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    Travian legends has some features of collectively paying resources for some effects... this could be done the same way and this would work as some kingdom wide quest aswell.

    Effects on attack and defense strength might not be most optimal..maybe teutons and gauls could affect incoming attack speed and crop production instead.

    I would love to see also if incoming attacks could be intercepted on the way or terrain could affect the fighting strength and every tribe has some bonus on different types of terrains. But I doubt that these kinds of improvements will be implemented since it would probably need some complicated coding and even more strain on the servers that are already struggling with the game in its current state of regular lag waves.

    Since there has been some requests to share our ideas how to improve the game, then here is my vision of making the game a bit more captivating.

    The current version of travian kingdoms lets players build their own villages that collectively make up a kingdom, but what I would like to see is that they can also build some infrastructural elements for the whole kingdom. But what could these elements be? ...Well as we know from history then the romans were famous for their roadbuilding skills and quality roads let their empire to be connected better and supply their armies on far away conquests. What if this feature could be applied to the game by having all roman players able to invest in paving their kingdoms roads so the effect would be maybe a 1% faster army and merchants traveling speed inside kindoms borders. This effect would be cumulative so if there are 20 roman players in kingdom that have built the roads buidling or maybe bought the road feature in mainbuilding or embassy then every member of a kingdom gets 20% faster traveling inside kingdom borders.

    The other tribes could have an effect on overall attack strength and defense strength in a similiar manner. Or maybe gauls could slow incoming attacks down as a part of their traps feature and teutons raise defense strength.

    Another idea would be a new type of troop that can also wield hero items so every village could hide troops with chicken boots or send troops between kingdom or own villages faster. This troop should be limited to 1 for every village. Another possibility is to have extra hero if primary hero reaches level 100, but that negates the effect of being able to defend every village troops on earlier stages of game.

    Also some buildings outside of villages such as watchtower that could detect if the incoming attacks are real or fake from kingdom borders onward or a building, where you can hide your army so a swifter attack can be made with the downside of not having defense bonus there. Could be found out by randomly checking empty fields with a scout. These building could be built for CP by a type of troop like settler , only called an engineer.

    would love if 1 oasis could be used by multiple villages of same player...also if embassy level 15 gives 1 tile more range for further away oasises or makes it possible to convert 1 non oasis clay/wood/iron/crop tile in village reach into an oasis

    the other robbersroman-bored had other ideas and started to gaul-cheerful for help, until heteuton-strong that fly and whispered a message for it to bring a herd of bison to run through the trapped lands..

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    What I would like is that the developers/animators or whoever they are that run this whole thing, would seek out talented people who have ideas of improving the gameplay and try incorporating them into actually making the game better. Dont have an exact say, but to me it seems, that Travian games have gathered a playerbase of tech minded people so im pretty sure there are some who have a clue of all the ones and zeroes that make the magic happen as well. Plus people who have been playing a lot might have come up with some ideas what they would like to be improved on.

    For example Im thinking of around 3 big ways travian could get more enganging off the top of my head:

    1. Make challenges ..That one is kinda being handled in the form of forum quests, shiny badges and tutorial part of the game and partly answers the problem thats asked about in this thread. Personally i would like the vibe of helping along unexperienced players and make this sometimes tedious, unnerving or confusing game a bit better and earn a more experienced competitors and a healthy forum life in return. Matchmaking is a great thread imo and is a step in the right direction...only a little badge is missing still of getting 24h coverage with international dualing trio :thumbsup:

    Maybe whats missing on that area is decent guides with pictures of important stages in village and more through explanation of all the different strategies a player can take...oh right thats in the blog section so not sure what more is there to for training beginners and make it good experience for them..

    !F only 1 could make some tournament or challenges section in the lobby

    ...Oh wait I can in the forum 8o

    2. The Big One imho is players tweaking maps by open-sourcing that part of the game... and let them set their own terrain they can fight on.

    Mist is a great add and shows theres a lot more that can be done on the map part of the game.

    !F only 1 could design maps of clustered mountains with tight and dangerous valleys and elsewhere dark woods, lushious cropfields or clay caves :love:

    ((id like to see it evolve in some weird starcraftian type gameplay direction where all the building and fighting happens simultaneously, but in travian pace))

    3.have some rounds with player advised no one can finally point the fingers and accuse the kingdoms team of bad management <3

    !F only 1 could choose the Natar tribe and play against all the server:evil:

    ...+1 that Might be appealing to people who like limited gold idea is some kind of server reservation .:/ ......and probably will help the huge number of player attendance lag issues

    ..!F only 1 could run tournaments that people earn back some of the gold putten in servers, then Im sure they will get more excited about kingdoms 8)