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    you also left out the details about what should happen if there is extra resources remaining from the conversion? do you lose them? are they added to your village again?

    the leftover resources should be so minimal that it really doesnt matter and can be discarded or adding is too difficult to dev it .If normal NPC counts the total cost of res, then should the troops conversion.

    Thank you for the solves the exact question of wether its feasible or not.

    I hope there comes a version of travian, where exactly these features are used. So it becomes sort of a very slow paced tower defence game instead of this blindfolded "send and receive" game.

    2 Iron type of wilderness tile can be connected by assining the similar to oasis, but into a scouting tower duo that gets report of any army passing by from between.(only teutons option)

    2 clay type wildernesses into a pair the has a road - villages next to these roads get 50% faster movement on merchants and armies (Roman option)

    2 Woodland wildernesses makes a trapped ditch made by gaul and steals 1res from every passing raid or traps some troops or slows down enemies by 10% who are attacking through the paired wilderness areas.


    Use only 1 tile of each wilderness and have the same bonus effects work with 2 tile radius of that wilderness tile

    Thats very true :D

    Tho this sparks another idea...

    If one chooses to be full defensive, then he might not want to attack robbers to best develop a village...What if he can hire mercenaries from kingdom members and the tribute will the be split. The mercenaries owner could even send his hero for exp.

    Just another idea..1 player sends another 2 spearmen, other sends a praetorian in exchange ..

    2 is not the right answer , but that is just a rough estimation. Exchanging troops could only be in equal value with larger amount of units being exchanged.

    To not let 1 player "buy" himself into greater damage total, then only equal amount of damage spectrum could be exchanged while keeping in mind that tribes train troops with different speed and resource cost.

    A limit on troops switching could ease the issue of not messing that one up, but lets say a teuton switches his TKs with TTs. Is he getting too great raiding boost ..or could gauls have to be able to trade their swordmen against clubs too, so everyone has equal chances? Seems complicated to find out the exchange rates, but the idea remains...

    Could players exchange troops?

    A new building would actually work greate for creating some specialized unit.

    Imagine you send 1 imperian and 1 praetorian into some "unification machine"-building, where 2 units can be made into 1 with some desired extra items needed and different player-buildable units are added to the game. When this building exists in the merged village, then the options of synthesized troops are much wider.

    The counterargument is that with when introducing so many new different units, then how do you classificate and account for them in combat simulator...the tables are already long enough.

    As I understand from here, the HDT doesnt effect offensive... shouldnt it factor in.

    Also why not factor in the Brewery..Is it because Teuton already has most offensive power without it according to these calculations?

    More thoughts about the merged village..

    What if the village union happens between 2 players only. Both have to send 1 senator or 3 settlers to a wilderness tile, whereas the type of the wilderness is going determine the resource fields of the village.

    When examining the map I saw basically 8 types of wilderness areas

    There is mostly pure clay, iron and woodland wildernesses. =3

    Then there are about 50/50 mixed wildernesses of wood/clay and wood/iron. =2

    There is no iron/clay one, but instead wood/water wilderness....for the sake of simplification lets say these count as Iron/clay ones. =1

    Also a mostly pure crop wilderness and a mixed crop/woodland wilderness aswell. =2

    No mixed ones of crop/clay or crop/iron...for greater harmony and diversification, these could be added to the map. (=all 10 possible combinations between different types wildernesses corresponding to resource type)

    When the 3 settlers or 2 senators have both arrived on the wilderness tile, then the pure tiles turn to a village with mostly corresponding resource fields and less of other complementary resources.

    So pure woodland wilderness turns to 7335 tile, other pure wildernesses to 3735, 3375 and pure crop wilderness to 222 12 tile or 00018...keep in mind that 2 players are occupying 1 village.

    Mixed tiles could give the following tile types: 6633, 6363, 6336, 3663, 3636 and 3366.

    Now the questions of CP, how many troop training facilities and which special buildings can be in that sort of village.

    For the issue of CP I propose both players receive the maximum amount that village produces, so players losing expansion slot can get no extra debuff in CP generation...the players are already debuffed in ability to produce resource by sharing fields.

    As for troop training facilities, might be right to not overkill. Maximum number of facilites might be 4 for a little extra push, because players are handicapped for having fewer villages.

    Workshop count cant be greater than 1...1st player to build a workshop there, will determine the tribe of siege weapons.

    The extra 1 training facility creates the ability to try out more unit combinations. 1 tribe can build both barracks and stable, the other only 1 training facility, either stable or barracks....which combinations do you like the most? I feel Druids and Paladins or Paladins/Haeduans creates strategy of mobile and active defensive or semi-offensive player. Then 1 tribe of infantry only spices the possibilities.

    Both players can control the whole army there..which means there is small effect of merged village attacks. The effect is about 1,5 villages offensive force, not counting the effect of siege weapons or brewery celebration.

    I would like to see that merged villages special buildings effects expands to every tribe using it, but im afraid of the effect of HDT to other tribes...gauls gain freakishly massive advantage with TTs, druids and Haedus, but then again it eliminates the possibility of brewery, so maybe the 2 crop worth TKs and 1crop paladins have the upper hand here. The special buildings could complement eachother excellently..defensive gaul/teuton cavalry combos can gain extra defense behind traps and offensive gaul/teuton gain better ability to protect fragile teuton clubs early on...TTs and clubs looks like a mighty potent raider combination aswell.

    This doesnt conclude the question of special buildings yet. What about the walls? Does this also works as whoever is first to build the wall there, determines the wall type. Here is where I would go the extra mile of adding another wall to the village. The total maximum wall level would be still 20, but in that case only pure roman, gaul or teuton wall and every combination of 2 tribes in between. Building level 10 of either tribe wall doesnt seem to be very beneficial total defense % and wall sturdiness against siegery, but this means that village is able to build wall quicly up between attacks and therefore adds some safety and also a bit of room to try how for examle teuton and roman wall complement eachother with def % and wall sturdiness.

    ...What do you guys think...does this idea have some quality to it?

    or maybe with every smithy level infantry gets to move around 1 damage points on the spectrum and cavalry 2 points...then even low level smithy builders could have access to that effect

    Seems this idea has so many new parts that needs to be introduced, that its harder to implement.

    My idea of an enhancement on troops, is that when the unit type is researched to maximum level in the smithy, then the player can reallocate 5 damage points for infantry troops and 10 damage points for cavalry.

    Creating coupled groups of units as Haji mentioned in the persian tribe suggestion, is also quite attractive one. Say when you have 1000 legionnaires, then you could form a legion for a certain fee in academy. A legion cant be broken apart, so now it acts as a single unit. The benefit might be that it could be controlled from whichever village the player has just like hero when the home village is changed.

    Other units would have their own respective group formations with some special abilities. Could be that marauder group made from clubs could bring even bigger loot etc.

    For not overpowering this features offensive side, maybe a restriction of only 1 group unit could be sent on attack together and without the assistance of any regular troops. Maybe its also not that complicated for combat simulators and troop sending tabs this way. Grouped troops can only be stacked on the defensive.

    Why are you not happy?

    You are one big family standing together and bringing peaceful place to hide for all the simmers in the server.

    If you want competition, then you can just turn on WST...or is that wrong somehow (its just a game bro)

    I´ve had kings turn on me just because I was not russian or occupying the cropper they wanted(not reserved or anything), its all good.

    Cool, I agree to disagree on some subjects...just wanted little drama with the dramaqueen 😂.

    Hope TK will get on board with my idea on creating villages, where multiple players can operate...or I might just learn to code and create something of the sorts on my own :/