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    Dear @Unknown , are you going to bring something new to the game? Or will we continue to discuss and fantasize? Can you tell me what you can do? Or any idea for you here is very difficult or impossible. Please voice your capabilities and the capabilities of your team.

    I've seen these discussions for months now and there is no action.

    This will not help until the management of the project is changed.

    . And they have contracts that are difficult to break.

    you mean like the x5 server last year, which was full of laggs and shit?

    They just don't have the resources to run a classic server. The equipment is all busy. To start the server earlier, you need to cancel this fucking holiday servers. And in order to cancel it, they need to admit their incompetence and mediocrity. And no one will do this, because the money has already been spent on the creation of these servers.

    I do not justify them, I am as outraged as you are.

    Hey again,

    we do care and listen, however it's not always possible to change last minute the plans that have been in preparation for months before that. I wouldn't draw such harsh conclusions from a single case as both previous game world requests were granted and we managed to launch the requested game worlds earlier than previously planned. I'm sorry we couldn't this time.

    Regarding the transition to speed game worlds - there's no such thing, we will continue running both normal and 3x speed game worlds, as well as some specials such as the Halloween Hunt game rounds.

    Kind regards

    why are you planning and not interested in the opinion of the community?

    could create a survey for players x1 and players x3, before planning

    Если настраиваться изначально на данный итог, то и на4инать ничего не стоит?

    Забавно, но не стоит делать постулат из того что само по себе пока является инфой для обсуждений

    Это инфой для обсуждения так и останется. Хотите хороший сервер - зовите туда много народа, чем больше тем лучше и никаких договоров. Кто в себе уверен может говорить что он не играет в дипломатию, но это просто слова. Отказ от дипломатии , является тоже дипломатией

    Тут уже дело совести и мониторинг статы. выявили не честную игру(левые задефы и тд) пришли толпой десантов и наказали. Спортивный интерес и суть чрз иначе будет утеряна.

    Кто будет наказывать? Кто будет рисковать своей победой ради каких то принципов? Этого не будет. В этой игре нет понятия победить честно или не честно. Всегда будут абузеры, крысы и пиздаболы. Если ты победил - ты молодец, а как ты победил это не важно.

    Понятия чести тут нет.