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    Here´s a strategy

    1.Prepare to chief a natar
    2.Lose all your troops while taking it and leave about 1k or little over so you can siege and raid robbers while on vacation plus fill oasises you have.
    3.Plan to start vacation right after you chief natar (quite nice to be inside enemy territory too since they cant attack you up to 2weeks or 1 depending on server speed)
    4.During the vacation put hero to produce crop and invest everything to maximize crop production and npc all of it develop your village and prepare for leaving vacation(ask alliance for def if you are in enemy territory)
    5.After vacation you should fast build as much res fields as possible since double production and at the same time make sure you have troops constantly building too since twice the speed...i plan to use great stable too at the same time if not even great barracks.

    During the vacation try upgrading important troops in smithy since you dont techincally have to use anything on troops production itself.

    7. Reap what you have sown

    was talking about exactly this in some idea thread also..only i thought of buying natar troops with some still not existing res

    the thing is that I dont have a kindgom so i wonder if i even gived those to the surrounding king..tributes are like a raid buffer too when need to spend much res before att so this only fills the raiders bags without using up my res

    ..why stop troops building..when I know there is someone from close who keeps attacking so I lose troop by troop by troop because i cant send them away all the time when each ones training stopper would be goo too so I wont lose the ones trained over night and chicken boots dont cover them ...the rest I can keep with thieves, but still the numbers start trickling down after a while

    I appointed myself a duke and when he passed the treasury transition he got his governors back, but for some reason they are not in the i have to invite them somehow?