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    It would be awesome if scouting reports also gave the pop of the town.

    Also... guys can you please list the target of a cata attack on a report even if it hits something else because the first target is not there?

    Can you please put in how long till the hero gets back home from an attack as well in that adventure window. Its like that in Trav 4.4 and it really helps.

    Now I know what I am about to say is probably completely impossible..... but is there any way that you can have a search or filter option in the incoming or outgoing attacks that allows me to filter for troop type? So if I want to find all my cata attacks I hit the filter and they come to the top, or for that matter the hero.

    Guys, seriously.... I Know I have seen people asking this in the past and I am adding my voice.... make a link that goes right to the farm list. Having to go into the TS every single time.... I mean could anything be more of a pain in the rear than that? I mean I get it, you dont want to allow us to make our own links.... fine... but for gods sake make a link to the farm list. Or stop the farm list from closing whenever we open up reports on a village. Scouting and adding villages is such a hassle right now because of this.

    Right now the number of Dukes any alliance can have caps out at 21..... 3 Kings and 21 Dukes.... The number of treasuries a kingdom can have caps out at 42 max. Is your suggestion to reduce this number? And if not then how do you plan to make sure that an alliance has the same number? The max cap for treasures earning VP is currently 56k (14 x 4,000). Is your plan to lower that for each kingdom?

    Ive explained it more times than I care to count at this point. Your first comment is used by all people that are not the best at something over and over. Well if I really tried blah blah blah. I can judge your experience by your words here. The fact that you even say things in such absolute terms tells me everything I need to know. Its useless to keep trying to explain anything to you since you simply will never see the error of your position. So I'm not going to keep banging my head against the wall and just be content in the knowledge that clearly we are the better team and the better account and that pretty much tells most people everything they need to know.

    In any case... hope you "try" next time you play... we'll be the better account anyways if we play once more.

    All I can say is you continue to miss the point. Your statement once more proves your lack of experience in strategy games in general. There are plenty of times it is better for the team for taxes not to be low, I have stated it more times than I can count and once more you simply are being stubborn and simply dont want to admit you are wrong. However, you are wrong and the fact of the matter is that our team and this account proves it. If it were not true your account would be better than ours and clearly its not.

    No, thats not correct at all. OUR situation made it so that normal taxes were the best way to go. Albs situation made it so that low taxes at all times were the best way to go. Are you telling me that you think our set ups were identical? Especially since we never played TK before? The point is that our account was just as good as his but we got there through a mixture of taxes because that is what the set up and how we spread called for. Alb needed lower taxes to run his account most effectively. If we did not have normal taxes we would not be where we are right now, we would be behind where we are because of the specifics of our set up and our situation.

    What is so mind bogglingly hard about this? It blows me away that this simple idea of different strats for different situations is so difficult for all of you that you cant simply admit that tax rates.... as any mechanic in the game... are best used depending on what is happening at that moment. Jesus guys its crazy that you cant admit that there are times when normal taxes or even high taxes are the best move. Seriously..... all of you are mind blowing stubborn.

    Thats the decision we made. We wanted to see end game, knew Jallu and Ankur and decided to join them to fight against you. At that point you were winning and they were the underdog so why not join them. Its what we wanted to do so we did it. Its as simple as that. We werent going to be competitive alone. This game is not played in a vacuum. It was our move in this game, we made it, and we dont regret it. Why did Alb ask us to join you guys if you were all so interested in making it a fight rather than winning? Its kind of a silly question to ask in my opinion.

    First of all I never said that my account was infallible. This was our first go on TK. Next time we will do things very differently, especially with the oasis rules changing. Even here on this server if we had to do it again we would do it differently. Also, our taxes were not high the whole time. I would say it was about half and half depending on the needs of the Kingdom and the team (Horde at first and then xTools). Right now the taxes are low and have been for a few weeks.

    My whole point is that there are may times when high taxes are appropriate for the team not just this account. How many kings have I killed that would have attacked the weaker govs in this kingdom? Many many. Both from xTools and from Samurai. How many hammers were launched at me because people knew that I was the strongest here, that were not launched at my Dukes or Govs?.... and lets stop calling them high shall we? They are simply regular taxes. You guys talk like I said raising taxes to 25% was the best thing to do or something.... although I wouldn't rule that out as a proper strategy either depending on the situation.

    The mechanics of the game are there to play with so that you can develop strategies no one has seen before and surprise people. To say that having normal taxes is NEVER better than having low taxes is so beyond logic it blows me away that you people are even thinking to argue with that statement. I swear its like the arguments I used to have with my teenage daughter. It wasnt about the correctness of something it was about not admitting I had a point. Jeepers people, stop it. You're all acting so adolescentish (I made that word up heh).

    So umm just out of interest why exactly did Horde sell out and join xtools, when your high tax account will win the server?

    So just to get this correct. we "sold out" when we joined xtools but had we joined Samurai, as alb asked us to do we would not have sold out? there were many factors leading to us dropping Horde and joing another alliance but the major one was that the 2 leaders that had management status both left the game and did not allow anyone else to have management ability.

    We were left with an alliance we could not steer in any way so we had to join another. We weighed our options and since we knew Jallu and ankur from the start of the server we went with them rather than with you. We were asked to join you guys so calling Horde "sell outs" is pretty stupid on your part I would say.

    As for this whole argument. My whole point from the very start is that saying one way is the only way to go is completely short sighted and inexperienced. I personally couldnt care less who does or does not like me. Actually I have 8 likes and 1 dislike here on the forums and I can certainly tell you that almost all the people in xtools like me as well as all our Govs. We bend over backwards to help our allies. Just because you happen to be our opponent (notice I NEVER use the word enemy) in this chess game doesnt mean we cant get along. However when someone REFUSES to even acknowledge that their original statement is clearly logically flawed when it so clearly is I have 0 respect for the view of that person. s for your experience in the game. I have no clue who you are so I cant intelligently speak to that, all I can say is that most likely the people on this account have more experience winning than you do as a unit.

    It takes 0 more skill to play without gold. It just takes more patience heh. Nothing else. No extra skill involved whatsoever.

    In my view insta delivery is completely over powered. It is the one part of the new rule set that puts gold users above everyone else by a mile. It is self limiting to a very small degree, especially once you get past 5 towns. I can build a town up to the point where it is almost impossible to destroy in 15 minutes because of insta delivery. Even with insta build I could not do that if it were not for insta delivery. If you want to make gold users and non-gold users more on par thats what you have to get rid of.

    I agree 100% gold has to give you a significant advantage otherwise why use it. Those arguing against it dont seem to understand business or something. This game has to make money. But insta delivery is to much IMO.

    Actually its about winning and so far I think all of you guys here are not winning right? Most of you are Samurai. So I think my statement proves exactly what I say. Alb had low taxes all game long we had high taxes. Talk with him, as I have now for a month, and see what he thinks. Both styles are viable and it depends on the situation. That is all I am saying. All of you arguing that low taxes are the best and the only way to go simply show how naive you are and inexperienced. this account speaks for itself and the success of the alliance and end game also speaks for itself.

    You are simply arguing to argue not showing a single point to prove that the style I used is worse in any way. As I said Alb used the other style and his account was no better and no worse than ours. It depends on play style and on situation and if you cant even admit that this is true you are simply being a stubborn fool.

    @ÜksikHunt Nothing you said is in any way an argument that is in the least bit convincing. Almost every gold user I know would leave this game immediately if the insta build was in any way compromised. Honestly the fact that you think this feature is in any way unbalancing shows your complete lack of experience in the game. The rate limiting factor on a x1 server is not time to build, as you assert by asking for removing a button that saves nothing but a bit of time. The limiting factor is resources and will always be resources for non-gold users. The mechanic that is most unbalancing in TK is insta delivery.

    Craux While you are correct that resources for a raider are not a huge issue.... that is only true for the town that is raiding.... hence my above point.

    If you make it so that you cant insta build, all gold players will leave the game. I certainly will. It will make servers completely unplayable and super long. i am not playing a game to sit and twiddle my thumbs. If you want to do that you can play Farmville or Sim City. This would destroy the game.

    And let's be really creative and make female units have a cycle, where they can fight on day 1 and 2 after being trained, have their speed and capacity drop on day 4, 5 and 6, have them be incapable of doing any fighting at all (not even defending) on day 7 and 8 only to let you gain 1 population on the 9th (because of reasons..). Then on day 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 they gain some amount of speed and capacity back each day until their speed and capacity is fully restored, only to have this cycle repeat again.

    Also, each day during a "period" of 6 hours let them rage. What this means is that if you send them to any location, they'll do whatever they want no matter if you send them as reinforcement or raid or whatever. They randomly choose what they do during this "period". If enough of the females (say 1/4th of the total amount of females you have) gets into this rage-mode at the same time, they'll accidentally kill 1-5 troops. If like 1/2 of all the female troops go into this rage-mode one of your buildings will drop a level because they've decided to smash it to bits and in the case of a city 1/6 of those 1/2 raging females will drown in the Water Trench because they got into a fight with other raging females.

    And to top it all off, why not make an incoming attack of females be colored pink in the Rally Point?

    This is the most brilliant post Ive seen on the forums to date. You deserve a medal.

    Not going to comment on all your points. Some I agree with some not so much. However for #5. Ho do you propose they make money? This is a business... or are you going to sink a few mill so that all of us can play? I have never bought this argument. They have done a lot to limit how much gold effects outcome. You can only use a single bucket, 100 ointments, and 1 art per day. That is a really good limit IMO and I agree with it 100%. But you have to have a paying base to keep the game alive. Cant agree with that point at all.