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    Našel jsi to dobře, to tlačítko je v ambasádě. Po abdikaci by Ti měla dokonce naskočit i začátečnická ochrana na pár dní.

    Ty oázy jsou relativně nepříjemné překvapení. Na Betě jsme stavěli království téměř jen na vlivu oáz. Hranice (pomocí pop a vlivu) lezla do všemožných směrů naprosto nelogicky a kde nebyly oázy, máme dodneška v království díry, byť tam třeba mají guvernéři vesnice. Nedokáži si představit, jak to bude vypadat.

    Hello :)

    I think there was some change in spawn of robber hideouts. There were days when it spawns minimum twice a day
    and sometimes i had feeling it was more. It was hardly comparable to income that kings have, but at least it was some income
    even despite looses to the deffences, I was always gaining. And hero experience is welcome asset.
    Now it spawns one hideout once a day, basically with the same amount of stolen goods as one hideout from before.
    I realized that my governor resource income even with +10 % bonus is simply much lower now. Is this intended, or actual bug?

    from these two pictures you can compare income before

    and from this one picture, is actually income i am getting

    Good evening :)

    I am sitter of the king and unfortunatelly i ve sent some of his soldiers to death. I couldnt find any rules regarding to sending the resources. Is it unallowed to send him retribution for my mistake? I remember, that we were allowed to send a hour production every day, but as far as i remember, it was not applyin for the sitters, and sitted accounts, these two had prohibited all resource movement...

    I am also very confused by the deff bonus of the oasis. Wiki says its always 100 %. I have found, that enemy kingdom has two oasis with 100 % def. Basically i was thinking about the distance of king capital to these oases, but we have got also oases very near to king and there is only 25 % bonus. Its very confusing when you send whole army against one hero and unit, and your army got kickass, your hero killed. While hero camping in oasis remain alive.

    Good afternoon :)

    Game nick: Lored
    The problem last from yesterday. Robber hidehouts are not appearing. Cant finish cranny 5 quest.
    Mozzilla with Flash version 17,0,0,134

    My king accidentally cancelled the kingdom 3.4.2015 probably at 00:10 of mid eu time. Kingdom of Kamal was established again at 4.4.2015 nearly at 00:12.

    In the meantime, I was in kingdom of other king. I didnt like that, so started the coronation. And shortly after that abdicate my kingdom and become standalone and later rejoined Kamal. Last robber hideout appeared before the cancel of the Kamal's kingdom, I was lazy and removed it at 3.4.2014 at 3:11 AM. Since then, no Robber Hideouts appeared to me.
    I ve removed cookies, cache, history and my flash seems to be the newest version.

    Thanks for any answer in advance :)

    UPDATE: on 6 th this morning, both robber camps and hideouts appeared. It took soo long, but hopefully its fixed now. The cranny quest remain stucked.

    Its supposed to be anti silver pushing system as I was already asking in the past. However it disables you to sell anything with normal price. Day back i had to sell sculpture for like 3 k in order to make silver at least for armour as the journeys didnt bring it. The end market amount for sculptures was around 10 k back then, so I ve lost 7 k + -. I ve already complained to this in feedback as its very disabling option. Not to mention, that amounts like 8 k of silver for a decent armor/weapon are way too high even if you buy gold for that.

    Hello :)

    its a great struggle with theis new system of auctions.. I probably came to game later and make mistake therefore I am unable to sell anything in normal auction.

    When I was trying to sell ointment for the first time, I did it thru the fast sell. Then after some time i ve found when you sell it this way for once, you are unable to sell via normal auction. I thought it applies only for the thing that you ve tried to sell..

    I ve tested to sell things like bucket, even the scroll as on picture above. Still there is only a option to fast selling.
    I also missunderstood the uncommon item system, especially when there are players still selling items in auction, same items actually (like ointments, scrolls) while I am unable to do that?

    All the stuff are from the adventures.

    Thanks in advance for any reply ;)

    Thanks for the post :) however, i dont see any bonus to my resource production in village. Do I understand well that "bonus" production is only and only in the oasis?

    I have oasis connected in embassy. Also had there some soldiers, it increased the value of collection.. But it didnt increase my production in the village.