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    "Less talk more action !"



    We don't want to share the defense of BM,if you want to know,attack them.

    Fakes or more wasted hammers ...

    We cannot keep the fire alone.Will there be action on the server or will we have to spread the fire ?

    As usual, you never reply to questions :D

    Continue what? Simming hammers until day 145? Like the past 50 days? Or when was it that you attacked F1C?

    Why do you care our hammers mate,just play.We like big hammers :(

    Great tactics include:

    - Let's be friends, don't attack each other.
    - Coordinate attack with us

    You must have been salty when they attacked you instead, we don't get suckered by this double agent rubbish.

    Yes we're friends with Dominion.Also, since the middle of the server,Dominion wants a joint operation.I have a great sentence for you.

    It's real a good sentence.

    LVGD your writing is getting more erratic. Hope you don't mess up sending your fakes on time.

    We love surprises.

    First attack to our WW,he hit rally point.Thanks for this report The Great Tide.It is first but not last,so we'll share all WW reports.We're waiting for 500 attacks on our WW.We need to use our all defense before the end.

    The real winners are Untold and BM for having fun! That's the most important thing at the end of the day :)

    You really started to understand that this game is an entertainment tool.This is really good.

    Of course,how much fun is left is a separate question mark.The same dynamics,the same tactics, the same races,the same players,everything is the same in this game.

    Oh lets keep this going, you're really letting rip today :D (go on just a little nod to your startup exploits) dont try and pass it off as tribute farming, as first few weeks there are very few gains in tributes whether farmed or collected manually

    as it goes we've done about as much as you, just with less players

    Hahahaha,we talked about our defense with Mayo,didn't say to you.Do not hide anything from each other.Everybody knows why you defend our Equites.If it is new for you,you need to gather your focus,the forum is tiring you,you have to follow the game.

    It is a good conversation but why did you change topic ? You said UNTOLD avoid the fighting and I shared defense statistic with you.And now you are sharing attack statistic for no reason.You really should reduce the ego a little.I understand that you should always be the best,but don't confuse topics.

    Nice you finally start to admit some things have happened at least, like defending some kingdoms whilst dong diplo with others (since we're here .... farming multi relocation startup's? having pocket kingdoms? can we add these into the list too) :D

    But (lets not pretend 100% of the def points of Untold happened behind Untold walls) until we attacked you'd seen very little action of the def front either

    Someone asked for tactics and I shared some basic tactics with them.I like to help people.About defending Equites it was a payback.Savoy defended F1C's players agaist us and we defended Equites against Savoy.We would defend Equites against BM and F1c too but we didn't.Because it was a payback we did and finished.

    Yes we only killed all F1C and Dominion hammers on our walls with great battles and we killed some hammers from Phoenix,Paragon,LEG!ON ... What did you in 110 days and now talking about avoid of wars ?

    I like to help people.Goodluck to fight with bandits ;)

    PS : A little advice from me don't trust anyone,especially to players who can see your statistics scores.

    you know what really is a sign of fear ..... running around the map suggesting certain other kingdoms avoid fighting you ;) even giving them tips on how to strategize on us instead

    maybe this all just blew up in your face :) since I think F1C probably have a bone to pick with you Guys, as do quite a few other teams/players on the server

    So don't worry UNTOLD are still "hot target" number one :P

    If you talk about Dominion,they tried their chance on us and couldn't get reports.If you talk about war,you can check defense points of kingdoms.Did you get any attack in this server ? So maybe don't talk about war.Firstly defend some kingdoms' attacks.You are still behind us in statistic without war :P

    And please why would we be scared of losing? If we had ever been scared of losing we wouldn't have been playing with half the players the other kingdom have lol

    All your tactics are a copy and paste of what we have showed you, you really think we would be scared of that? Or of a few offs? You truly consider yourselves better than any other enemy we have faced over 5 years?

    This game has had many deficits for years,but BM has never used these deficits,until now.We are not saying that we are your best opponent,we have made you incapable,we have made you a part of everything you do not like in this game so far.Once you sink in the mud, you will take a bath with mud.

    This is middle finger to TG, I for one don't actually care at all about this outcome here and will be happily gone the second server is over.
    Until then happy to try to topple the most cancerous team I've faced yet.

    Please be honest with yourself.This abuse was made against the danger that may come,that is in a way of fear of losing.

    I know we are the most cancerous team because we are a team that can have fun with you in the forum.