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    start as governor. fast settle on cropper. build treasury. create kingdom and activate. it should be done instantly without 12 hours waiting. if i remember correctly

    if you start as king you have to deactivate treasury in first village ( after 200 pop) or demolish treasury via main building only after that activate in cropper. means 12-24 hours extra. depends which route you choose.

    also as king you are locked down so you can´t use menhir. no resources back from fields which you need to get cropper that fast and you can´t get closer to your target so there is a chance many people will be way faster than you. there are some changes to menhir system so i can´t recall how much those things changed that strategy at this point.

    if you send hero with cages + troops - battle won´t happen. you will catch animals and don´t get any resources

    in order to get those resources you need raid or attack with troops.

    note that if you kill or catch animals with hero only and then send second attack with troops for resources you will not get any resources either.