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    Bellatora to return this thread back to its original purpose, have the devs been approached with 5 ideas? Can you let us know which 5? Or is it up to the community decide? Once they've been discussed with the devs, can you let us know what feedback there was so we can fine-tune ideas in the future?

    To everyone else, if you aren't directly presenting 5 ideas, can we stop so the conversation isn't muddled when it goes to devs?

    She didn't say it would be this year.

    Nice work man but still these turks won't stop cheating unless they experiance defeat I still believe there is a way to kick them if so many big kingdoms gather against them this would be fun which is i hope this will happen soon

    Cheaters don't give up when they lose, they wait until they have better cheats and come back when they do.

    Rules and Penalties

    - Repeat offenses in each game are penalized more severely. In TravianKingdoms, this is server-based and this should change. Players must have a criminal history, a player who has been punished for a crime twice on a server should not start a new server with a clean background. If he commits a crime on the server he just started, it should be taken as his 3rd crime, not his first crime.

    - A player has been penalized 4 or more times on a server. A permanent ban should be imposed after a certain number of penalties.

    - One of the most popular crimes of today is insulting and someone who insults in the game only gets a chat restriction. I've seen players get 10 chat restrictions on a server, crimes should be increased for insults, population penalties should be given for insults made more than once, and perma bans should be given for severe insults.

    - Avatars registered to the game with random mails are added to real players as duals and sitters. The sole purpose of these avatars is to allow some people to have access to the accounts of all kingdom members. (This event is against the rules of the game.)

    - There are players who loot the resources added to the inventory after the menhir. This should be restricted.

    - Accounts called "friends" should be banned from giving someone millions of resources. (A rule like that one account cannot be used for the benefit of another account would be great.)

    - There is an abuse of feeding soldiers in the banned villages. TravianGames admitted it as a cheat 5 years ago, but sometimes there are still people who use it. When an account is banned, all supports in that village should be sent back.

    - Due to innovations, new vulnerabilities appear in the game and some players abuse them. Players using these vulnerabilities should not be allowed to play that server any longer. (Like taxe abuse)

    - Many game vulnerabilities were quietly removed, players who used it for years were not penalized. You should at least notify us players once the vulnerabilities have been removed. (There was such a bug in the game, we noticed that players were abusing it and we fixed it as of now.)

    Improvements to Game Mechanics

    - A warning system like in kingdoms when we want to attack players in secret societies.

    - Colored marks made in secret societies are not visible, this must be corrected.

    - Improvements to things like Marketplace and auctions that allow us to see bids from our own kingdom's friends

    - Speech titles opened in kingdoms and societies can be removed by kings and society founders.

    - Stolen goods in bandit camps can only be taken by attack, as in bandit hideouts.

    - Bandit camps mostly appear in areas with 7 fields. Players don't know much about the benefits of 7-field fields, but really, 7-field fields are actually quite productive. So it would be better for bandit camps to spawn in 6 fields rather than 7 fields.

    - Vacation mode isn't using for its purpose. It is used by players who want to avoid being attacked. Why is there a vacation mode when there is already an dual and sister system in the game? It has been changed 4 times because it is used for abuse against its real purpose.

    - The game has no ads for new players ?

    I'm not saying that what I wrote should definitely come to the game, I just want the developer and the person who is the most authoritative of the game to come and give feedbacks : we're working on X, Y is a good idea and we will make it better, Z will disrupt the balance of the game so we will not do such a thing ...

    It's a good question, but I don't think you can get the answer. Because I don't think the people who designed it are looking at Travian Kingdoms anymore, and you certainly won't be able to reach them. Since people who are interested in us mostly come from TL, they will not be able to give you an answer either.

    I still have not received an answer to my question, according to your answer I will make sure that myself and my friends do not play this game. Skadi BridgetB

    I'm asking again, will you allow accounts to be created with random mailers? Will you allow previously created e-mails to be added to another account as a siter or dual?

    Or are you going to make fun of the players by saying that we have increased the population penalty from 20% to 30%?

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    It's your opinion. You do not accept the fact that we are a successful team.

    I may be joke, but we will still win the game with a good margin of victory points. Everything is out there.

    Yes, you can win any game world, but in this game you are playing, no one will respect you except yourself. You like to deceive yourself with your lies, but as I said before, the Travian Community has a higher IQ than most IYI kingdoms have, and they can see everything.

    Exceptions? There is not a single person in your kingdom who does not insult, there is not even a person in your kingdom who does not have a random email address, there is not even a person in your kingdom who sends their own attack. You all think you are a really strong kingdom, but Travian community knows that you are a group that just shouts racist admins without cheating.

    Cry Baby GIFs | Tenor Is it you Deniz OZMEN TR ?

    As th0mm said, most of the server is already on your side with a diplomacy of 700 people. Someone has survived and accomplished something by his best means. What kind of ego trauma could you have experienced that would even belittle or digest this?

    Scourge kicked ur ass and free to proudly share these reports, as you share the incredible battles you've accomplished with accounts that have been banned multiple times X/