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    Game over ... Finally. I was doing all what could for victory and it was hard some. Want say sorry if i made you sad or if i just made things that you don't like, sorry, i'm so sorry, everybody. Also want say thanks to everyone, this one was spessial a lot for me; and great thanks to my dual Denis (Gees), he is really nice man and made great inpact.

    Good luck in the future and thanks one more time

    Thanks for all the report SneJok. Im not happy about the size of my little hammer, but im a little surprised that it was bigger than most of the "hammers" that hit you.

    Im going to be married, so I did need to burn it down.

    Thanks to all for a good server, hope to see you all another time.

    You're welcome! And thank to you )) I have this reports just becouse of you. And your armie wasn't small, i think that it was normal middle one.

    Wish you happy new life!

    The thing is we were fighting each other (NewOrder x Stars/Fruits) since day 1 and both teams were exhausted and needed somebody else to cooperate with in any further fighting. Don't forget this fact :) It's just the server was evolving quickly and objectives had to be reconsidered during the game :) But I guess if I were in your situation, I'd be using similar words to you. Hats off for the way you play at this server, making it a memorable one.

    Whole server from 1st day all fight hard and it normaly that for win big kingdom need new forces, but i thought that for NewOrder it was Codex, and FRUITS ... how many kingdoms union it is ?))

    So we make some united too and i think none kingdom from this server have rights to talk that our unite it's something bad or because of it all other kingdoms should fight us. Reborn aly with Nemesis; FRUITS is union of many kingdoms; NewOrder unite with Codex; Refugees ... oh mine how much of their allies we eliminated, so maybe just UNKNOWN could say something to us about united. BUT their politics and positions on map, no they haven't too... I really thought that after NewOrder unite with Codex and after UNKNOWN firstly use NewOrder vs FRUITS, after FRUITS vs NewOrder; NewOrder and FRUITS get all power and destroy UNKNOWN (and it will bring a lot of fun and happy to turks 100%). But no, now you fight all vs us. If i choose a side i will stay to the end, if i choose allies i will be with them to the end, if you attack me - you are my enemy, until you say “sorry” and pay the bills.

    You all ... after kill our WWs will fight each other, nice allies, good job )) How i understand FRUITS, NewOrder, UNKNOWN and Reborn still want win, but now you all something like union vs plague ... Interesting how this server will end.

    Well at least something happened.....alot of servers i have played through.....a kingdom will rise to power, dominate the server, and no one does anything, and they cruise to least this server has had alot of action.....AND theres still more to come im sure....there are quite alot of hammers out there im sure.

    You're quite right man!


    I didnt notice we stopped attacking Fruits. Maybe not big ops now, but smaller attacks and raiding/razing villages.. it is still happening :)

    I saw it, but it still looking like nothing. And i saw how you both often help to UNKNOWN and your fight with each other looking like funny jokes.

    I don't know the other kingdoms hammers, but our armies were small armies that couldn't do damage to WW, and the armies of friends who crashed many times. For example, if I didn't lose my hammer 3 times I could have 300k clubs. For a ukingdom that has fought against many kingdom since day one, I think normal numbers

    We have already given you 3 times the damage we can do with 50 people alone.Sometimes there should be such coalitions that you are not one kingom ? I think the OCG and the other kingdoms you've added are forgotten :(

    Yeah, i remember how you 50 peoples deal damage to us, but you forget that we have permanent wars and 2 time you dealt damage aren't just your merit. And one time you lost 5k catas to down 500 populations on treasure village and destroy 1 village with middle of.

    Kingdoms which were added? But you lost some, we destroyed a lot of other kingdoms too, much more than you. You sit in free field and talk that you are cool boys, dealt damage to us. You think that damage dealt by you it's something incredible? If we fought 1 vs 1, Чума vs UNKNOWN, yeah it would be incredible, but we fight each day with many others kingdoms and from us side you are part of great zerg vs us.

    From start we had a war Чума vs Refugees (it was some like 90 vs 90) and ОПГ vs Nemesis (30 vs 80).

    Now, if nobody helped them, they would have lost almost all. Maybe not eliminated, but in extremely bad conditions.

    But after they started fall, Nemesis decide fight with Reborn on one side; also three kingdoms (UNKNOWN, FRUITS and NewOrder) decide stop fight each other and go to us.

    About wich unite you want talk more? 30 mans from ОПГ? I'm sorry, but it's some funny to read.

    What did you expect as a kingdom in position 1?

    Whatever I had fun,thank you to everyone.

    That we are first doesn't mean that all other kingdoms should stop war with each other and fight us, it's looking like discrimination a bit, also what you will do after you win us? Sit on throne together ?))) Already decided who will first, who second, who third?

    And thank you, your operations always so cute and give some interest sound to this round.

    This operation were some strange ... Moravia, UNKNOWN, NewOrder, Reborn, Nemesis, FRUITS, Refugees. Are you seriously? After you win us, you'll sit on throne together ? ))) Maby deside, who will first, who second, who third?

    Some reports?

    Top 10 ranks seems like you were more then successful.

    You haven't reports? We were attacked by 7 kingdoms ... thought that whole server have an reports.

    But if you want i'll share info about all armies.