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    That's a performance issue, so it's tied to the navigator you're using and other parameters.
    In any case there's no real point in keeping the rotating swords. Maybe some of the heavy raiders won't be lagging and others will, but I doubt the one who are not lagging will be missing the rotating swords too much.

    You can have as much active treasuries as INT(number of villages/2)+1.
    So for 2 villages, 2 active treasuries. For 3, still 2. For 4, 3.

    Once the treasury is active, the village will produce an area of influence.

    Yep, as Wonka said one village every 2 villages you have can produce an area of influence around itself.
    So if you want to grow bigger as a king, it can be a good idea to make this village outside your actual kingdom's border so you can increase your area of influence in a more optimal way (because if you put it inside your own borders, part of the influence he'll be creating will be wasted since it's already in your area of influence).

    That's not a go-to solution though. It heavily relies on your development plans.
    For instance, if you're planning on having a very good cropper as your V2 to build your army, and you have a cropper of this kind already in your area of influence, it wouldn't be the best solution to settle for something else outside of your area.

    Having a early-mid plans for your account's development is very important for this kind of choice.


    My idea would make for a good midgame goal (increasing influence through making correct strategic and tactical decisions and using teamplay, since you can't win wars by yourself). It would obviously also serve as an incentive to fight and it would stop kings from growing overly big unless they're absolutely outplaying everybody. It would also be equal and fair to everybody who started at the same time.

    Keen said something about not wanting to make influence more complex. I think that's a bogus argument: If the players can see their influence area shrink and grow depending on what they do, the'll learn it eventually. If they want to learn straight away they can read the wiki.

    About what Keen said, I do understand his point of view in a certain way. Even if the visual consequence of influence is the kingdom's size, having multiple ways to modify influence may lead to confusion/clarity loss. Playing with too many parameters may lead to a huge mess in the end.
    However, we (you & me) both stated that oases as a way to expand a kingdom wasn't that great. So if this mechanic was removed to the profit of another, there's no clarity loss since it would be the same amount of parameters.

    I do agree with you with the midgame goal, how it needs to be something that would incentivized wars. Well I guess we were both agreeing on that right from the start.
    My question however is: do you have anything specific in mind that could illustrate that?



    I think that your idea is basically the current endgame idea but just more WW type villages. That's still static as hell, fighting over specific single villages isn't dynamic and is also not that interesting/fun to play around with I think: It would amount to who can defend their locations best. Maybe it would work though. And honestly anything is better than fighting over god**** oases ;D

    Not really, in a sense the "locations" I was talking about is much more closer to arties in T4.4. Only difference is it's not as snowbally as it was previously: you don't gain an OP bonus, but only an added VP generation. Which is far different from reduced crop consumption, great warehouse etc.
    It may be too static though. If you think that arties on T4.4 didn't make the game any less static in the mid game then this "location" idea will definitely feel the same.

    Original idea from the game devs was pretty good when we think about it. Midgame should be animated with conflicts between neighbors kingdoms so one king could steal another's treasures. But where did that fail? How come there isn't so much little wars/skirmishes illustrating that?

    Have multiple villages generating influence.
    Conquer oases.
    Increase the amount of treasures you have.
    Increase the population of your villages generating influence.

    You can find all these informations on the wiki ...

    It doesn't affect your area of influence.
    Your area of influence is tied to your villages generating influence population, the amount of treasures and the oases you've conquered.

    As for the fact you can't see who's the attacker, etc. it's already being discussed in another thread in the General section iirc.

    If you're an active & gold user, taking a cropper as your V2 is a good choice.
    especially since you started late, and if you're planning on building your army on your cropper (which is not necessarily the best choice), waiting for your V3 to train troops would delay you too much. Keep in mind that the server is pretty short.


    I did a long adventure, and got ointments and scrolls. Which was really good, so I save up my points to do another long adventure, and lo and behold......I got a total of 43 ointments. Now, where is the good stuff that you are supposed to get on a long adventure? Where is double the reward? It's all crap. Who do you complain to? Who do you go to for help? As far as I'm concerned, I could have saved that extra point for a short adventure, and gotten more stuff out of it. If you ask me, this beta version should be thrown out, it's got bugs galore, it's missing key features, quests rewards don't work properly, finding reports is absolutely frustrating. Farm lists don't have a large enough window to see what your doing. Lots of problems.

    Wow, that seems like very constructive of an argument.
    As it was previously stated: in this thread, on the wiki, on the quick help, 1 long adventure doesn't give you anything more than what 2 short ones would do.
    You won't get anything more, item-wise, would you do 2 short ones or 1 long.



    As far as I'm concerned, I could have saved that extra point for a short adventure, and gotten more stuff out of it

    No you wouldn't.



    Where is double the reward

    Well you did get 2 rewards for your long adventure ... Nobody said anything about getting double items + twice the reward.



    If you ask me, this beta version should be thrown out, it's got bugs galore, it's missing key features, quests rewards don't work properly, finding reports is absolutely frustrating. Farm lists don't have a large enough window to see what your doing. Lots of problems.

    Well as you said yourself, it is a beta version ...
    And yes, there are bugs and still plenty of things to improve. But that's what we (players) are here for. That's what a beta version is supposed to be ... Maybe actually making suggestions/wishes in the correct forum would be the good way to improve things I don't know. Seems like a better way than saying everything is utter crap.

    First of all, I'm very glad you took some time to drop some hindsights on why you decided to put this kind of mechanism. It's always a pleasure to see game dev interacting with the player-base, and that's (imo) the only way for a game to keep growing :).


    To incentive governors for having many treasures in their kingdom, they get extra crop for it.

    Well, isn't there already enough incentives for people to have many treasures in their kingdom? In the end, that's the condition for victory: having the most treasures (= VP). Seems like a pretty good reason already.


    [COLOR=#463F39] I'm sure we can find other ways to have more wars in the game. When designing Travian Kingdoms I thought that stealing treasures from other kings would be a strong goal for other kingdoms, as treasures give you VPs and resources.

    Have you had time to read this Some players have dropped some ideas as to how make the early to mid game more interesting/dynamic, have more wars, etc.


    I think kings with large area have the same problem as me.
    Since grey players can't get kicked from your kingdom, at one point you start to have a huuuuuuuge list of grey players in your tribute overview. It's not a huge bother since they're at the bottom of the window but still.

    Why not make a sub menu for Governor and one for "Independent villages"? And keep the Governor sub-menu showed at all-time, but independent villages hidden unless you click on it.Maybe add a "Collect all" like it's the case for oasis at the same time. That would speed up the collecting process.