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    As a a website owner from Travian Kingdoms tools, it is now extremely difficult to know when new servers start because announcements like this one (link) are no longer created.

    The only way I found is to go to the lobby screen and pick the languages one by one, then translate the news feed to learn about upcoming servers.

    Thank you for you help.

    It's an equation not the game that I ask for, that's completely different.
    Everyone had access to the equation of T4, was it a big deal?
    Why would they hide this one, while giving away some in the Wiki ?

    I did it.
    Is there a place where I can find the ticket? Because it told me that I would receive an email and I never received it.

    I've probably spotted many multi account.
    I've spotted them a month ago but now it's pretty clear after what happened today.
    5 cities were upgraded within 5 minutes of what I think are bots, all new accounts, they played the following day. And now non of them played for a day.
    I scouted them multiple times, a few weeks ago, they all had exactly 500 Legionnaires.

    So the question is, how do you at least report them ?

    I think I created my website before this Fan Site Policy was created.

    I was not sure about donations, but as you tell me they are allowed I will remove the ads and add a donation button as soon as possible.

    I will consider your request :D

    If it's possible, an animalfinder would be nic

    Travian kingdoms currently does not have any API to create such tool known as animal finder.

    The farm finder would be much better if it had few more filters. Sometimes i would like to filter out all the farms with less than x pop. It would also be nice to have the max pop gained over x days reach up to 7 days so the players are more likely to be really inactive.

    Other than that it's really sweet, much faster to add farms than from getter.

    I will consider your request.

    I don't think that 4 ads on the entire website is intrusive. I know ads are annoying but it's for the website itself.

    By the time I created the website there was no such rules as "Your site must not contain advertising in any form (e.g. Google ads, banner advertisings, pop-up windows)". Or maybe i didn't see it. And if I'd know about it i wouldn't have invested those long hours of coding into it.

    Short story, I'm currently unemployed. And I can't afford to pay the website. Those 4 ads can just sustain the website.

    If you really want me to remove them, please contact me at but in result I would have to take my website down.

    I would love to se a features that allow us to search for inactive players at the farm finder.
    As it is now we can search for villages thats great but sometimes at later game we aint upgrading our biggest villages so that means that farm finder show us fals inactivity.

    So a feature that allows us to search for the whole players activity and not only the village would be great

    It's the activity of the player, not the village, so you search for villages of inactive players :)

    I'd like to share with you one more time the website I created for Travian Kingdoms.

    Travian Kingdoms Tools

    It offers various tools to help you play the game.

    Most noticeable tools are :

      Farm Finder
      Crop Finder
      Treasure Finder
      Smithy Calculator
      and more...

    Feel free to report bugs and ask for new features.