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    9-Kill 100 wolves with werewolf mask

    not sure what number for medusa, but -Kill 100 snakes with medusa mask

    20- wear hockey mask in every day of the week

    4- revive 1000 units with mummy mask on

    8- go on vacation mode with hannibal mask

    12-demolish 20 levels of wall with gorgon mask

    6-demolish 20 level of any building with devil mask

    5- have every type of unit from all tribes located in your village with frankenstein mask

    16- trap 500 units with dryad mask on

    mummy-healing troops with bandages
    medusa- use cages on snakes or kill them in oasis

    werewolf- use cages on wolves or kill them in oasis

    devil horn or trump supporter- demolish some walls via rams

    pandemic- settle your villages 6 fields apart

    biteguard- go on vacation mode

    As I have just found out it is impossible to feed my own troops in vacation mode. My overall crop income is balanced, but between villages it is -20k/+20k ...How am I supposed to keep my units from starving without being able to use even the send resource to my own village function?? What is the reason behind blocking it? I doubt it is possible to abuse carrying resources between own villages when NPC function is already blocked.

    There cannot be anyone who seriously will clam, that having a Bandit Camp gives you more utility than a Governor.

    The thing is that camps help governors become better can either choose quantity or quality. So which is it, just 10 more governors with the price of everyone having to struggle more to get things going, while some of those 10 extra might be actually spies and saboteurs. Or the core team gets better development and heavier hitters.

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    This is Obe! Obe likes to bash robbers and chew bubblegum..unfortunately where Obe lives, bubblegum hasnt been invented, so Obe just bashes robbers.Although Obe has a lot of bashing to do, he does not think that its just strength that matters, so he invests every first skillpoint into resource production and builds himself a cozy village to reside in.

    romans 1 time sure chiefing with 3 senators would rock..also just a bit more def for EC since they dont really have defensive cavalry and praets are so slow!