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    Welcome to reality. But don't worry, it will be fixed soon. Meaning of soon in Travian dictionary = within 10 years.

    Btw it would be complete nonsense for you to attack a jumper player. You can't destroy his/her village because it already has only one village, it has a very superior defense bonus, if they defend it, it will hurt.

    I'm one of the players who played the first night peaceful speed server 4 years ago and I haven't had any other experience since then, but there are a few bad points that I remember. The kingdoms in the two furthest regions could not perform catapult operations, even with normal attacks. I think night peace makes the game play on destroying the Wonders of the World. Since a certain number of game worlds are out, I think they shouldn't spend the slot of regular game worlds. But of course, if they have a special slot for them, for example, if there is a night truce speed server once every 3 months, those who want to play will be happy.

    It will be 1 year in 13 days roman-bored

    It's good that you pointed out that I was rude, thank you. As someone who has been giving feedback for 4 years, I am smart enough to realize that none of this is cared for. Kindness becomes an insignificant concept when the other person doesn't care about you. You may be a very polite person, but there is a reason you speak in this pattern.It's not out of politeness, it's a pattern they want everyone to use. They think it would be a good thing for everyone to become robots.

    Thank you again, I believe you will discuss my thoughts at your nearest meeting. Will you at least inform players about the new Rally Point vulnerability? I don't know if you(TravianGames) apologized to the players for the previous one, I guess you removed it secretly. Are you going to do the same with this, or will you inform the players? In the meantime, if you still haven't figured out what the vulnerabity is, let me tell you a rumor I heard. It's not definitive information, just a rumor. It is said that they can reach the codes related to the hero in the incoming attack. In other words, while they were able to access catapult information in the old vulnerability, they can now access hero information. I hope your testers work a little more meticulously. By the way it's just a rumor the way it's done. Otherwise, it is certain that there is a new rally point vulnerability.

    I won't go beyond the topic more, have fun everyone. I'm sorry, Jak , I'm saying these kinds of things on this forum, but everyone has a right to know about such things. People spend their time, money and effort on this game.

    I talked about the change of all employees and BridgetB comes first among them. You don't think that BridgetB isn't a forum moderator. The only person whose task is the forum is Unknown, and he is only tasked with saying the sentence that is instructed to him. "Thanks for your feedback." There is no place I blame him, I just want people who say tolerate cheaters change.

    Other than that, a few of my players may have been banned for using scripts, but no one said that I allowed them, each player is responsible for their own account. At that time, I said that I did not defend a banned player, he used a cheat and was punished. Anyway, I touched the subject for the last time. I do not intend to offend anyone. If you are happy with our great developers and managers, you can continue on your way. I just put forward a few unknown facts and yes your lovely TravianGames tolerantes cheaters, sad but fact :(

    Also, do you believe that the errors and deficiencies are corrected when you convey them to someone privately? Even the biggest companies in the world do not fix their mistakes when there is no twitter agenda. If we are not going to share these errors on the forum, let's not hope for them to be fixed.

    Let's reduce free gold for Bbash and generate new gold packs. Let's not do TravianPlus for X1 throughout the entire server, it reduces our revenue. Get TravianPlus weekly for X1 now.

    Let me explain in detail for the last time why the game died. As someone who writes here, let me state that I haven't played the game for 1.5 years, but if your game is better in the future, I would love to play again. Most likely, the administrators will ignore my writing by saying that it is someone who criticizes again and will thank me for the feedback. Because the most important problem is that they start to ignore the criticism.

    Let me first start with why Jak's thinking was wrong. I will tell you three games that are popular right now, with their mistakes. League of Legends is the most popular MOBA and the game has "scripts". These scripts provide the characters to move automatically, use abilities and dodge the character and of course these are illegal. These scripts are banned from time to time, players write new ones and they are banned when they are noticed. Valorant is the most popular FPS game in the last 1 year. There are "cheats" in this game that allow your bullet to find the opponent, or allow you to see directly behind the walls. But RiotGames notice these and remove them from the game as soon as possible, suing their producers. New World is the most popular MMORPG in the last 1 month. There are a lot of "bugs" in the game, and players abusing them. They bring updates to the game every week, they remove these bugs, new bugs appear, we know that they will remove them next week. The common thing in these three games is that there are often mistakes in the games and there are players who abuse these mistakes. But everyone knows that they will fix them. Does this apply to Travian Kingdoms? Unfortunately, the players have no faith left. If you ask what is the reason for this, the primary reason is that the administrators are no longer as enthusiastic as they used to be. I'm not saying fire them all, but now the roles need to change and new people need to be hired. We need new administors who are enthusiastic, energetic, and most importantly open to criticism and will consider all criticism. Me and my team made a request 3 years ago, with the necessary explanations, for a night truce TR server to be opened without night truce and and a COM game world that will open after 2 months will open after 1 month. BridgetB listened to the players many times, changed the server date and server type for them many times. But now we realize that she hasn't taken the players seriously since 2 years. For example, everyone says that COM CSR BlackSwan is a little more tolerant of Russian players. Maybe right, maybe wrong. We look at the work done by BlackSwan, Travian Kingdoms Russian CM, Travian Kingdoms COM CSR, Travian Legends RUS CSR and Travian Legends ex-Russian CM. Why are so many tasks assigned to one person? She is also a human, she has worked on Russian servers for 6 years, and why COM CSR alone when she already has so many tasks? We can ask many questions like this. In the past, Georgi was both a COM CM and a COM CSR. It was also wrong, one person cannot do two big jobs. These are management mistakes.

    An innovation has exploitable features or contains bugs. Why does this take months or even years to resolve? Let's consider two big problems right away. Menhir and rally points. They use Menhir both to teleport army villages to the opponent's border, and by opening a kingdom, teleporting multi accounts to that kingdom and looting them. You can think of a solution to this and try it in the nearest TEST. If it works it will be added to the game, if it doesn't it won't be added to the game. But even the use of TEST is wrong. You even open the TEST server almost every month and make it your first goal to earn gold from the players. The TEST server is not a competition server, it is a server used only for Testing and everyone who plays on this server accepts and plays. But if you even think about making money from this server, players will start to believe that there is no testing.

    The bug of rally point is the funniest. Players could see the codes of the rally point and from these codes they could see the military type of attack, the target building that military type wanted to hit. It was used for 3 or 4 years because only a certain group of players knew and used it. Then when this came out, the administrators said they fixed the problem. Information from a secondary person that this bug is still being used. Some players can still access the codes and notice the attacks. The problem is that the people who do it are very cautious this time and don't want their actions to be revealed. Here, too, the job falls to the administrators. Your controller should know that these codes are still not secret and should come up with a solution. Again, will it be tolerated for years just because a certain group knows and uses it ? (Unknown will come and say that those who know how to do it should contact us, but the point is that those who do, want it to be kept secret and it is YOUR MISSION to find out how it is done!)

    Let's come to the mistakes of the system. A player suspects a player, reports it, and whenever the CSR team cares, they simply do a couple of "fixed" checks and move on. If you ask what is the reason for this, it is very obvious, the person doing this job is BlackSwan for COM now and he has been doing this job for 6 years. Now she is bored and does not check certain things and do no detailed research. This is valid not only for BlackSwan, but also for local servers. As I have said many times, if a leaf moves in your village, they may notice it, but they do not want to do it. The biggest reason is that they are not enthusiastic about doing it. The second biggest reason is what current administration wants is not to offend the players and to allow them to break the rules once in a while. They are afraid that if they bore the players too much, they will run away. But they are not aware that other players are running away from the game because they condone cheaters. This system should be completely changed, teams that will examine the tickets in detail should be appointed and when players are found guilty, someone should explain the reason. This is one of the funniest things. They do not reveal your guilt and its evidence. Now you will say that the criminal should already be punished. This is not always the case. Let me tell you about an experience I had myself.

    - At the time, Georgi was on duty, and I was playing in the COM3 game world. Jak and her kingdom BM was also our rivals. We launched an offensive operation against a less experienced kingdom called Paragon, so for a little fun I took 50 villages of that kingdom on my loot list and sent 2 soldiers each. I ran this loot list twice. The next day my account was locked from using scripts. Since I don't use scripts, it wasn't too late for me to understand why. Because Paragon players are inexperienced,they said it was a script, he attacked us at the same time, so my account was locked without being investigated. But I couldn't reach Georgi through the ticket for 3 days, he was not responding to me. Lastly, I asked the TR GM for his e-mail and wrote from there and was able to reach him. I told him his mistake and my account was locked for 3 days unjustly, ahh of course they gave me 50 gold :) -

    I am aware that what I write will not go unnoticed and nothing will change. Just wanted to remind you again what the issues were and why the game died. It would be nice if they at least reached out to a lot of people and knew what kind of dump we were in. The thing that would surprise me the most would be that the management reads the criticisms, realizes the mistakes and makes changes, but the future answer is obvious, thanks for your feedback ...

    Have fun, and don't forget to buy more gold. There will be worse management and worse servers with your gold :)

    It's a funny title, the content is even funnier than the title. It's really interesting that the majority blamed the players. You all have to be TravianGames employees to be so blind. Why the game dies, the answer is quite simple. It has become a game that does not evolve and only sees players as a gain. Every game that becomes this way will be dead. I've heard that the overactive Travian Legends forum has been closed. I think this place will be closed soon. It is necessary to reduce expenses and maximize profits. The whole point is just money. I hope you will understand that the problem is not gamers, that bad people are everywhere, and that the biggest duty of a game maker, distributor and developer company is to protect the game from evil people. Bring back the past, let the kingdom reunion disappear, no menhir, only old traditions, not innovations(!) I just miss the dev diaries that come in every 2 weeks and really work :P

    FN: Some people still don't realize that players are allowed to break the rules. They can see everything you do in the game, they can have an instant effect on everything. But if they punish players who buy a lot of gold, they will offend them and lose money.

    FN2: Just another simple example, the Menhir abuse has been known for about 1.5 years and everyone knows it's not difficult to enter two "if" codes.

    Can you elaborate please @LovëGood, how would you reduce it or how would you edit it?

    Wonders of the World are not affected by the population bonus,you can enable this for all villages or or you can reduce the percentage impact of the population currently in the game. It's a software incident,change codes :) I think discuss this issue now because it will come to the fore in the coming months.

    They relocate new accounts to the game and establish a kingdom from them and plunder them until the last day.I am gradually trying to think that the damage of Menhir is more than good things of Menhir,or really multihunters are like robots in the game, if cheaters aren't get caught in the system.

    There are two ways to solve it:

    Menhir is completely removed,but the good parts of Menhir will disappear as well.

    A multihunter system that can apply not only what the system shows,but also what it knows.These guys are not caught in the system check it out after 3 days ban these accounts and looter.After all,these guys were teleported here,then expelled from the kingdom,then looted.Is being multihunter is to wait for them to forget the VPN to get penalty ?

    I forgot one of the most important issues.As Mayo stated earlier,if someone is on the GameDesigner team(if we have a team),it would be great for them to actively use the forum and exchange ideas with the players.

    For Example


    Also,a player receives a warning when attacking a friend in the same kingdom,and should receive this when attacking someone in the same secret society.

    That training phase is a precaution against bots thrown into the game.If there was no such stage,3-4k bot would be thrown into the game worlds like in Legends.

    It is critical to have server without delays. But there are more important things to correct.

    Priority 3 (normal).

    Maybe it is the most important thing for a game.Without a strong server infrastructure, the gaming experience is not enough.

    Doesn't need to see player's villages in kingdom. If you want, create secret society.

    Only the kings and dukes should be able to see the governors' soldiers without the need for society.It is a big problem for non-premade kingdoms that every governor can see each other's soldiers.

    You mean gold bought in Russia should be more than gold bought in EU?

    Yes, agree.

    Priority 3 (normal)

    I mean pricing for non-European regions should be regional.Currently,there is exchange rate pricing in non-European regions.

    Didn't get the point. Create bug report if necessary.

    We should be able to delete topics in kingdom and secret society.For exeample : An attack is coming and a title has been opened for this attack.It does not need to remain in the kingdom chat after the attack is over.


    There should be a kingdom-only tab in the market so that players in the kingdom can easily trade between each other.

    Since the roster has been renewed from the beginning,I would like to try my luck one last time.Maybe the managers( Unknown , Skadi )who really wanted to return the game to its former popularity have started to work.


    Travian game servers are inadequate in infrastructure.There is lag at the beginning of every server and the players cannot start the game properly.First of all, TravianGames should take care of this and refresh all of its servers.Apart from that, the server crashes for a few hours after major battles in the game world.But the most important problem is that while sending an attack or defense in a game where seconds are very valuable, the server-induced delays of 1-2 seconds, not caused by the player,can change the fate of everyone who plays the game.TravianGames should renew all servers and provide a seamless service to players.


    Nowadays,playing games has become mobile.The game has a mobile app,but it really has millions of bugs in it and offers an inadequate experience.Simply,the card game cannot be played in mobile.A company like TravianGames needs to see the course of the game industry and spend more resources on the mobile platform.With a decent mobile application, Travian can return to the old popular days,and we players can continue to play this game on our phones in a fun way.


    I do not even think that the game has an advertisement.I have never come across it before.If a survey is made,it turns out that the players are promoting this game.TravianGames needs to make ads specific to this game. If new players do not come,the community will not develop.New players should also be aware of this game.


    Players from all over the world even countries with strong local servers are playing this game.The currency of every country is not the Euro,and TravianGames may be a bit more player-friend than its pricing policy.Many companies (Steam,Amazon,EA,Netflix)have country-specific pricing policies.The biggest reason they can't do this is of course players who shop from outside of their region to buy gold for a cheaper price,but there are various ways to avoid this,by using one of these ways,TravianGames can also offer special pricing for players outside of the EU,thus increasing the amount of gold purchased by players and automatically their earning.


    The biggest reason why this game is enjoyable for me is the competition.The game is played in a more defensive way rather than an aggressive style of play.The most important reason for this is the current VP system.Each kingdom in Top10 or Top5 should be able to steal VP from each other, but there should also be some percentage of it.If you can steal 50 VP from the first kingdom, you get 25 from the second kingdom and 15 from the third kingdom.Thus,the top kingdoms do not only have to play defense after a certain period of time,and the kingdoms. have multiple strategies to get VPs.

    Second,crowded kingdoms with more than 2 WWs are drastically reducing the game competition.They are crowded and powerful from other kingdoms, limiting what their opponents can do when they have 3 WWs.The number of WW that a kingdom can receive should be limited to 2.Thus,competition is protected and we do not see kingdoms gifting WW to each other.

    In long-distance wars,especially in battles using siege,kingdoms can easily close their treasures.Treasury closure period should be extended.

    It doesn't make much sense to use a spy with no attack power only to track the XP of the hero.This is a feature that prevents large and detailed operations from being performed.In the game,defense is more advantageous than attack, and this feature makes that advantage even greater.The attacking side needs to be very careful and even if it cannot take action against only 1 spy,the whole operation plan is deciphered.My suggestion is that the spying process doesn't get XP.


    Kings and dukes are guardians and rulers of a kingdom.They should be able to see the players' villages as in the secret society.

    While the map is being painted,there is also the ability to paint for the secret society,but this feature does not work, this error should be fixed.

    Subject headings that are opened should become erasable.

    New roles must come for both the kingdom and the secret society.Not every kingdom uses programs like discord.Even newly established kingdoms are difficult to recruit.If roles such as attack commander and defense commander are added to the game, communication and job sharing will be quite good.


    Activities such as forum competitions,events,campaigns should be in abundance.

    The game should be an official discord channel.It would be nice to have an official environment where special rooms are opened for the servers and players can meet each other.

    Building and soldier skins have been changed in Travian Legends.We also need such changes.

    The images of the game worlds specific to seasons,special periods and big events may change.Like a snowy map in winter.

    Detailed statistics,detailed announcements and news after the game worlds honor all the players who play that game world.

    Kingdoms should be encouraged to use the forum actively and each association to open its own report page.

    Hun and Egyptian race should be added to the game.


    Trapper is the weakest special building in this game.Changing the building makes unstoppable the Gallic race instead a few improvements can be added to this building.I have three different suggestions :

    - Captured soldiers should be able to be executed.

    - Captured soldiers should be able to be returned for a certain amount of raw material, depending on their type.

    - Should be able to convert a certain part of the captured soldiers into their own troops after a certain period of time by adapting their race.


    - The biggest issue is slow feedback, they should be fixed.

    - The penalties should be made a little heavier.After a certain repetition,the account should be perma banned.

    - Should be more multihunters.

    - The game gap should be closed as soon as possible.(As an example of this,I predicted that it could be misused when the vacation mode first came out and I gave feedback about it,but I was ignored and eventually it became unavoidable.)

    - The rule book shared with the players must be followed.(The biggest example of this : "any account can't be opened for the benefit of another account",but multihunters are ignoring this rule.)

    I tried to summarize the things that came to my mind. Since my main language is not English,I hope I wrote it understandable.My biggest hope is that the new officials work to improve the game. If they want more detailed exchange of ideas, they can reach me from discord LovëGood#9971