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    I don't hide from anybody Maximus. I'm VIOLENCE in Ex3, was a rather easy 1+1, same hero + same prestige and you just gave yourself away :saint:

    You asked for a decent kingdom... Triangles seem to be the only "decent" kingdom so far. :evil:

    Yes, they accept noobs like me, hence the "" in decent :S

    roman hero's :- Royalty ( Lets Kings collect tribute a bit faster than rest )

    That would only make sense if Roman Governors would receive the Stolen Goods faster. In any case it is something you can Gold, therefore it's not a very well thought idea.

    Gaul Hero's :- Spirit ( When below 30% health regen is increased and deff boosted until above 75% )

    This is actually a very cool idea :thumbup:

    Teuton Hero :- Savage ( Increases the hero's Damage proportionate to his troop losses )

    It doesn't make sense, troops would be dead before hero got the boost. Then it wouldn't make sense to boost perhaps a dead hero ^^

    I did like the Attribute names you suggested :)

    Learning from experience is the best advice I can give you, you can run as much simulations as you want but only by finishing servers you learn and improve :)

    Gold talk

    Sell everything that you can except Gems. Gems are what makes your Tier 2 inventory Tier 3 :D Ointments, Cages, Scrolls, Buckets, and Books, sell them all! How you dress up your hero is up to you but for Robber Hideouts/Camps and adventures the Scale Armor is the best option. But it's entirely up to you what to sell or not regarding Armors/Helmets... A piece of equipment worth investing on is the Map. They are expensive but even the 30% bonus one is a good option mid-end game. Means your army will be home faster to hit another Robber Hideout/Camp. Bandages can be useful to keep your army growing further, so sometimes the 200 silver they give in return are not even comparable to the resources and training time you lose rebuilding the lost units. Always good to keep that in mind. Another thing you should consider is to save adventure points for new Tier Items. If you manage to get a nice weapon or helmet you'll probably be able to maintain Travian Plus for more days. It will be the most important thing for you to invest gold on. The extra storage is nice sure, but the perks that we are looking forward to get are the FarmList and the Trade Routes. Specially Trade Routes. It's the reason why you'll be able to sleep at night :) So try to save as much gold as you can for even though we chose the army with most crop efficiency it doesn't mean it won't go to negatives because it will.

    Rough Numbers

    By day 15 if you did a decent job at simming you'll have around 60k or more resources available per hour. What I mean is the sum of all your (5-7) villages hourly production gives you a number a bit lower or a bit bigger than 60k of resources/h. If you raid that number will be bigger but by smart simming you can get around that without the Gold Bonus. Our army costs 57,128/h (Withouth HDT) and 63,166/h (With HDT) in case we chose Imperians + EI + Cata so we will probably outproduce him in total resources. I said before to prioritize Cata production because the ratio of our army is a 4 4 3 7 ratio, meaning we'll have Iron overflowing and we'll need to find Wood and Clay, which are more expensive than Iron. On the other hand if your army composition was Imperians + EC + Cata it will cost us 61,026/h (Without HDT) and 67,812/h (With HDT). Assuming you raid EIs are a superior option, but if you don't intend to raid and even though the army will be more expensive and require a few more k's of crop to feed, you can trade the surplus of Wood you get after queueing your army for Iron at 1 : 2 ratio. This means you are able to keep the army queues going and still profit from the Wood you sell. Not as much income as if you raid but you just need to keep selling Wood.

    As a non-golder you should also consider your Stolen Goods extra resource too. If it's Wood go EI, if it's Iron go EC, Clay you can choose whatever you prefer. The thing is the less gold we avoid to spend the better. But to sum it up:

    EI pros: Cheaper, Better Crop Efficiency, Way Faster, Your Go To Raiding Unit

    EC pros: More Attack/h, allow you to sell Wood for Iron 1 : 2

    Try to choose your Oasis accordingly to the Horse you choose.

    Now lets see what differs if we manage to get a c9 for ourselves!

    c9 as a Capital:

    ⦁ What to build:

    - Grain Mill

    - Bakery

    - Brickyard

    - Sawmill/StoneMason (In case of EC)

    - Iron Foundry/StoneMason (In case of EI)

    - Trade Office

    - Embassy

    - Market

    - 5 Warehouses

    - 5 Granaries

    In this build regardless of how far the c9 is from the spawn village we shall use the Capital as a NPC village and try to maximize its resource production.

    This infra would allow for us to build something like (but again, level 17 fields might be not worth it, nevertheless it's possible to build them) :

    Travian :: resource development calculator

    Its passive crop production will help you feed your Catapults and in case you chose Gaul as your Tribe and chose Haeduans as your main Cav make sure you leave them with your Catas in the c9 when you go afk, that way you'll be more resistent to Ghosts. You can do the same with your ECs but don't forget they'll be eating 4 Crop/h instead of the 3 due to HDT. (In case you didn't knew EL, EI and EC consumption remains the same 2, 3 and 4 respectively, in villages without HDT.) Level 18 fields are quite expensive and might not be worth the investment/you might not be able to get them. All fields to level 16 is already a good "challenge" if you never did it before. Try to set small goals and try to improve from one server to the next.

    You might be wondering where is the Army built then? Well it's in your spawn/village you relocate to. Should be exactly the same as the c7 build.

    ⦁ What to build:

    - Grain Mill

    - Bakery

    - Barracks

    - Stable

    - Workshop

    - Embassy

    - Tournament Square

    - Market

    - HDT

    - 7 Granaries

    - 3 Warehouses

    The development of the accounts differs in the sense that you'll need to funel your resources to the c9 in order to get Crop fields to a higher level. Level 15 and 16 fields are relatively easy to build so if you don't have enough resources to upgrade the c9 fields and celebrate parties at the same time you should try to figure out if the field is going to be able to pay for itself before the server ends. The safer option is to keep simming away because new villages pay for themselves in a few days.

    The army should be built in a similar way.

    Pros and Cons

    c7: You might get knocked down but you'll never lose your army. Your capital cannot be chiefed. On the other hand you'll have a tougher time feeding your army. Try to ask for the help of your kingdom, your army is a valuable asset of the kingdom so they'll find you somewhere to place some troops or they'll open Crop Calls to help you keep your baby alive.

    c9: Your spawn is vulnerable to chiefing. Meaning your army and your military infrastructure might be gone anytime. You do get more hours of sleep by choosing this build.

    If you end up choosing a c9 for a Capital be careful and don't give away your army village. Spies are a thing and it's less an army that the enemy kingdom needs to worry about.

    There is a Sweet Spot

    You can get the "best" out of both worlds and make your army in your c9 Capital. This will take away the resource bonus buildings, some Warehouses and you'll need to shuffle Warehouses and Granaries to upgrade Crop fields to level 18 but your army won't go anywhere until you hit the enemy WW. This will simply require you to start your Legionnaire army in the c9 instead of building it on your spawn and build up from there.

    ⦁ What to build:

    - Grain Mill

    - Bakery

    - Barracks

    - Stable

    - Workshop

    - Embassy

    - Tournament Square

    - Market

    - HDT

    - 7 Granaries

    - 3 Warehouses

    The most recent update gives us 1.5 more storage in x3 servers so I would either leave this build as it is to support bigger negative numbers while I am afk or replace 1 Granary for 1 Warehouse, that way you can take advantage of the bigger Warehouse Capacity to better use NPC to fund your army.

    Personally I would go for the "Sweet Spot" option everyday. You'll put in a lot of hours to build a WWK and if you wake up to a lost army you'll be plain simply MAD. But if you keep a low profile during the server and don't show your army/army village it'll probably live up to hit the WW and eat at least 1 level out of it.

    Don't be intimidated by the Hall of Fame army numbers. If you have the time to put in, give this guide a try and share your results. If by any chance someone has my hits of the previous Dex3 servers please share them. I remember the last one was vs GBB. Anyways, feel free to add more things to this thread, keep it nice and be polite, we're all grown-ups here.

    Some final considerations:

    a. Always use your whole army to clear Robber Hideouts. The only two exceptions are if the Hideout defense is Heavy towards Infantry or Cavalry.

    b. Hero Points should be placed in Fighting Strength first. Only when you have around 2k units you should start upgrading the Attack Bonus.

    c. Sell useless stuff and try to save Helmet Gems.

    d. Never catch animals unless the 1 you need to complete the quest. Those are free XP for your enemies.

    e. Attack Robber Hideouts as soon as they spawn. You should get 4 per day on average.

    f. Don't be a c*nt and attack Robber Camps, you're just hurting your allies.

    g. If you raid watch out for spikers. Don't know which is better, to let troops die out of starvation or to let some smart*ss gain cheap hero XP.

    h. Learn from your experience. If you don't get the build right in the first try think about what you can improve during the next round.

    i. This is also a viable guide for Defenders. The main difference is that you'll train troops in every village and you'll keep your Hammer to a minimum of 1k units of infantry and 1k units of cavalry. You need to upgrade Barracks and Smithy to level 20 in almost every single village.

    j. Always take advantage of the oasis you have at your disposal by placing units in them;

    k. I would also encourage you to find a premade before you join the server. It's easier to build a massive army when you can count on your teammates for protection. After all Travian is a team game and you can never win alone :)

    And this was VIOLENCE. If in the next rounds I play I end up the server without my Spawn that's good, I know you maybe took some time to read this ;)

    City vs Village

    Always the Village route. One can argue that the resource production is pretty similar and one is right. But the thing is you'll get more CP out of 2 Villages than 1 City. Therefore the extra 600CP a non Capital City gives you + 1 party are out-shined by 2 parties on 2 villages everyday.

    The only exception to this rule is early game when you have unlocked the 3rd CP slot. Upgrading your Capital to City will boost you with an extra 1500CP/day "for free". You need to think this one through because you'll get CP available at day 6 of the server so you either sim up the military buildings in order to reach 500 pop or you can even consider building the resource bonus buildings then demolishing them at a later stage of the game. Whatever option you end up choosing using the 3rd CP slot for converting your Capital to City is the one proven to be more beneficial in the long run. In any case keep partying and you'll unlock another CP slot in ~3 days.


    Being Roman you should focus on Legionnaires early game and try to get to 1k units asap. Our goal is to unlock Siege Mode and that will be achieved with a combination of Legionnaires and EIs + 1 Ram. Hero will be turning all his earned points into Fighting Strength. We're not golding so we won't have books at our disposal to shuffle our Hero points. Don't forget to take advantage out of your Oasis and when you're not attacking Robber Hideouts/Camps your army is giving you resources in those Oasis.

    Always run Simulations before hitting Hideouts and try to tweak your army composition to either Full Infantry (Hero without Horse counts as Infantry ;)) or Full Cav. We are seeking profit. Not unfavorable fights. Once you reach the 1k mark or even before it try to start queuing Imperians. Your army will start to gain form but we're lacking the most important piece to make it a truly devastating force. I mean Catas! We need to work on our Workshop and upgrade it to level 20, but we also need to upgrade our Barracks and Stable. The goal is to have them at level 20 by the 15th day of the server. And from this day onward they should not stop for a single second. If you aren't able to get it done by the 15th day of the server don't worry about it, specially if it is your 1st try. I've managed to demolish 17 levels out of a WW with only 5.8k of Catas. It was my 1st WWK attempt and even though I lost the report the army was pretty similar to this one:

    Travian :: offense calculator

    Back then I was so worried about Crop consumption that I waited a bit to start queuing Catas and I didn't even upgraded the HDT to level 20, only to 15 to reduce the crop consumption of the EI. But one learns from experience :) And turns out that you should do exactly the opposite that I did. You should PRIORITIZE CATA PRODUCTION. I mean it's obvious right? We are trying to demolish the bloody Wonder of the World. We need as many catas as we can get. And this is also the reason why playing Rammer without gold is not worth it most of the times. You'll need a lot of Infantry to back up your Rams, that means way more consumption and Teutonic style that is just too much for our sleep quality :D

    HDT is a building that you should also focus on after you're able to maintain the queues going 24/7. Upgrading your troops in the smithy is a must. Also is picking the right Hero Weapon. The Sword of the EI should be your go to. Ultimately it's the unit that will eat more crop out of your army, so the bonus is greater for them than it is for Imperians. If you manage to get both it might be nice to change between them when Robbers are Heavy Defensive towards one of the sides (Inf or Cav). But you got to remember that we need all the gold that we can get.

    The first one will be the c7 as a Capital:

    ⦁ What to build:

    - Grain Mill

    - Bakery

    - Barracks

    - Stable

    - Workshop

    - Embassy

    - Tournament Square

    - Market

    - HDT

    - 7 Granaries

    - 3 Warehouses

    Travian :: resource development calculator

    With this layout you'll be able to build resource fields at level 16 Woodcutters and Iron Mines and level 17 Clay Pits and Croplands. Without plus and considering the worst case scenario (no oasis) you'll have at your disposal a Production of 12000 Wood 15600 Clay 9000 Iron 40950 Crop on a 4473 and 9000 Wood 9600 Clay 12000 Iron 40950 Crop on a 3447. With 2 25% Crop oasis you get 54600 Crop and with 2 50% Crop oasis you get 68250 Crop so try to pick a location that favors you endgame. I wouldn't recommend upgrading resource fields that higher. I mean it all depends on how fast you are able to build them. But you should prioritize Croplands, don't forget that they are the only fields who have the extra resource bonus buildings + oasis. So I would aim for lvl 15 fields with lvl 17 croplands.

    When settling new villages you have to keep 2 things in mind: how far are the villages and which oasis are within that village influence? The 3rd thing you should consider is: are the crop oasis or will they be inside kingdom borders/future borders? This is important because you want to get the most out of each oasis. Depending on the map layout and where you relocate to you can be smart and "smart settle" near certain oasis to guarantee that you'll outrank everyone there by population alone, do keep in mind that Treasuries and Capital will probably have priority vs your own Capital or Feeder village but try to take advantage of those as much as you can. As for how far the village you settle is the reason is pretty obvious: the closer it is the faster you'll be able to upgrade it and make it self-suficient. The key for above average settling is to funel your resources where they'll pay for themselves faster. Therefore You should aim for something under these lines when you settle a new village:

    - MB lvl 5

    - Warehouse lvl 5

    - Granary lvl 5

    - Market lvl 1

    - Embassy lvl 1

    - Barracks lvl 3

    - Academy lvl 1

    - Smithy lvl 1

    - Wall lvl 1

    - Residence lvl 1

    - All resource fields lvl 5

    - Upgrade Croplands only to avoid going into negative production

    Depending on your online time it's possible to upgrade fields even further, but you should keep in mind that if you're playing solo your warehouses will overflow so lets say ou settle your new village during the morning. Later that day you'll eventually be done with this proposed list. What you should do next is prepare for the next day. By this I mean upgrade MB to lvl 10 and Warehouse and Granary to lvl 8. Even though you are not producing much Crop it simply makes it easier to transfer resources to that village and we have another goal in mind by doing so. Being Roman we have the advantage of being able to upgrade 1 building and 1 field simultaneously. Let's take advantage of that and the next stage of this 1 day old village is to upgrade all fields to level 7 and work on our Academy level 10. Like I told you previously Travian is a game of exponentional nature. So the sooner we get parties going the more villages we'll be able to have later and less headaches due to feeding will (or not ^^) be present. Regarding oasis always try to grab a Crop oasis 25% or 50%. 25/25% are always a solid option. Depending on the stage of the game and on how active you are you should try to close the resource fields as fast as you can while throwing parties (you'll get the crop from stolen goods, hence the settling within kingdom borders thingy, plus you'll be helping your Kings and Dukes to get bigger, therefore you'll be helping the kingdom). And don't forget to upgrade Residence and train settlers before you have CP available. Also train some legos and send them to your oasis in order to boost your Crop production.

    Don't forget to keep upgrading your MB, Warehouse and Granary. After closing all your resource fields work on the Market and build a Stable to level 10 and a Trade Office.

    Pro tip: when you have all of your fields level 7 (You'll see you don't need that much Iron fields, they will probably be around level 6 when you have Wood and Clay at level 7) upgrade only 1 field of each to level 10 and build the resource bonus buildings to level 3. This is cheaper and pays of faster than leveling up all fields to level 8, then 1 of each to 10, then factories or any other variation out there.

    This village is pretty much fully developed. What you do with the extra building slots it's entirely up to you. Assuming you settle a 4446 you get ~4750 of crop production (not considering oasis), the more of these you settle the more troops you can feed.

    You may be wondering: is this doable? My answer to you is a simple yes. You will definitely not be the biggest gun in the west, but you'll be able to get your job done.

    You don't choose the Tribe, the Tribe chooses you

    Since the goal is to build a large army whose main goal is to knock 1 level or more of an enemy WW, our main problem will clearly be feeding such an army. We have 3 tribes and within those 3 tribes several army compositions. Each present pros and cons but we need to be smart about our choice here, and the one tribe that outshines the other in crop efficiency is the Roman tribe, and if that wasn't enough we also get to build 1 field and 1 building simultaneously. Full disclosure, so far I've build WWKs with the Roman and the Gaul, Teuton's endgame army consumption is just too intimidating for a goldless player like myself. You might call me silly, why choose Gaul when building a WWK? There is clearly no advantage if we take into consideration the end goal, since Gaul is the army with the lower attack/building time it doesn't make much sense to play Gaul, but on the other hand they still are more crop efficient than the Teutonic hordes and have a solid advantage on them, which is the fact that their units are way faster. We all know the struggle that Robber Camps are so having faster units will make a difference in the amount of "easy" stolen goods you have access to throughout the round. So given the same amount of crop available we have several army compositions available at our disposal. Keep in mind that training time is also a factor that matters when building a WWK but again, without gold the goal is to get the most out of your army with the lowest consumption possible.

    Different Army Compositions

    For 255/h we have the following ranking (note that military buildings and helmets were adjusted so all armies were eating ~255/h) :

    1. Imperians + EI + Catas with the following offensive power values: Infantry 7,350; Cavalary 8,700; Total: 16,050 Cost: 45,938/h

    2. Imperians + EC + Catas with the following offensive power values: Infantry 6,936; Cavalary 8,950; Total: 15,885 Cost: 46,714/h

    3. Swordsman + Haeduans + Catas with the following offensive power values: Infantry 7,466; Cavalary 6,234; Total: 13,700 Cost: 43,204/h

    4. Swordsman + TT + Catas with the following offensive power values: Infantry 8,095; Cavalary 5,579; Total: 13,674 Cost: 39,604/h

    5. Axeman + TK + Catas with the following offensive power values: Infantry 7,212; Cavalary 6,241; Total: 13,453 Cost: 36,375/h

    6. Clubswinger + TK + Catas with the following offensive power values: Infantry 6,742; Cavalary 5,265; Total: 12,006 Cost: 61,039/h

    If it didn't make sense before, now you know that Roman are the most logical Tribe for our little endeavor.

    Capital talk

    What makes or breaks an account is it's Capital, in our case this is not any different. The bigger the amount of crop we're able to produce the better so c15 look like the right choice. On the other hand without gold it's not easy to sacrifice your 1st village to be stuck with a village that produces only crop. The mid term solution here sounds like a solid plan. The c9 would be your go to. The way I do it it takes me 25-27h to settle my second village, I do this in order to preserve the infra of the Spawn village and from my experience, in local servers you have plenty of options to settle in even after that period of time, on com servers that is not the case.

    In those rounds the race is on and either you speed settle or you don't. So I pretty much follow the speed settling guide but don't demolish any buildings, and don't party, but I do build the Town Hall for the 800CP, those you do need in order to settle within 25-27h of server.

    Click here to see a detailed Guide on How to Speed Settle Without Gold.

    If you go for the speed settling and sacrifice the infra on the first village or the village itself it's up to you. Since I've not done it before I can't talk from experience on how it works out in the end. So like I was saying, in locals you grab that c9 and make it your capital. If a competitive com is the battleground then consider a 4437 in case of Imperians + EI or a 3447 in case of Imperians + EC. If possible try to relocate to such locations with 2 50% crop oasis. Embassy level 20 is not worth it so you're better off with 2 50% bonus or 2 25/25% oasis. If we are not going for a c9 why do we bother to ""speed"" settle in the first place? The answer is again very simple. Travian is an exponentional game so the extra CP points you get from the cheap infra in your 2nd village will help you to get to your 3rd village faster, which will lead to settling the 4th faster and so on... Also low level fields are cheaper and pay for themselves faster. It's better to upgrade both villages fields to level 5 instead of going to level 10 fields in one village in terms of how faster the fields pay for themselves. I guess this is a good time to introduce to the guide that you need to be a good simmer, you'll need the most villages you can have to help feeding your army. But given the different scenarios that I've introduced so far lets focus on them one at the time.

    Another thing you should consider is the negative crop of your army, so a good rule regarding negative crop consumption should be to have at least 10h of afk time before your crop runs out. Don't forget that during the night when building 24/7 the negative will increase so your main goal should be to avoid starvation. This will require a few granaries (a lot tbh) or a sitter on the other side of the world to make sure your troops have enough crop to live through the next day.

    This is another thing you can estimate by simulating the army that you'll build and multiply the hourly consumption * 8 or * 10. This is what dictates how many granaries you should build or not.

    Plus also can be taken into consideration since you get 25% more storage so with experience you'll be able to figure out the exact number.

    Also don't forget that MB can be used to demolish buildings that you no longer need. So if you don't need that warehouse that you build for fields lvl 17 you can demolish it... The thing is in case of an attack you'll need to rebuild that warehouse if you want to lvl up that field again and sometimes it's not worth it because the investment you put into that field will not pay itself before the server ends so again, it's very subjective :)

    You can use the resource calculator feature of kirilloid to estimate how much warehouses and granaries you'll need according to the level of fields you are aiming to build. That will tell you how many building slots you need to achieve that build, the rest should be up to your style, and I'm not even mentioning Offensive and Defensive.

    I'm talking about Stone Mason or not, Tribe specific buildings like Brewery and HDT or the lack of it in the case of Gauls, Capital army or not...

    There are a few ways you can do it, most people will say that you don't build Great Barracks and Stable when you're playing defense but late game might be a solid option instead of simming up an extra village, barracks, stable and smithy you just build a Great Barracks and pufff: lvl 20 troops at x3 cost but you'll have resources to build them anyway so there is no "right" number or "wrong" number.

    Explore kirilloid, you'll learn from your simulations and after a few rounds you'll learn from experience and tune those simulations you run ;)

    And there is the Persian Tribe thread with a brilliant idea. We can be different, we don't need to use Legends tribes. This would set us in a different path, which in my opinion we already are, the game dynamic is already totally different :)

    And even though the Halloween servers were an entertaining event, I don't think we can compare Hats to a new tribe Skadi. Hats don't make room for new strategies or for you to try new things. The only thing they do is to hide your hero's helmet :saint: I think I can speak for the great majority of the community when I say that so many players ask for a new tribe or tribes to experiment something different because they already exploited with the current ones. Maybe the new ones will offer something the current ones do not provide, maybe not. At the end of the day you will be playing defense, offense, hybrid, ghost, scout hammer, WWK, Rammer, etc... But maybe instead of changing tribes every 3 servers you'd change tribes every 4 or 5 servers, and you'd have a fresh challenge at hands, not a new hat to dress up your hero :S

    Indeed, you need to invest more gold to make Spears, Teuton defense is not balanced resource wise, everything eats up wood so if you distribute your resources and mix up your defense Gauls are the only tribe to actually have a neutral resource ratio consumption regarding defensive units according to the calculations I did, but that's a whole different topic ^^

    Roman (Barracks, Stable and HDT lvl 20; no weapon, no helmets):

    Imperian - 3,636
    EI - 5,953
    EC - 6,589

    Teuton (Barracks, Stable and Brewery lvl 20; no weapon, no helmets):

    Club - 7,069

    infantryAxeman - 6,029

    TK - 6,223

    Gaul (Barracks and Stable lvl 20; no weapon, no helmets):

    Swordsman - 4,492
    TT - 3,736
    Haeduan - 4,631

    Like I said before:

    Roman = Cav Heavy

    Teuton = Inf Heavy/Balanced

    Gaul = Inf Heavy/Balanced

    Therefore Phalanx ftw :evil: