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    This makes me crazy. Doing this literally comes with 0 risk for the one spiking. And it is a nuisance for everyone raiding inactive villages. So the counter argument would be that it should be possible to fight raiders like this, and it should be "cost of doing busniess". For a teuton sending clubs it means little to have people spike and lose some clubs now and then. For someone playing gaul or roman and sending expensive cavalry to raid the losses amount to much more.

    I think its a valid game mechanic. But i think and my suggestion is to have it involve a certain degree of risk also for the one spiking. Not completely risk free like today.

    So my suggestion is, if you win a battle as attacker on an inactive village you get the name of the player reinforcing it in the report. That way we can make the mechanic more interesting and not the one sided thing it is today.