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    So I believe right now the best thing is just to scout before raiding Gauls in early game.

    Correction, best course of action against Gauls is to actually try to raid with 1 single unit to see if it gets trapped or if it dies to troops.

    Tbh the extra silver from the sale of secret adventure points was really nice. Its not like you use every item you win over the free card game so all I read is "ohhh I'm so lazy, you should give me gold right away because I'm too lazy to sell secret adventure points then convert silver to gold". You want more adventures to find more items but with silver you also get access to items if that's the case...

    Also I believe the AH was a huge factor for the diminish of the hardcore players but that is going WAAY to far back....

    It was indeed, that update from T3.6 to T4 was a turn off for many players because the p2w got stronger than it was before !

    hence going for the big coallisions

    The thing is, there will always be a "bigger gun" out there, if you don't do it and like I told you, invite a selected group of players and limit your numbers at 20 lets say, either you play it well or in Robber Camps alone the big metas will outrun you in Treasures/VPs, not to mention they should be able to defend themselves better than you simply because of more quantity and they will also bully small kingdoms.

    In the end i just wonder why people end up playing at all, I guess there is a really small ego to fulfill by virtual medals but hey, im not judging

    yeah, its all about them useless pixels :D

    Hell, I only came back due to Covid....

    So... This goes to anyone out there "like me" looking to just play the game regardless of the result , in other words, if u dont give a F for medals...

    Covid made me trade Legends for Kingdoms :D

    But yeah, you have the typical "only for fun" kingdoms but I think they don't attract competitive players that like to win and play to win only. There's also that :S

    (Also at this point this is just multi account farming with extra steps)

    Exactly my thoughts :D

    It is pure SimCity and if you are active enough you can feed/train your army via stolen goods in case of being Duke and you'll definitely be of more use by making a lot of def or 2 hammers.

    And yeah I guess you would be able to feed some allies but at what cost ?

    You are helping mediocre players to be more comfortable playing the game while also being one ?

    This might work for inexperienced players and you sending them resources might sound appealing for them but most kingdoms have what I like to call "potato accounts", and this players usually cry for robber camps and have a sh*tty troop/pop ratio. I think the best contribute one can give to its kingdom is to make a lot of troops for those are the ones that win the server. Not to mention avoid making mistakes like leaving Off sleeping at home unguarded and susceptible to enemy attacks, don't suicide in zoos or in players that are not a threat = useless attack points. As a defender I always build a small Off to clear up the neighborhood, this helps other deffers raiding without losses and also makes Offs bigger. As an Offer if not WWK/Rammer clearing up the neighborhood is good sport, if WWK/Rammer there will be not so bright players that will end up losing a good portion of their army for no good reason :S

    I see you are stubborn like me tony09#EN but seriously, this game plan has not a single advantage to it. Wanna help team mates with resources and with feeding ? Build a decent cap, settle a bunch of villages, always clear the neighborhood or some tougher targets so your teammates can fatten their armies, definitely don't play Duke, leave that role for the dude that will either make more than half a million def or 2 hammers/1 rammer, this way you really are helping the kingdom ;)

    I've been playing for like, 10 years at this point. Have done 4 or 5 kingdoms servers. I feel like there is always a need for resources.

    Well being a royal is the exact opposite, by tributes alone you get access to plenty of resources and if you raid on top of it you won't be needing that much. You just need someone to NPC tributes to crop because you'll be able to make a lot of def or at least 2 hammers.

    Keep in mind that playing international servers with a big kingdom is not the same as playing a local round, nevertheless its the same proportion to raiding, the bigger the server/kingdom the more resources you'll have available. If you are coming from a 20 player kingdom background it is ofc a different story :)

    Haven't played much as a king, but surely everybody always needs more resources...?

    Like I told you, if you are able to run B + S + GB + GS + W in 2 villages do you really think your concern will be to queue a 3rd army or to feed the 2 you are building ? It's easier to make a crop call than have 1 duke to send resources and have him prohibited to send resources.

    Yes you could but a governor account should be able to keep B + S + GB + W running 24/7 at lvl 20 and GS it depends on the player/account/raiding so you prefer to abdicate 1 of your 2 duke armies to help a few governors to queue GS lvl 20 ? Because in a big meta the royals will have more often than not more resources than they can spend...

    Both the King and V-King already have access to a huge amount of resources I fail to see how such an "account type" would benefit the kingdom.

    You know that what limits a round is the amount of time and the amount of gold/crop one has available. So by sending resources to the king you would be losing the capacity of making a decent amount of troops yourself. Depending on the playing style a Duke can either have multiple hammers/2 big hammers (WWK equivalents) or make between half a million and a million def, so I really can't see how just being there to generate tributes helps the kingdom achieve victory.

    And yes, you will eventually be prohibited to send resources to the King because one way transferals have a cap.

    For how long have you been playing ?

    Talking from a Vice-King perspective you can only collect tributes from Dukes villages that are "within" borders. Meaning if a duke opens a treasury that doesn't link to the "main-kingdom" you won't be able to collect his tributes. I believe that for a King this also happens + you get to collect tributes from your V-King.

    We all know: in this game easiest winning is by population advantage.

    Don't forget to add multi accounting and bot usage to the list :saint:

    But if diffrence between kingoms population too big there is simple no fun at all.

    Nevertheless that's how the game looks to me since I've started playing. By WW stage you have between 10 and 20 kingdoms in the server but only 2-3 are playing to win/have a chance to win. And this is pretty much how it looks early game as well, you have organized kingdoms that break and take in active players of smaller kingdoms instead of fighting with the other contenders.

    I see last times more speed travian servers than normal. But dont understand how people can play on speed, if travel speed is faster than normal there must be problem with any defence reaction in atacks incoming. How people can play it?

    You join one of the 2-3 big metas of the server, they'll most likely NAP each other until WW release and smack some smaller random kingdoms, once WW are out you either send your WWK or Rammer to the enemy WW or stack your own WW with the 500k of def you made. 54 days pass and you get to play a new round :S

    Also you are actually able to play and enjoy round as Gaul or Teuton because no more waiting 24h for a Iron Mine lvl 10 to be done while no infra can be upgraded (this is poor @ss goldless me though :saint:)

    x1 sucks, x3 ftw :saint:

    It is highly impressive for me the harsh truth: People dont really wanna play the game, they just want a easy win, no fighting for it....

    Its XXI Century out there, lots of things trying to steal your attention, its only normal that busy people favor this sort of game-play... You login 2-3 times a day, enough to clear hideouts and queue a few buildings and troops, you're done for the day.

    You want more war but in a x3 if you lose armies constantly you'll be outrun by defense so an "all out war" is a step towards a quick L if you fight opponents that know what they are doing. I think if you want to do that go play a local round or something similar with a small and selective group to "have fun" your way :)

    Not everyone has the same sense of "fun". If that was the case you'd have 50% of the server playing Teuton and the 12-13% playing Gaul. And that alone gives away the answer.

    I just wonder where the good old brawlers went.... Maybe time to look for others games xD

    Maybe they got old, more responsibility and less time to instead of stay awake to play, sleep :S