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    Bullet Points:

    - Train 5 units;

    - Warehouse to lvl 1;

    - Granary to lvl 1;

    - Market to lvl 1;

    - Embassy to lvl 1;

    - Granary lvl 3;

    - Warehouse lvl 3;

    - All Clay Pits lvl 1;

    - All Woodcutters lvl 1;

    - All IronMines lvl 1;

    - All Croplands lvl 1;

    - 1 of each RESOURCE field lvl 2;

    - All Croplands lvl 2;

    - All resource fields lvl 2;

    - All Croplands lvl 3;

    - All resource fields lvl 3;

    - Granary lvl 4;

    - Warehouse lvl 4;

    - Granary lvl 5;

    - Warehouse lvl 5;

    - 1 Cropland lvl 5;

    - 1 of each lvl 5;

    - Main Building lvl 5;

    - Residence lvl 1;

    - Warehouse lvl 6;

    - Granary lvl 6;

    - Residence lvl 1;

    - Catch an animal;

    - Upgrade 1 Woodcutter to lvl 5 and 1 Woodcutter to lvl 4;

    - Upgrade 1 Clay Pit to lvl 4;

    - Upgrade all Iron Mines to lvl 4;

    - All Croplands to lvl 5;

    - Residence lvl 5;

    - Collect lvl 10 Residence Quest;

    - Train 1 settler/upgrade storage;

    - Train all 3 settlers;

    - Barracks lvl 3;

    - Academy lvl 5;

    - MB lvl 10;

    - Academy lvl 10;

    - Townhall lvl 1;

    - Relocate before you Settle :!:

    I previously mentioned in my How to Build a (Roman) WWK Without Gold Guide a different way of speed settling and I don't know how many people do this build or if this is a thing but well, I don't think it hurts to give more insight on how you can get a village in 25-27h of server without spending Gold. So in order to complement my WWK Guide I'll be explaining in detail how to actually do it in this thread.

    First of is very advisable to register the account as soon as the server opens and to do so in a Computer. The main reason being Gold. The first ointments of the server, the cages and books your hero finds in the default set of adventures will probably sell for the highest price during the whole round. This might vary but for us Goldless players it's rather helpful to get at least 20 Gold or more if your hero finds a lot of Ointments.

    To keep it simple I'll leave here the steps to a strong start:

    ⦁ Register your account as soon as the server starts;

    ⦁ Follow the Tutorial and choose Governor Role;

    ⦁ Hit the Robber Hideout that's more distant to your Village. The reason you should do that is that you save yourself a long trip for free. Send all the troops you have available regardless of the tribe/unit type. They will never die, be it Phalanx/Spears/Praetorians. Send all of your troops with your Hero;

    ⦁ Once the attack lands set all Hero Points to Fighting Strength (the level up might depend on the Robber Hideout army composition);

    ⦁ Never ever sell the 2 Stolen Goods you find. Always sell only 1. The reason is simple, you'll get 35XP for selling 1 Stolen Good and since you're still in the Tutorial that one won't count;

    ⦁ Finish the Tutorial and once you open the Quest Book the 1st thing you do is to Train 5 basic units (Clubswingers in case of Teutons, Phalanx in case of Gauls and Legionnaires in case of Romans);

    ⦁ Sell the 1 Stolen Good you have left now (your hero shall level up here if it didn't before, use all the points in Fighting Strength. It'll be important to help you keep your hero healthy, clear the hideouts and make adventures that might bring useless stuff to sell);

    ⦁ Send all your troops to the Robber Hideout that you haven't hit yet (Note 1: being Roman split the Legionnaires and the Praetorians because of the travelling time. Note 2: Don't worry about casualties because you'll have none as long as you attack with all the troops you have even if your hero isn't level 1 by now);

    ⦁ It's time to start with the build (Always be careful when collecting rewards from the Quest Book and/or dismanteling rubble, NEVER EVER OVERFLOW and don't forget that everything that has less than 5min of construction time can be instantly build, the exceptions are Residence/Palace and Treasuries, take advantage of that and RUSH ^^) :

    1. Warehouse to lvl 1;

    2. Granary to lvl 1;

    3. Market to lvl 1;

    4. Embassy to lvl 1;

    5. Granary lvl 3;

    6. Warehouse lvl 3;

    7. All Clay Pits lvl 1;

    8. All Woodcutters lvl 1;

    9. All IronMines lvl 1;

    10. All of your troops must be on the move but remember those 5 units you recruited a while back? One of them must already be there. Send it as a reinforcement to the village you have closest. Reason? Reinforcing a player for the 1st time in the server will reward you 65XP. If hero levels up all points go to Fighting Strength. Remove the unit imediately, you still want to clear those Robber Hideouts asap;

    11. All Croplands lvl 1;

    12. 1 of each RESOURCE field lvl 2;

    13. All Croplands lvl 2;

    14. If your army has returned send them again to the closest hideout. Focus on 1 at the time. Hero goes imediately to an adventure and the Stolen Goods are sold;

    15. All resource fields lvl 2;

    16. All Croplands lvl 3;

    17. All resource fields lvl 3;

    18. Granary lvl 4;

    19. Warehouse lvl 4;

    20. Granary lvl 5;

    21. While you wait (in case of Gaul and Teuton players) Equip Horse and keep doing adventures; Go to the Market and sell 1 of Wood for 1 of Clay and cancel the Offer. You'll be rewarded with a NPC card. You can also go and collect your daily Free Card, may the odds be with you :S ;

    22. Warehouse lvl 5;

    23. 1 Cropland lvl 5;

    24. Use only 1 Ointment to heal 1%HP of your hero. This will reward you 30XP points; Save the rest of the Ointments to sell later. Even though the auction house is closed try to sell the Ointments nevertheless. This will give you 500 Silver but the silver is not the interesting part here. You'll want to place a bid in a Horse or some Chicken boots, the cheaper the better. 2 Silver on a Horse is most definitely gonna get outbided. Don't ask me how or why :D;

    25. 1 of each lvl 5 (you might need to use that NPC card from the Market Quest if you got unlucky and there's no King who's able to influence you atm);

    26. To collect all the Rubble and maybe some Quests don't forget to place Crop offers in the Market. This will avoid Overflowing and still collect rewards;

    27. Main Building lvl 5;

    28. Residence lvl 1;

    29. Warehouse lvl 6;

    30. Granary lvl 6 (You'll have a lot of Crop sitting around and we need to collect the Residence Quest);

    31. Residence lvl 1;

    32. If you don't have enough space because hero brought extra resources from adventures or whatnot consider upgrading your Market to sell Wood and maybe Crop. Sometimes might be also needed to sell Iron, it depends on the extra resource of your Stolen Goods but you adapt and build accordingly. The goal is to collect the Residence lvl 1 Quest resources and waste the minimum possible;

    33. If you've done all adventures equip 1 single cage and go catch an animal. The other 14 will be turning silver/gold soon;

    34. Upgrade 1 Woodcutter to lvl 5 and 1 Woodcutter to lvl 4;

    35. Upgrade 1 Clay Pit to lvl 4;

    36. Upgrade all Iron Mines to lvl 4;

    37. It should look like this: Wood: 5-5-4-3; Clay: 5-4-3-3; Iron: 5-4-4-4;

    38. Next all Croplands to lvl 5. The reason behind this not so random field levels is simple: It's the most efficient way to do it. This will give you 18k Wood 20k Clay 18k Iron and 9.5k Crop. (Numbers might be slightly off. I'll edit the post once I start a new server because I'm typing this out of memory);

    39. Fields are closed, by now you should be able to assign an Oasis and if some King has invited you to his kingdom accept the invitation and Deny the Tributes. You'll want those extra 5 crop and benefit from the shorter distance that the Stolen Goods need to travel to get to your village. One more benefit out of accepting his invitation is that you'll probably be able to put your troops in a 25%/25% Oasis preferably or any given Oasis. Extra resources are extra resources And if your hero brings some units from adventures oasis with them. Beware that some players might attack your Oasis so do this only if you are watching over the account;

    40. Time to work on the infra. A good thing to do is to start upgrading the Residence to lvl 5 as resources are available;

    41. Keep trying to sell the items you found so far, you'll know the approximate time you'll be able to sell them so keep an eye on that. Maybe set an alarm to guarantee the best price. Sometimes the price is delayed for ~5min. Just wait a bit more and try to empty your inventory.

    42. Once you reach lvl 5 collect the Quest for it to go up to lvl 10;

    43. Now you have 2 choices. To wait for enough resources and train a settler or start slowly upgrading your Warehouse and Granary. You've build some fields and you don't want resources to overflow during your sleep. You can use the Market trick again but to NPC for a settler is always a good idea. You'll get a RAIDING POWERHOUSE 8) those 3k of carrying capacity come very handy when you're cleaning Robber Hideouts. So here I'd say it's a matter of personal availability/preference;

    44. Clear all the Robber Hideouts that you can. If you can clear 6 in day 0 good. If not don't worry, we'll still be settling within day 1 of server.

    45. In the next morning depending on what you decided earlier the goal remains the same: train 3 settlers and collect it's reward;

    46. Clear the Hideouts, send hero to adventures and work on the remaining settlers;

    47. After you queued the 3rd settler upgrade your Barracks to lvl 3;

    48. Build an Academy and upgrade it to lvl 5 (Don't forget to insta finish to get the Insta Finish Card);

    49. MB to lvl 10 (You can insta finish the last level with that free card you got from the Academy Quest);

    50. Academy lvl 10;

    51. Townhall lvl 1;

    52. You are ready to settle.

    You can relocate while building the Academy or even the MB. It's totally up to you, you'll have plenty of resources to finish whatever levels are left. The Romans do have the advantage of still being able to re-upgrade their fields. This Guide will give you a cropper 100% of the time in Local x3. On com it might not be the case but you'll still get 2 villages in ~1 day and like I stated in the WWK Guide: Low level fields return their investment faster so it's always a solid option.

    Casual players are probably playing defense already. This won't hurt the casual player unless he chooses to play offensive and doesn't send the troops out for a walk during his/her offline time. Which as you might know is never recommended.

    It will make it more appealing for a Ghost account because you actually can hit more than 1 target throughout the server.

    For the time being they are like WWK. You hit 1 big off and you're done for the server.

    Also if you like the game and want to learn it you learn from your mistakes. This helps and hurts offensive at the same time, therefore the balance remains. I don't believe "casual players" will be hurt with this update if it ever comes live. I mean, they must be getting beaten already as it is :saint:

    It's an army made out of fast horses like TT and EI meant to catch sleepy offensives and unguarded Catas. But as you can tell by looking at the above reports the fact that they have to hit Walls and Offensive troops with their defense values upgraded means that they are not the threat that they used to be.

    Therefore I'm suggesting that de developers separate the Smithy to the Blacksmith and Armory again in order to unleash this threat to the game again :)

    Since the ancient times Travian used to have 2 separate buildings to upgrade the Attack and Defense Stats of the units. This meant that Offensive players would build the Blacksmith and Defensive players the Armory. Besides this difference there was a significant change resulting from this split. Offensive troops were actually easier to kill. Some might argue that Travian Kingdoms favors a defensive play-style instead of an offensive one and this might sound counter-intuitive at first because you are "hurting" the offenders at first glance. But you are allowing for Ghost Armies to actually be a threat again. On top of the Defensive Bonus that the Smithy currently gives to Offensive units, you might have to face a Lvl 20 Wall and Lvl 20 Water Ditch. So this opens a long closed door for a different style of Offensive play that has been almost forgotten.

    I would like to add some images to this thread to further back up my point but my noobness doesn't allow me to post images. :D

    Do we really need a new tribe?

    It's easy for the community to ask for it because Legends has done it.

    Tbh the game is really balanced as it is and a new Tribe might not be enough to keep the game balance. I might be wrong if the Persian tribe is eventually added because from Haji explanation the numbers show that the balance will still be there, nevertheless it's like a new IceCream flavor Skadi...

    You're the type of person that orders the same burger every-time you go grab one or you like to experiment and taste new flavors more often ?

    I guess it's the same with tribes, at least I can't chose 1 favorite and I believe they all are amazing doing their specific jobs. And if you notice it is amazing how we can still have discussions (healthy or not :saint:) regarding which unit is the best and which tribe is the best. That says a lot :!:

    Having one or two new tribes added to the game I don't think it'll bring more players to the game. Some might come from Legends, some are just Legends players.

    But for a newcomer you already have your hands filled with 3 different tribes to choose from.

    I think it'll please the current player-base 100%. I've been playing Travian since 2006 and I keep coming back to it because I do like the current set of Tribes and they allow for you to experiment a lot. So in this case adding new tribes would allow for further experiments and entertainment. I dare to say it probably will bring more players out of retirement than win over new players. But that's just my opinion.

    I see myself typing a lot already :D But just to try and give a proper answer to what you said:

    I've gotta confess I'm really happy with the changes that you slowly are introducing to the game. One being extra storage for x3 and x5 rounds (whose amount we still don't know but hey: amazing!).

    And repeating myself: I think the game is balanced as it is. Would be interesting to have some different special servers, I do believe having at least 2 yearly night truce com servers would be a great addition to the current set of servers. I mean we have x1 local truces running with 300-500 players each. I believe that a x3 with truce would definitely have more than 300 players :S

    I don't hide from anybody Maximus. I'm VIOLENCE in Ex3, was a rather easy 1+1, same hero + same prestige and you just gave yourself away :saint:

    You asked for a decent kingdom... Triangles seem to be the only "decent" kingdom so far. :evil:

    Yes, they accept noobs like me, hence the "" in decent :S