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    when will you be fired?

    maybe they have been busy trying to fix all the abuse issues that certain people/teams created :P

    it's been a couple of years since the last changes I agree, but since then so much abuse has happened with the features they introduced, it makes you question what will happen if they spend time doing so again ....?

    I wish people would stop with it all tbh, I'm not sure any new player would be tempted into the game with all the back handed comments people feel the need to throw around atm

    they were busy setting up a new gold shop and new hats to make you pay more.

    And you continue to defend these incompetent managers. Who are just trying to distract your attention here.

    Stop asking questions and deceiving people! Why are you all asking this? If you don't do anything?

    Why are you asking all this? We all know perfectly well that YOU WILL NOT DO ANYTHING.

    bla bla bla, hats , gold shop bla bla