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    it works....only thing is that you cant abdicate from being king before out of BP

    I dont think finding heroes is the only reason...the main reason would be to make it easier to do these tedious clicking actions on big parts of the map. Taking into account how much time this game tends to take out of peoples days it´s only morally right to make things smoother imo.

    Cats in farm list too...why not

    So according to iCnut, testing out ways to cheat makes you less of a noob..Go on now boys, get on it!

    About the restrictions issue...i´ve had that annoyance, when trying to use up and send away res before incoming raid. But theres always other players to send those resources.

    there was some thread about multiple nightruces and the main counter argument against them was that not enough time for attacks to reach other side of the map....faster pace server would help with that

    there was some thread about multiple nightruces and the main counter argument against them was that not enough time for attacks to reach other side of the map....faster pace server would help with that

    Every time somebody comes up with these ideas, I cant help, but think they must be high..

    Same goes about me I guess..Ive even thought of a completely other kind of look for the game. One where all the mountainous areas and wood forests are interactive by having some resource value and help constructing bigger fortifications like a wall over the whole kingdom, scouting tower, bastions or put loads of traps on the map tiles between you and the opponents so basically its kinda possible to intercept the incoming attacks and maybe slow them down and hvae some choice in the battleground, where the are some certain terrain effects come to play like teutons having some bonus fighting in wooden areas , romans in mountains and gauls on near clay plus also the troops movement is influenced by the way map is built like its harder to cross mountains and impossible crossing those little watery areas without a ship harbor.

    Right now there only 1 way to make a mark thats visible on the map and thats the village that occupy certain tiles..why not make possible to have the sides of these tiles used, like every village can make a wall on 1 side so many villages in a row can have a wall that starts to border a kingdom. Then have another side, where a road can be made so the some highways through kingdom can appear that have faster resource flow from forests around the kingdom towards inside, where troops are made and troops can move faster to the edges of kingdoms where most fight are made and troops can be held present. Id like to see it possible to cultivate the tiles near crop areas and burn down those farmlands that enemies hold if you have broken through their walls. Id like to see sieges that can cut away the food sources of enemies and slowly starve them if they cant fight themselves out or get help from allies.

    Id like to see it possible to change troops home town the way hero can right now and get faster traveling times from nearer spots to enemy...maybe by having a king to make some common rally points outside kingdom borders with a castle extra protection for tho troops there. Maybe by every player being able make some spot outside his own village where he can place certain amount of troops and make smaller, but faster skirmishes against opposing kingdoms possessions.

    The more I play travian, the more i keep imagining what more can be added to the game..I really think this sort of tiled map gameplay packs a lot more potential than there is right now and I hope there will be a day where a next version of travian comes out and surprises us all again, because this style right now has certainly bored me out a bit and the fun I get from it is being replaced by boredom, frustration and the thoughts on what if...what if the game implements more of the various options that real life battling offers.

    my two cents on the subject..

    Right now trappers are useful in numbers at the beginning part of the game, meaning that if you have lots of gaul governors with small level traps in every village in the kingdom, then that makes it easier to defend the king and other players as raiders are reluctant to keep trapping their troops(plus gaul cranny helps against raiders in beginning). So the effect is not on the level of individual, but help the overall progress of the kingdom if it has the right balance of different tribes.

    But a weird thing about the traps id like to point out is the fact that troops can be trapped in enemy village for weeks....but who feeds them realistically?

    Imo these troops should slowly die of starvation..This could be the missing effect that gives trappers its edge that lots of players are crying for too.

    Would be a neat touch to make possible training certain maximum amount of these ranked troops depending on academy level..this way academy wouldn´t lose its purpose other than cp generation after all troops are trained there.

    Before being able to promote normal troops to champions, maybe they would need to have some smithy upgrades made on the troop type as well.

    Would add some depth to the game if these champions would have some extra abilities like being able to target certain troop if you have for example upranked EI attacking together with the main army, then those champions would be smart enough to not run into spears, but first inflict some extra damage to paladins in particular and then the rest of the army follows up with overall averaged out damage on whats left of the kinda like your army had some certain formation that made a difference in the battle.

    Thanks for elaborating on that Bridget...Im only spewing out my ideas so people get more ideas as I believe happened here. Keeping to yourself is never the answer as many tend to think here. Even if people are making bad guides and such, then at least they have opportunity to be corrected on their wrong assumptions.


    Part 3

    Some more tips, tricks and tactics to make the gameplay more innovative and efficient :

    +A whole another teamplay strategy could be done as follows:Main idea is not counting troops or resources in a single account but total of 3 since when 1 player focuses on crop, then others could better focus on troops and vice versa if communication is good. Maybe making like a sitter triangle, where 1 is doing the extended BP version, one has tons of def while intending to chief at some point and one does another cropper with tons of def so until first player is out of BP, the second one can rely on thirds cropper meantime and boost total troop numbers between 2 players and third player boost available crop between 2 player(counting out the one under BP..before that 2players rely on oneanother and afterwards huge amount of crop open up so 2. and 3. player can still relax on feeding the troops and 1. player starts adding to total troop numbers in a fast pace). 3rd player should still make some def while 1st is under BP. 2nd player could also do the Nutty Natar version and believe me there is a dream team made..a few like these in whole kingdom and the positive effects just keeps cumulating.Maybe every tribe could be used here as roman assigned to do the bp version, teuton the natar version and gaul holding a 15c and simply building fields and defense. Especially great would be when gaul is king there and the roman and teuton are dukes so by alternating in vacation they could actually even keep 1 treasury at a time safer because kingdom can focus on defending fewer treasuries so they dont have to split defenses so much.Of course there are lots of ways this could be done.

    ++An extra little cherry on the top could be demolishing down to capital and then menhiring it again so you could make a bit more boost in troops production in GS and GB + taking pop down as attacker so your your attack is stronger on WW. But you must menhir before lvl 50 WW because cant join after that!!

    +++Some extra thoughts on chiefing enemy villas: Try understanding which villages are producing and have produced much defense so when you acquire these then all the defense it made just disappears without having to kill it...same goes for catting these villages down and chiefing could even be easier since its quite obvious when you are trying to land tons of waves on 1 village

    ++++(to save gold)sell 1.tierbuy back when 2. tier outadventure for 3rdbig as possible granary for fewest npc-snighttime build slots for granary , bakery etc so room wouldnt run out

    +++++(to plan ahead gold in TEST server)current gold amount /(how many npcs a week would need*5 + crops bonus + res bonuses + travian plus ) -extra building slots or multiple merchant trips....then estimate with a little extra if you make it to end of week.use parties if you know you are procucing too much crop

    ++++++time,sleep and wh saving Buy few building slots and think through what you need most and calc a bit to know whats gonna be building next during night(things that take long time and certain big amount of resource)..also put hero to earn some certain res if you need some building and use hero to earn some more needed resource like wood or clay.

    +++++++Try fitting diff builds with troops like if you need to build falas then make clay resource at the same time..should make a difference i guess, but thats nitty gritty still...raiding, tributes/treasures and ofc npc balances all that out...but here hero production goes again well together with the idea certain troops costing more of certain resources.

    ++++++++I think only nightowls or ppl who are in totally different timezones can do this thing of building a fortress right under someones the map shows everything you need to know and you place your village accordingly...only you cant tell whats couple weeks from start so i dunno how that works out actually

    I think thats about enough..basically 2in1 guide with little extra thoughts..Hope you guys have fun trying these out! :thumbsup:

    ...Part 2...

    Step 3,5,5(Talk through with your allies, when they send you forces)

    I would recommend sitting some defensive players and being ready to send def yourself, but if you have ppl ready to help, then give them an exact time when to send defense on the way.Coming out of vacation is very risky since your surrounding enemies can see when you exit(thankfully for me they had been busy taking down my nearby top 1-5 raider and i had window to get defensive forces in...cannot be sent before end of vacation timer), but there is a way to end your vacation few hours before actual time and even if the enemy was counting on just leveling you after you are out, then they might not notice that you are already out and fully reinforced.Also your king might get very annoyed at you and just demolish your happened to me once. You would have to assure him/her that their tributes will be doubled too, but they need to be little patient at first.


    Step 4. (Back in the game)

    Vacation has ended, get those troop numbers back up again, put hero to produce 2x some certain resource and be sure you have built up regular res fields so can reap 2x production also jumping many levels from what it would´ve been on day 4 when vacation started. Same goes with barracks etc. Its all up to you now..go for the kill or save troops for the right moment, settle new village or chief one.A neat thing to do is demolishing your acquired villages and chiefing new ones from enemy so they do all the building up part themselves and you cut the custardStep 567..Strive for TOPS! Dont be selfish and too hasty, make plans with your team and dont make single attack, always use different ways of faking the enemy..stupidity and boldness are close cousins!This game i showed examples from was made in Test server comparing to 2 other early crop holders near me side by side, both having potential for 140% was top 5 raider and another was king with decent dukes and governors. I was able to keep up with them thx to the crop orientation in beginning and no troop constraint during vacation.By day 7 i think we all had around 50k/h total income and then the king and raider started slowly passing me, but i was still keeping a good with them.10th day right before vacation ended, my crop income was around 65k/h, before jumping to near 100k/h. I was also making a challenge with them on who makes to 100/k total income first and we all reached there quite in the same time, with king winning by a 2 days, raider second place with 1 days and I on the day entering vacation bonus week jumped to their level of production and quickly surpassing them by chiefing 2 villages with decent fields and getting up to the other player raids aswell..this was getting me around 150k/h with 3 days remaining on bonus and i didnt even have all fields fully developed: ; --right after coming out of vacation right after coming out village central buildings and fields in menhired village..lost the capital exemplar Thats the kind of power i achieved in 1-2 days of training troops and it wasnt even on lvl 20 stable or rax: fit all in one post ..this is to be

    The "Nutty Natar":

    Relies mostly on chiefing, menhiring, vacation and npcing.

    Step 1 (Setting up spawn)

    Go governor and pretty much the same as Step 1 in extended BP play without the fast settling part. Here maybe best to choose all res lvl 5, no crops, barracks some lvls and growing troops there for a short bit. Going even for res fields to all 7 may pay up for itself since the the loot piles and quest give a fair amount to invest under crops, but yet again you lose time to get on those crops right away and those crops under right oasises might get you the same effect if acquired right away. You could also still get ready for settling a 9c , but that should be near a good natar with neat oasises....then either keep your menhired village if its near those 9c and natar or demolish if its too far in enemy grounds.

    Step 1.5(Menhir near 2 50% oasises)

    Time to use all the loot to build crops up either in 1 9c only or menhired 6/7c+another 6/7/9c.

    Step 2.(Be humble)

    Time get ready to come out of BP safely which means enough troops/crannies/traps etc.Crop fields should be at least lvl 12 in a 6/7c or at least lvl 10 or above in a single 9c while under BP.

    Step 3.(Be ambitious)

    You have exited BP with excellent income in form of have room to feed and make tons of get on with it!Get ready to make academy lvl20 and palace lvl 10 or 15 in a village of choice and either make some deal with somebody so they would help you chief natar or get ready to clear one yourself(Id recommend the latter option since helps with hero skill points and getting troop numbers down a bit for reaping more of crops during vacation time)

    Step 4.(Sim City)

    Totally possible to start vacation a bit before natar has been chiefed, since there is no limitation of attacking nature or natars in vacation time.This time you have a natar to build or who knows..maybe even somebody elses 15c that was on high fields already. Again put hero producing crops! Also main theme to get as high troops training facilities as possible, conserving troops meanwhile in vacation, upgrading them in smithy too and getting most of the res bonus on the time under 2x production.

    Step 5.(Back on those troops)

    Time to step back on the board and have some great success wether you wanted to chief more villages or not.

    Step 678..

    You know what to do..keep aiming for the stars ;)

    2 main principle make those strategies work. The fact that you focus only on crops work out due to simple math that you have a 50-100% oasis on 6 or 15 fields not 25-50% on maximum 5 fields. The second thing being able to jumpstart you troops training multiple times and also fields

    A variation of both strategies is starting as king and focusing all out on your spawn to start chiefing or fast settling 9/15c and either going on vacation when have chiefed or when pop goes too close to 200 before BP and still going for npcing crops. Yet again this means you need to have sure governors who make lots of defense to aid you when you are out of vacation.

    As for which tribe those strategies are suited best i will leave for you to decide since there are positive points helping out every tribe. Those would be:

    1. Faster settling for gauls/romans to surely acquire a decent cropper.

    2a. Getting troops numbers up with gauls/ teutons faster if crop is getting too high and you are running out of gold

    2b. With romans have lower crop consumption so could npcing for longer and with faster intervals.

    3. Roman senators just because its much easier chiefing and if you actually do go the way of chiefing right after vacation ends, then you will be max lvl real fast.

    (4). Gaul traps/crannies can help you coming out of vacation a bit more safely in theory, but i doubt you will have much room in your village to make these.

    5. Roman double building slot makes easier to build up village in vaca time and after it...especially in extended BP play since you will be delaying developing cropper for all the BP duration practically and vacation time to build villa fully is just not enough so roman saves a bit gold from fast builds too.

    Next part not just some thoughts and ideas how to tinker and min-max this game even further and maybe inspire you :)