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    The ongoing embassy discussion gave me an idea of another external infrastructural element for the whole kingdom. Just as oasis can generate some extra resource, a wilderness tile could be made of use. While oasis affects your resource income, a wilderness crop tile would only affect your crop consumption.

    That effect could be activated by letting each kingdom member send lets say 100 troops to feed there in the beginning. But that tile would have a limit of say 1k crop consumption in the first weeks of the game, so only 10 players could max out their troops...or 20 players send 50 troops or some cavalry and the limit is reached. Keep in mind that the wilderness tile can only influence the consumption , while Oasis influences the production.

    When players invest in that village, then the crop consumption limit could be upgraded and more troops could be fed there...maybe only king can upgrade it from the kingdom tributes tab, as paying from the tribute to build that collective crop tile. With each upgrade some % of the def bonus should rise like building a wall there.

    Ive always thought when people actively fill the oasises in the beginning, then they are safer for the greater amount of def there. This effect would also come into play with the new use of the wilderness tile and by working together, the kingdom could earn a collective bonus. As game progresses and the wilderness tile gets upgraded and civilized, the safer it gets.

    By implementing this feature, the kings gain extra overlook of the contributors in the kingdom, the roles of the players and a peek at their troop balance.

    yeah res villages dont need these slots anyway.

    ..The effect would be that everyone chooses to have more building slots for capitals so they could finish the res fields quests quicker and incentivizes to build res in ten another villages...which actually makes them perfect farms and might spice the game up.

    This is 3D chess lol

    For investing 100 euros, id be wanting a chance to win it back.

    Id rather think of 10 euro 5x server could invite more player..especially if theres chance to win some greater amount of the invested gold.

    Thats the way I do it strings attached and thanks to it I have played in many glorious kingdoms and met a lot of great players.

    Being in a premade also means sometimes sacrificing your free will..the best fields go for the upper echelons of the team.

    Plus being deep in friendly territory takes away some of the fun.

    Ideas could get forgotten in years deep in forums if they are not acted upon.

    The questions that Unknown asks are still important in the progress of getting there, but people dont want to wait forever and need to see some real improvement to satisfy them.

    Something like that could really make a change along with a showcase of new ideas suggested by players.

    These ideas could then be commented by devs and managers of TK and then put into voting.

    Plausible improvements can then be voted by winning kingdoms of servers and players with much prestige to see how popular the idea is.

    If the task seems to big to achieve, then the informed parts could share the difficulties of the problems like limits of the system or source codes weak points to a larger audience, then who knows..Magical things might happen ;)

    I like that idea..some buildings could be built on lower level WH

    Maybe the WH storage dont have to be set by hand, but that it automatically stops when total resources are reached so that vilage cold specialize better with oasises and dont need to build all res types in the village. Could even be some kind of gold option to increase storage liquidity.

    What if whole kingdom build one of those "great crop wilderness" together and in return the res% of crop increases whole kingdom ...kinda like oasis, but just adds another factor to the equation. So lets say 10 players build lvl 1 crop wilderness and then the whole kingdom has 10% more crop production.