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    Dunno if the idea is already out there but maybe everyone gets as much robber camps that there are villages owned. So player who has 1 village gets to attack only 1 robber camp, if a city or second village then 2 camps and so on.

    If there are too few spots to spawn on map, then make more waves so everyone gets their turns.

    Players who are not able to attack are mostly likely very active players and helps to sort out those bad apples so helpful for kingdom management too. Although wouldnt that stall the next wave of robbers so maybe not such a great idea for having potential of misuse by connivous methous...which subsequently results in kicking for the same action so not really..?

    Just throwing it out there

    Just spying in vast raid lists constantly doesnt sound fun at all.

    I think introducing scouting list could be somewhat improvement, but seeing who the def belongs to sound way more interesting.

    The main problem with limited kingdom sizes is that not everyone plays as competitive. If the king has to choose midgame between governors because of the cap. You will see casual players who have worked weeks get kicked out and royally screwed. They didn't build a big enough army or population for the kings satisfaction and got filtered out and had to make room for a player that was 5% better.

    They might have not been the best use for the kingdom in the endgame, but at least they had some use.

    i think the way this game starts should be totally different if you want to make smaller groups workable.

    That is exactly what the game fails concentrates more on quantity than quality and so this much villages start to just eat up the map with most being just feeders in the end while technically the same troop numbers could be achieved with less villages. Having more villages on map also means more stress on servers and more stress on people and their time is what my peasant logic says, but what do I know about computers or people :D

    I point again on the idea of lower titles as Jak brought up and I elaborated on Unknown .. Make some governors be promoted by dukes to gather also some tribute from their immediate neighbours. This adds that extra touch that the game might need, little more depth for regular players to bump their development and not stagnate plus the quality aspect im talking about. I would let them pay for the promotion by CP to keep villages count down and use CP to add 1extra oasis reach and add shared villages while you are at it :P

    Actually another great use of viscounts would be for them to also add +1area influence on map like oasises used to back in the day. Few of these connecting smaller treasuries could benefit the larger kingdom alot.

    Please do refresh my memories, if you really think it matters to me more than improving on your idea why you started this thread. Im not really concerned what goes on here anymore since this game is dead to me until something cardinally changes. Do your petty reveal of whatever schemes I had years back...I know that my only motive in that server was ultimately BM...Big Mistake for me

    Use your deffers while I was 100% def..why would I need that?

    I went all in to prepare against the meta in your WW and treasuries, but then you just left me hanging. Now its at least confirmed im not the only one who thinks you are kind of a dick,

    The ironic and hypocritic part is that you won the next round thanks to the new recruits and working with other teams as you just said, though you always tone you dont really do that.

    The zerg style of play has always been a bit of annoying to some players, while others seem to like it. Thats why I focus again on the one thing to take from this discussion, which I think could help either type of playstyle.. That is the suggestion of lower titles than kings and them getting some of tribute aswell. The game needs a lot more depth than it has at the moment and so it should rather add features than take them away... If one wants to step backwards, they could always return to Legends.

    Not a big fan of Pob and her policies either, but the def points record still hasnt been broken I think.. The same game was the most boring for me since I was supposed to be part of Mad Banners, but she refused me in the end because I wouldnt betray my 2 governors that also wanted an endgame in winning kingdom. I had only trained def so there was nothing really to do with it alone so I just quit after a while... Does Jak think this is welcoming to new players if she so much concerns about that too? After all most small kingdoms dont pump massive gold into the game so how do you reckon these kind of small kingdoms have to survive?

    If trapper loses its purpose midgame, then is it possible to "upgrade" it into a different type of building that is more beneficial? Like give cavalry a bit of offensive boost so they kind of carry these traps with them if you can imagine it. Or why not even gaul sell some traps to other tribes to improve trappers qualities while I like the idea of Iribuya too.

    Dont think its that beneficial for newcomers to spike anyway and this is only looking it at the defenders side because some new players want be offensive, but not being able see who to attack, they cannot learn much. Rather teach a little more to use and value scouts.. Besides those supposed beginner spikers who might be hurt by this strategy are training def anyway so they are already waiting to be attacked :D

    I also agree, that too much pressure is placed on Kings & Dukes, we have previously asked for more roles to be introduced, to further spread some of the tasks that always fall to so few at the moment, leading to burnout & eventual retirement from the game completely.

    Prince, Viscount, Earl, Baron etc are all titles that could inspire more players to get involved in helping the leaders & could have some extra perks ingame for doing so :)

    I like this idea a lot.

    To teach newcomers more about the king status, let them hold a lower title with influence only 1 square max within the overall kingdom area so they could receive like 50% tribute from their neighbours and other half goes to the king + the same player pays 100% tribute to king so the kingdom gets even a slight increase if baron/viscount uses extra income to build fields.