we didnt feel there is extraordinary situation.. so, you better give clue that gold is for two weeks... (as in the past giving 500 gold and next week no gold)... by that way, players can arrange their plus and other additional situations... in the end you right, that is test server, but think from the players' side too and give some clue for the events like this...

    Players have to play the Test server to test innovations,not for free gold.