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    So first I just want to clarify. You will still be able to build a GS/GB in a regular town correct? It doesnt have to be a city right?

    Second. I have to say I have reservations about this change. It used to be that you had to choose. Will your hammer be safe from chiefing or will it be basically double in size. Now you can have your hammer stationed in your 15cp cap. It takes away some of the strategy of the game. It feels to me like you guys are trying to increase incentive for cities but perhaps a better way to do that would be to reduce training time by like 3% in a city. Or allow a building to be built in a city that does this. Or perhaps allowing you to build a single GW/GG in a city. Another idea would be an extra slot or two for buildings in a city. However the idea that you can now build GB and GS in a city I think is going to far.

    So there is a limitation. A max of 7. In any server, speed or non-speed a solid player is going to have at least 30 villas. So I can only have 7 treasuries? That means that any king, even an average king, can have as many treasuries as the top account in the game? Especially now that oasis will have no influence how are you supposed to spread? So basically 14 active treasuries (with dukes) and thats it?

    I think thats extremely limiting.

    We have several thoughts on mechanics currently in game that we feel need tweaking. Where is the best place for us to put them all so the devs see them?

    Ok so is there a max number of treasuries allowed per account? The formula as per how many treasuries can be active is #towns/2 + 1. So if I have 14 towns that should be 8 possible active treasuries. Is there a reason this would not be the case?

    Thats great but I would also like the larger issue of this being to much of a nerf in general discussed here. Especially as I would like to continue playing TK in the future (especially speed servers... for gods sake make some speed servers please) and this is going to be a major factor in game play for the future.

    I woke up this morning and noticed that there was a 4k treasures per treasury limit in the Com2 server. You said that this would only effect Com3 first of all. Second of all its just way to much of a nerf. I could understand 8k lets say or even 7k for a 20 treasury but 4k is wat to few. I am a king that doesnt even have the most treasures on the server and I already need 7 lvl 20 treasuries to even hold all my treasures. That's insane. Also it makes cities almost useless because any king that has a lot of treasures will not be able to build cities since he needs as many treasuries as possible. That is to much of a nerf guys, it's totally absurd. It also nerfs the bonus for production way down. So that means it hurts less active players too.

    Also, dont forget that there will only be 3 kings per alliance allowed. to much of a nerf guys.

    Either the capacity needs to be bumped back to 8k or so, or the price of the treasury should be decreased dramatically and it should be allowed to be insta-built with gold.

    Exactly.... and if send a msg to someone then I can see the convo we had before but as soon as I log out they are gone and only msgs that are 7 days or older are seen. Then when you type the text box now covers the last msg I received. The thing is crazy bad. Just log in and check it you will see.

    Hey there everyone, I currently have 11 governors in the open beta, and when I go to the tribute list, I only see 9players I can collect tributes from. All 11 governors are in my kingdom area. Is there some sort of building the governor must have, so I could tax him? Whats the case? or its just a glitch. Any help or opinion is greatly appreaciated.