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    i dont see the contradiction.... People dont do it because they are lazy. Would you like the Devs to chew your food for you too? Why dont we completely dumb the game down so every noob can fight effectively. That will make the game lots of fun for people spending gold.

    That second part is simply not true. Me and my duals and all our Govs, and I mean completely alone as a kingdom with absolutely zero help from the rest of Horde took on several kings.... including one in xTools.... thats right we fought xTools before we joined them. Anyone can do that if they are super active and grow fast.

    I dont think those changes are going to spur fighting honestly. I think you make the game what you want. If you want to fight band together with some friends, be super active and fight.

    Or maybe they will... who knows. Whatever, Im willing to try anything once... If they made those changes I am sure I would give the server a go and see how it plays out.

    By the way, our taxes have been low for weeks and not a single person (other than strigfellow who is the person that asked for it and the reason we lowered them) even noticed. Danial I have won plenty of servers. Ive been on plenty of good solid teams and your view seems shortsighted and simply a person trying to be a "good guy" that is going to be liked by everyone. Go ask a real military strategist if your theory is correct or if there are many times where what you suggest leads to dead people.

    Not a single argument made has in any way swayed my view that if you want to fight it is your job to fight. The Devs do not need to add any incentive for fighting in any way in my opinion. There is plenty of incentive to fight, people simply dont do it. Go do it and others will have to fight back.

    @Wonka, show me a single small account capable of leading a team to victory? Thats right, big accounts make sure they are big because it takes several accounts of that size to win. You simply cant win without it. Whats funny to me is that its like you guys have never played on a T4 or T3 before or something.... how did we feed big hammers on those servers? EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the alliance was FORCED to ship resources to hammer towns to feed the big accounts. They have simply made it automatic (tributes) and made it so it doesnt hurt the shipper in any way.

    This argument is silly. there is plenty of reason to fight in TK, people just dont do it. Go do it.

    what is interesting to me is that for some reason all of you think it is the developers job to make it so you have to fight. You want to fight GO FIGHT. I dont get it guys. And you dont have to be a gov in a kingdom. Refuse them and fight them all. Play the game the way you want to and that the mechanics allow. Want to fight go fight... but for gods sake stop acting like its anyone job but your own to play the game the way you want to play it.

    @Wonka's first point. I completely agree. There is only 1 thing in this game really money cant buy.... TIME.... if you're account does not have face time forget it. You will not have a good account. Sitters are completely unreliable... if they are active they have their own account to run and if they dont do a good job on their account what kind of sitter are they really?

    Some times whats best for the team is for the best player to get all the touches on the court. If you cant see that this can sometimes be very true then I dont know what to tell you.

    What you said is factually wrong. I am not complaining about a single thing. I am simply stating that sometimes... in my opinion... low taxes is not the best strategy. Thats it... thats my whole point. I am not saying that anything should be changed really.... I am simply saying that the situation dictates what is best. Im not sure where you get that I am complaining about anything. I promise I am not complaining about a thing.

    It is simply a tactical choice I made... thats correct... and because I did that I decided that for this server and this game play the "team" was better off with me getting the majority of the resources rather than having a bonus for my govs. It was my decision.... I am not saying it was better or worse than your decision to have low taxes... I am not making any kind of statement as to what is better. I am simply saying that it is not correct to make a blanket statement that low taxes are always better.

    This whole conversation came about when I simply said (on page 1 of this thing heh) that I did not agree that low taxes were always the best way to go.

    Sorry Effrontery but you are wrong. I am doing it and Im telling you it is tough and I am a top 5 raiders from pretty much the start of the server. You can say what you want but I am speaking from doing it right now so I am telling you how it is not guessing. You are simply wrong. it is not easy to do even as a top 3 raider.

    One area where we probably differ significantly is that I hold 70k treasures and so I have to protect them. I run major negatives on all towns with full treasuries. You have maybe 1 town you have to do that in and I have... well a lot more. But as a top treasure and hammer holder it is not easy in the least.

    Last edit and frankly last post on this topic. I think it has played itself out.

    Everyone has their style. I think my style has served me pretty well. I'd say its hard to argue with the results this account has achieved. This style served me well. We have switched taxes several times during the server depending on the situation. Right now we are running low taxes but we did not do that for a long time before this. Your play style is different so is alb's. Thats ok because it is all about individual style and decisions.

    I love the idea of choosing specific tax rates per person. I hope that can be made to happen.

    it would make a difference in terms of the efficiency of resource use. You are making less from people that do not use the resources you are providing them. It depends on how many of these you have. As I said, it is all about the situation. It is never just a... lower taxes are always better. It simply doesn't work that way and if you think it does I feel you have fallen into linear thinking that is too rigid.

    In future severs its going to be even more of an issue since you will have much fewer govs most likely since no oasis influence.

    I love the idea of deciding who gets the extra tax and who doesnt.

    I mean i am not sayign that lowering taxes is a bad idea.... my point was that it is situational. You would be amazed at how much you need to raid to run 2 full hammers with GS/GB 24/7, its a lot.

    Hmm but Marius, while like I said I agree with your general viewpoint, what you basically just said is that out of your 51 governors most aren't capable of using the extra resources effectively. Which basically means you have mostly noobs or at least non-fighters (or perhaps just deffers) in your kingdom. That does make me question your leadership abilities somewhat, you have an entire alliance worth of people under you yet they're all inactive/ineffective, causing you to want the have the resources for yourself so that you can use them more effectively? :D Or did you only have a high tax rate (or normal tax rate) earlier in the server?

    It was always normal. Lets be honest. In every single kingdom, including albs... I would venture to say that only 10% are really super active. The rest are part time players that allow their stuff to over flow etc. That has nothing to do with leadership style, it has to do with who plays this game on these servers. 90% of all people playing travian are casual at best. Its just the nature of the beast. So yes I think I can use the resources better than most on the server (friend or foe) so why wouldnt I think that of most of my own govs? Now there are some that are clearly good solid players that I do not think that about but come on lets be honest here guys. Out of the 12k that started this server how many were actually solid players?

    Do the math again. If a governor's wood production, for example, is 1000 per hour then tribute at 20% would be 200 per hour. (At 15%, tribute would indeed be 25% less than tribute at 20%, but a far cry from 25% of production). However, once tax rate is lowered to 15%, the governor would gain a 10% bonus making hourly production 1100 for a net profit to the team of 100 wood per hour (instead of the 50 the king gives up). The king, now getting 15% instead of 20%, gets 150 wood per hour in tribute - or 50 wood per hour less that at 20%. 100 (gained for each king) is twice as much as the 50 less the king gets in tribute. I spelled all this out quite clearly, giving more detailed examples in the forum on multiple occasions. Add to this that the governor, now with 10% more resources than before, will therefore grow faster, developing his or her account faster, making more villages sooner, and in the long term will pay far more in tributes at 15% than at 20% as a result (which will benefit the entire team including the king).

    You make it sound like the king loses more than the team gains, and that is simply not the case. In fact, the team as a whole gains exactly twice as much, even in the short term, as the king gives up by lowering the tax rate. Of course, if your argument is that a king should play for the benefit of his or her own account without regard for the good of the team, then that is an entirely different conversation.

    Once again I simply disagree with your assessment. Yes I understand the math... trust me I have run the numbers. As a king you still lose 25% of your tribute pool, Over everyone that is a ton. While the "team" gains more than you lose that does not mean it is used more effectively. To make some blanket statement like you are making is not a good idea at all. It is situational. We thought it best to keep it high. I do not think you can argue with our results. And yes I do make it sound like the king losses more than the team gains and I feel that in some cases that is exactly right.... when the team isnt using the resources effectively.

    You know so often people get caught up in this.... oh I want to be super nice to people... Sometimes that is the best approach... but sometimes its not and if you cant see that you will never win at this game or in a war. You need to do what is going to help you reach your final goal in strategy games. Less taxes are not always the right way to go and to say that they are seems short sighted and unconsidered as a position to me.

    Also Daniel... whats you in game name? Mine is CreecK.

    I dont know string. When you look at the server as a whole I would argue that we have way more active large govs than most other kingdoms actually. I would say our attrition has been very low and we kept our tax at 20 for pretty much the whole game. So I dont think that argument holds water. I know you always want the tax rate low but not a single other large gov has requested it. Not one. I dont buy that argument at all.

    @Daniel. I completely disagree with your last point. Yes the kingdom earns more resources but the tributes get cut by a full 25% not 5%. you are making 25% less as the king than you would normally. I see a lot of value in keeping the taxes high to allow the most active person to use the resources. I think this account proves very well that this is not only a viable way to play but can get you the top account in the game.

    Get more organized.

    Otherwise you can expect that all the decent farms will end up with zillions of troops in them, making them useless to everyone.

    Not zillions though Wonka, because they would starve. It really is the max that the wheat fields are....

    its an interesting idea. People would want to destroy the crop fields on farms..... but this reduces the wheat you get from your farms. Sounds like an interesting problem to have heh. It might increase the need for gold. you would almost have to NPC all the time. Thats a huge down side IMO.

    But something to think about.

    The HUGE problem with this idea in my mind is that it would make farming a lot harder and only people with huge amounts of time would be able to do it.

    I think it might have the opposite effect of the intended result. Less people might farm.. a lot less. Need to be very careful about that.

    From what I've seen and from when I played, good kings dropped the tax rate ASAP. It's up to you, but you can take it as a sign about your king. <GRIN> And kings should get the fact that the sooner their governors prosper, the sooner the kings get more overall from them.

    While that argument is certainly a strong one I do not completely agree with it. A lot depends on who your govs are and how active they are, where their towns are located and how good they are frankly. In the end the question has to be who can use the resources more effectively and more efficiently. Is it me with my total gold use and a huge portion of time to spend on the game with my team? OR by govs that might not use gold at all and may play TK as a bathroom game.... you know... logging on twice a day. Once in the morning while going and once at night.

    If you have a bunch of active, gold using govs and dukes, yes.... if you dont, I dont think so... you are better of with the resources than your govs.

    Just the way I see it anyways.

    Well they did starve so they restored the troops they said. And also, you can be attacked if you are banned in TK. I checked it, so that's why I brought it up.

    well they still come slow. Its not like they come all at once. But sure that would be good too.

    Also... and I know this is probably impossible but Im going to wish for it anways heh..... if we could sort the tributes by time to arrive.... I mean that would be amazing.

    Also lets keep in mind this is a Beta guys. You cant ask them to not have the auction system working till it is fixed.... the WHOLE purpose of this server is to see what fixes need to be done.