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    Ah. it´s over. i miss the game already.

    thank you all for playing this round. so far best server i ever was pretty tight with end game VP. Also i would like to congratulate to all teams.

    Starting with

    No. 1 Team GGG

    good job beating shrugs( you get your revenge for last time :) and BM even though you had numbers on your side also huge help from other kingdoms.

    politics have been always part of travian and no way i can say that you didn´t deserve to win.

    impressive hammers- very well used :)

    No. 2 Shrugs

    great performance as i expected and great hammers. i believe some of them weren´t just one man job but still awesome job scorox. sadly those hammers was completely misused. i feel for you jallu. 5 months of hard work to getting down academy at the end.. :D. also i love your discord. keep it up guys.

    No. 3 BM

    i must say i was little bit sad because from my point of view you deserved win the most even though you have plenty of them already.. :P i am really glad that i had a chance to play on same server as you guys did. last time i give up because i was too scared of you but not this time !. great leadership and people inside of BM team not only trashtalkers on forum and discord as many people thinks. please do not be so harsh on others or you may end up in same situation when whole server sieging your WW once again. :D outstanding job!

    No. 4 Phoenix

    stable performance. some people were really annoying . WW on 100! ending with 80 K treasures less than teams above. i would recommend little bit more aggressive style next time :)

    No. 5 3rror

    bit outshined by other teams. chose 0/0 coordinations again. not good spot in such competitive server . cheering you to finally win next time :)

    No. 6 GOAT - my homeland this time.

    squeezed between BM and shrugs. we hold somewhat. definitely huge space for improvement. TM please be more active and reasonable next time :D . wish you luck.

    No. 7 Orange

    i believe it was some random kingdom. i am so sorry guys for 0ing your WW. nothing personal. i just wanted most Off points and do most damage. i hope you are not mad at me

    No. 8 Zion

    not much left from expected huge russian meta at beginning. no idea what was going on around that area.still i wish luck to all who survived there.

    Special thanks for great people i met there

    Namfuak, Baliol, Eliath.

    you kept me in game and it was honor to play and talk with you all. we will show up together at some point so be all aware!

    another special thanks for

    Trio Pob, Mayo, Nemesid (don´t dare to quit man.. :D)

    you answered any question i had in last 5 months and shared many tips and ideas with me even though you have no reason to do so. many thanks. i learned a lot and i will continue to do so and improve my game once again so i can reach top players at some day :)


    i came to this server with very specific personal goal and it was to try build my First WW hammer in Travian.

    as i promised here is the result + our 4 man OP against Orange WW.


    I hope there will be rematch! if yes expect me there in best form!. love you and see you.

    some irrelevant guy

    Rumours say that somebody will abandon his cropper and move to West in some day. just because he don´t want miss anything and test his ability to survive in wilderness. i think he is totally insane. what do you think ? :D

    i feel like even early stage is boring now. later on there are just crowded areas with many villages and big gaps of emptiness in between. before menhir there was at least some room for politics , map was more diverse and people just musted deal with cards they had. now you can choose spot anywhere on map where you can move or even whole kingdom if you don´t like current spot. However seems many people like it.people just like new features and stuff (me too). it is not really really bad . it could just use some rework in my opinion.