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    the answer is treasury number 2

    2 lies cannot contradict eachother
    this can only happen in case if liars are scouts 1 and 2 or 1 and 3
    in both cases at least 1 liar is 1st scout
    if 1st scout is liar then clearly the treasury attacked will be treasury number 2.

    actually its the only reasonable answer since if common liar is scout 2 or scout 3 then its still not enough information to surely tell if one or another treasury is attacked

    Here I go again with my overarching vision..

    What if there was a special kind of village, a village that doesnt build much res since its not really meant for that. Instead this village relies on the collective effort of the kingdom to keep it running via supplying it with res sent there.
    ..Why , you ask.. well its not just as simple as that. The interest of everyone building it would be that everyone gets access to that village as well and particularly the point would be to have extra barracks and stable spots so everyone could operate their own fraction of the army there and also build a collective army, which can be operated only by the king so theoretically its possible to build even bigger numbers of troops that available now wih operating a village by your own.
    Its not too well thought through and lot aspects still in the gray area like would there be special rights for certain players to use that village or limit on the number of players that can use it or if there is just like a system of greater greater barracks and stable with even more expensice troops so its not getting out of hands big or maybe even have like maximum 3 different tribes 1 player each so they can build mixed army(..or it just builds natar troops as I tend to dream) but overall its something out of the box . ..maybe good to keep as treasury too.

    Anybody on the same page?

    might be..but at the stage I am, my income is enough to keep all troops building constantly and its just that I arrive to this point faster since I can concentrate on building one field type in one village and another type in another village


    Iwas able to grow res production to 15k/h with few days after BP..with that addition to that massive crop income

    so my main goal was to neutralize that crazy crop overflow with producing troops now at day 14 and 3k swords, 1k TT, 300 rams and 100 cats ..still around 3k+ crop production

    "Once upon a time, Ferdinand and Hugo were united kings. Ferdinand is a Teuton, Hugo a Gaul. Although, they have different characters, they are getting along well, but then one day Hugo made a bet with Ferdinand that he could never tame the mighty beasts Hugo had guarding the gardens of his city. Ferdinand boasted he goes hunting bears barehanded and so raised the bet claiming he will put his head in the mouth of a crocodile like its nothing at all. When the day to prove his words came, Hugo picked out the biggest, hungriest and wildest of the reptiles and Ferdinand went on with the act. He took few quick steps and mounted the monster, pulled its jaws apart and proceeded to fit his head in between the bladelike teeth. Everyone looked at this not believing their eyes and so Hugo ordered his men to throw a rock at the animal to make sure its not sedated and they did so. Ferdinand heard what was going on and was able to pull his trusty dagger out and jam it inside the deathtrap he had stuck his head in before it snapped completely. He then pulled out his head with one eye bleeding and claimed ten times the bet they originally made since Hugo had interfered like that. This is why Ferdinand came home with a scar on his face."

    Interesting start maybe. But i would not recommend it. Equal(~) levels on all fields is most optimal (start with the field you have oase bonus on).
    Your way will fall behind. Sooner or later you will have to lose that BP anyways and when you do, everyone around you will be way stronger. You would make the optimal farm for neighbours by then.

    How many days did it take you to reach one crop field at 10? I would not be suprised if those following the quests and keeping their fields equal would basically have one of each resource type at 10 by then.

    I am not saying this "start strategy" would not work. It all depends on your neighbours. But i would bet that a normal start is prefered.

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    other village has 1kcrop and 1kwood income too

    doesnt feel like im behind, but well ahead of others that havent raided