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    We did the same. we told everyone.... but as king you get so many mails.. things slip through. Its frustrating.

    I asked support if they could add someone back but they said they could not. I cant blame them, they would be adding people all day long if they said they could LOL.

    Yes I Know its just really frustrating on comx right now. Its like we cant raid or we kick people... but we have to raid to feed the hammer. Just frustrating that is all... I understand you guys are working on it. Its what I tell my guys... doesnt do them a ton of good though heh.

    So we have talked about this since the very start of the change on our team. I dont think we ever posted anything on the forums about it however. This change was an absolute gold grab and we saw right through it. It makes the game much more expensive (I can tell you that for a fact). Its not perception if you are a hardcore player because you will almost never wait for the upper buildings to finish.

    With this in mind I can tell you that because of my experience with this new system, and the amount of money our team spent on last server, I cant see myself playing again and spending any money until this is changed. I simply dont want to spend that much money again so Travian will lose any money I would have spent. More than likely, if I do play I will play test.

    Change it back people.

    @Marius: Yeah, you are right, it's my opinion that actually playing the game rather than doing nothing is more fun. Trying to make people play the game, learn how to play and discover all the possible things you can do in it is much more rewarding and interesting than simming the whole game and give a free win to bored people by doing nothing except showing your wallet.

    Once again "playing the game" This is your way of playing the game. Stop pushing it onto other people. The mechanics are what they are. People use them to win. THey were used in a way you did not use them and you lost. Thats really the tall and short of it man.

    Wait Marius, why do you think on the first COM2 there was a rebellion against you (xTools), and that most of xTools went inactive? You went inactive/quit aswell. Why? No action -> Why? Everyone was allied -> Fun yay

    You're a great player no doubt on that, you're just not able to win on your own with your alliance, you need to get everyone to be on your side so you're sure you will win without having to actually fight for it. Too bad that everyone will be bored to death.
    There is no strategy at all in allying the whole server together against one guy and make him look like the bad guy and that no one can win if they don't play all together against him. If we want to be all winners let's play sim city 4 all together, it's really similar :D

    I left for a completely different reason than boredom actually. But thats neither here nor there, Nothing you said changes anything I Said. For you its not fun. For others it clearly is rewarding since they stayed and won. So all your blah blah blah is nothing but self serving nonesense. You didnt win the way YOU WANT TO PLAY and that upsets you so you have to discredit peoples play style to sooth your own ego Mayo.

    You lost, deal with it. You were not as good of a politician as we were (in terms of com2 as Jallu was). Deal with it.

    Please Jallu, let the past stay in the past, metas sucks, COM2 the first and the second one too actually lol were a failure because of it, last COMx3 was laughable aswell. Metas ruin the game.

    Lets add "for me" to that quote. They ruin it for you. They dont ruin it for others. You make these blanket statements Mayo but there is no blanket in this game. If you dont like it you dont have to play that way but clearly they dont ruin the game for everyone right?

    M.E.V I couldnt have said everything you said better myself. Great posts and great job. You win in this game how you win. Some of you want this game to be nothing but a war game. I suggest FPS for you. This is a game of strategy and that includes diplomacy and that includes merging alliances and secret confeds and on and on.

    Thanks Templar, but for a game you really spend a lot of money on, and not to be able to play it is very sad.
    Not to mention this version eats gold 1.5-2times faster.

    Hi again,
    thank you very much, alerted the responsible people and will keep you informed!

    Best regards

    What about our troops that are starving? we are runing 320k negative

    I laugh at Paul C's comment.... your comment shows your experience.... Considering we are raiding over 1.5 million more than the second place on this server we probably know what we are doing dont you think?

    Any limit on outgoing troops is silly but 1000 for a speed server is kind of ridiculous.

    LOL Mayo..... oh how we love each other huh ;)

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    I know it's standard, and that's what I think is silly.

    In my opinion an alliance is better off when their teutons are spending their in-game time focused on more valuable objectives than microfarming.

    Compared to spending your time as a teuton (with incredibly fast, cheap troop regen) engaging enemy subjects, microfarming is a silly waste of time. That's what I meant.

    This comment especially is super noob. You micro farm to grow and feed your hammer. As I said before.... this shows your experience or more precisely lack thereof.