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    If things are going to be like that from now on, it sounds like it will become a very boring game for simple governors, and, in addition, that beautiful feeling of admiration, pride and loyalty for belonging to a specific alliance will be lost forever if winning is all the thing that will matter now on regardless of the form or the cost to get that win... when your dear alliance will disapear in a blink of an eye, without any notice, at the very end, and that WW you help to build with your team an friends will be swallowed too

    Such a sad way to spoil an excellent game!!!

    Hi there Princess Ross,
    does the problem persist? The game world is accessible and is running just fine, could you please try deleting your cache and cookies?

    Kind regards

    Thank you Georgi!
    I did the caché thing and it did not work, I changed from Mozilla to Chrome and did not work but after a while, like magic, everything worked perfectly... until today. During half hour it could not load and suddenly it worked again, i guess this is something about the server's conection...
    Thanks a lot for your answer and your help!

    I wish to know if there is a problem with the international server 3.
    The page does not load, it has been around 5 hours like that for me, it says the server can not be found or it also says

    Am I the only one with this problem?
    Does anyone may help me?

    Thank you in advance!

    Still many questions, sorry! hope someone knows...

    - Does the king where my villages are (where i will belong when abdicating) could somehow know I am a Duke from someone else??? it will be displayed somehow so everyone can know?
    - What will happen with the other treasure buildings in my other villages? are they going to be destroy by the game? who or what decides which village will keep the treasure building?
    - What will happen with the treasures I already have?
    - What will happen with my govs? will them be with "no king"? that will make them sitting ducks, isn't it?
    - And what about the Alliance?

    I don't get how this duke thing works in a specific case and I can not find any place with the answer, so here I go.

    What will happen if I am a King and I abdicate to become a Duke of a player who is far from my villages and has no influence in "me"??
    I suppose my villages will be absorbed or be part of one of the surrounding kings, of the one with more influence in me, am I right?
    Then... as governor from one King and Duke from another king, who of them is going to gain the influence I get? to whom I will sell the treasures I get? to both of them? and what about the alliance where I am now? where does the victory points, the inhabitants will go, will count? who will get them?

    And... if I have 2 active treasure buildings what will happen with them when I abdicate and become a Duke? will one of them be destroyed automatically or what?

    Appreciate your help to clarify this to me, thank you!

    *Would appreciate too if you can tell me one single advantage of being a Duke over being a governor :)

    Again, only stolen goods can be sold. Once sold, they become treasures and go into the tribute fund (not back into hero inventory) of the governor's capital from where they can be collected when the king collects tributes. If stolen from the tribute fund of a governor or from a king, they are not paid for but go directly into the tribute fund of the player who stole them.

    The resources a governor is paid for stolen goods are generated by the system, the king does not pay for them but they appear as if they are coming in from the king's capital. By the same token the tributes collected by kings will appear to be coming in from the village they were collected from, but the governor does not pay them (although if the tax rate is set at high, the governor will have a 10% reduction in production. Medium, production is not affected and low, there is a 10% bonus).

    Daniel Hart
    I am grateful to you up to the infinite for your gentleness to answer my question.
    Likewise I am sorry that my question has exasperated you but I read many many posts and also looked with the search in several different ways and did not find the answer, please forgive me.
    Perhaps it would be good they improve the search section.

    Thank you very much, Again!

    When a governor attacks and steal treasures, these go to his inventory until the king collect the tributes/ taxes, ok?
    A governor have the option to SELL the treasures in his inventory... can you tell me please HOW that works?

    To who those treasures are sold?
    The resources the governor receive for those treasures come FROM who, from WHERE?

    Thanks in advance !!!

    Hi Nature ^^
    the tributes you can collect from each village in your kingdom are determined by it's resource production, not the troops stationed :) In other words, you won't collect more resources if you send your troops there.

    Best regards,

    I didn't want to open another post regarding to those villages so here I ask:
    Who's villages are those? what is their purpose? are the kings the only ones that see them? each king has one? will they transform in another thing in the future or will remain the same?
    I'll appreciate a lot if you can answer this.
    Thanks in advance!