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    Thank you Georgi, even though alb is our opponent at the moment on this server I think we can all agree fair is fair and I am glad his troops and all others are being revived. I am also glad you guys are going to implement the no attacking banned accounts rule. This is critical in my opinion. Now if it is a perma ban or they go inactive because of the ban they should be attack-able again. I have see people get banned on purpose in other version so no one could ever get their artifact or chief their town etc. Just some thing to keep in mind when moving forward on this issue.

    So to be clear it was actually bug abuse and not silverfraud. And a large number of innocent players were banned to catch a few guilty ones.

    How do you grow your own dope?

    Plant an MH and water well.

    BWAHAHAHAHA that is some funny stuff right there, How do you smoke it when its done?

    There's not much evidence that can be destroyed anymore, ban or not.
    And as DH already said, the ban itself is very clearly a punishment. Even a full reinstatement a less than 12 hours later can screw a lot of things up.

    @DH: your method is a little too soft. While I agree the MH should approach the player and say, "Hey! We caught you doing XYZ, explain!" before a ban, the appeal process should happen after the ban. Your way gives way too much time for someone who knows they're caught to do a lot of damage before they finally get shut down.

    My personal feeling is that if you ban someone 2 things should immediately happen.

    1) they cannot be attacked

    2) No troops starve period. If they are found guilty then you can allow their troops to starve while they sit out the ban or punishment. But its BS that albs troops starved if he really did nothing wrong. And this is me saying it, his opponent on this server. i know the code is there since (as we all know) Christmas is no starvation or attack time in T4.4 and so on. So it shouldnt be a problem to allow MHs to do this.

    Im not sure how much of an issue this will be going forward since oasis no longer exert influence and so you will have less towns as a king inside your borders. But god... a collect all tributes button (like the oasis button) would be super helpful.

    lucky..... I'll believe it when I see it. everyone threatens and none of it ever comes to pass. You got tools, use them. Otherwise its all just hot air man. I will wait and see what happens.

    The price of an item is 1/3 of the average price of sale on auction. The formula is no secret. From that it should be pretty obvious how one can abuse the system anyways.

    Lucky, those kinds of threats are useless. I have no idea who in Samurai got banned but most of us here in xTools dont like it one bit. WHat will this server look like without you guys? There will be zero to do. Nada.

    Now if you guys cheated..... I want you banned.... but the vast array of people this has effected makes me think it has to be some kind of crazy bug. It has to be.

    @Broken. Well Georgi said it wont so I have to assume it will not. But I am still going to wait to see what happens with all this. I mean in a single day I personally know 4 people that JUST got the ban? that's a ton of bans all in one go. I dont know... seems strange to me.


    Thank you for the response and link in the other thread. I just want complete and utter assurance that simply bidding in the auctions is not going to cause a ban.

    Again I dont want to go and describe here how to cheat so I am not going to. But the people I know that have been banned... there is no way they are cheating. No way. These are people with like 4-5 towns.... no way they are cheating. And so many? No, I dont buy it. I want reassurance that it is not a bug before I spend any more money. Plenty of other places I can spend my money :). I am sure my wife would agree ROFL.

    I just want to know for a FACT that if I bid on an item I will not get banned,

    I will not go into detail here on how it is possible to silver fraud, but you can do it if you have 2 people working together. HOWEVER, people unaware of the fraud can get caught up in it by accident. I'm not bidding on anything till I get a guarantee from the Devs I will not get banned randomly. I am not cheating and if I get banned I am going to be super upset.

    Guys, clearly something is wrong here. I have now heard of 4 people being banned for the same reason. Saying they are abusing the auction house. Some of these people have not been on auctions for months. Something is clearly wrong with your auto ban script or whatever you use in game. There is no way all of these people abused any kind of auction house bug. No way.

    Please get us an update ASAP.

    I for one will not be bidding on anything until I hear absolute feedback that this problem has been solved. This is a game breaking bug.

    Yes of course, alb, us (CreecK), ankur..... we are all Noobs. It takes much more skill to juggle treasures, influence, armies, raiding, and people than being a simple Gov. As in any game veterans and noobs can be found anywhere. What is your IGN Mimarifap?

    EDIT: I AM POST 69... WOOT

    Yeah I dont know about the gold cost being reasonable. I also think its a bit excessive. It used to be 100 gold. That is 10 weeks if you pay 10 gold a week. Now it is way more. I have to say I dont like it one bit. Go back to a bulk payment of 100 gold for the server.

    I know its a small thing but in T4.4 when you sent cata at a building that was not there it would hit a random target but it would tell you intended target. Super helpful. Please add this feature to the reports.

    Your statement when read in English means that none of the the top 100 players can do it. Nobody out of the top 100 players means any player in the top 100. So yes it means what I think it means ;). the way to not confuse people would be to say.. any player not in the top 100 cant do it.


    Heh really... you dont think alb or us (CreecK) are running GS and GB 24/7? Seriously? You underestimate the power of tributes. Its not even hard to do it in 2 towns with how many tributes we get and how much we raid if we want.

    You have to have GW and GG for WW. You simply cant build it without them. And you can have them in WW even here is what I was told. Once your WH and Granary hit 20 you can build the Greater version.