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    Are you talking about buying price or selling price? Buying price depends on supply and demand. I can bid 100 silver per scroll if I feel like it. NPC selling price is calculated based on buying price. If average buying price increases, NPC selling price increases. If you have complaints about the invisible hand of supply and demand, i guess you can take it straight to an almighty God instead of the forums.

    And additionally remove all offensive troops. Who needs them anyway since defense becomes even more overpowered.
    To topic - I like the idea by Wonka to increase NPC fighting. I hope you never complained about the increase of NPC fighting before. :)

    Oh defense is overpowered now? Is that why most of the top players in every server ever are offensive players? At the current state of the game, if you play an anvil governor, you get nothing from robber hideouts. How's that for fair and balanced? By the way nice sarcastic contribution to the discussion. Completely useful.

    The only thing I agree about this is the fact that defensive players have to produce offensive troops too in order to fight robbers. If you kill stuff in defense, you get defense points too. Also, you can dock your defensive units in oases to have resource production. Almost as good as raiding if you ask me.

    I obviously agree with this :D

    I agree with "- If you are a defensive governor, you can trigger robber hideouts to attack you instead." but maybe it needs a bit of balancing here, otherwise offensive players can take massive advantage of this

    Robber hideouts only spawn within 4 squares of governor villages. - this already happens - are you thinking of camps? My hideouts only ever spawn max 2 squares away FROM CAPITAL.

    The rest I think is a bit off...I am in one of the biggest kingdoms, and my King is not that MASSIVELY ahead of me by anything that cannot be explained by hyperactivity = epic dualing/tripling whatever, farming and gold usage. Kings have an advantage without it being stupid right now, and it is being nerfed with the last update...I think we need to wait and see before super nerfing them.

    I'm starting to think I underestimate the yield from robber hideouts. I have been king for too long. Maybe robber hideouts can give better res than tributes. However, the duke system still boost a king's total tributes by up to 700%. That's still something to consider when balancing this.

    Oasis influence will get removed, just not on currently running servers. :)

    I'm not sure yet how it will impact the growth of kingdoms. As it is now, it seems like it will be a static ordeal. Sure, you start with 2-3 governors, and through a duke you get another 2-3, but that's the same for everybody and from the 6 governors you have at the start, you cant actually do much except sim and wait for the next duke to become available. If you're premade and experienced you'll outgrow the rest. Which means more tributes and treasures, which means you'll have the 2nd duke slot available sooner, which gives you more resources faster, etc. This is still not nearly as bad as it was when oasis were the only factor in existence though. So it's a good change overall (although not for the running servers).

    "that's the same for everybody" Not true. Kings > Governors. It's not the same for everybody.

    He simply read the changelog. In new versions there will be only 3 kings per alliance and no oasis influence at all. I'm sure there will be 40% kings at the start again, but they will most probably 25% delete and 25% become governors. There was 38% kings tops at this server if i recall right, now it's down to 19%, and the competition will be even harder on new servers.

    You know albs account is worked on really hard and they're spending a fortune on gold, they're splatting servers biggest hammers without a problem in their treasuryvillages. Can you do the same from scratch? I can't. Oh, and as a governor it's much easier to build up WW-hammers and stay low, kings tend to get targeted for treasures.

    All that is true but that doesn't change the fact that Kings are much better than governors. I'd rather fight for a chance to be at top rather than choosing to be a governor and know for sure, undoubtedly, unequivocally, 100% sure, that I won't be in the top.

    By the way you said a governor can build a WW-Hammer. Think about it this way. Alb's production from tributes alone is worth at least 30 developed villages. Added with his current number of villages, that's roughly 37 developed villages. Let's just assume there is a governor somewhere in the server who also has 7 fully developed villages. Alb can just spend 18.9% of his total res and have the same size hammer as this governor. Why would a governor build a hammer when alb can do the same thing for less than 1/5 of his resources. I'd say the governor should just delete his account.

    I think we will have to wait and see how it works on a new server:

    1. yes Kings just became much more OP how you desribe them
    2. BUT, Kings cannot grow so fast anymore as they cannot spread influence as fast because no more oasis influence - so how do they grow?
    3 = Dukes, but, they can only invite few dukes at the start, based on number of treasures. 2nd duke takes 1000 treasures, which will take longer, because less governors because kingdom cannot grow because no oasis influence

    Therefore, I think this ACTUALLY means that if you choose to be a King, and are not a good king, then you will get OWNED by good kings and even average governors, as governors have startup growth advantage of robbers. So, if you do choose to be a king, but are not an organised king, beware...

    Where did u get information for #2? Right now oases still spread influence just like before.

    Also, king > duke no contest. I dont think i need to explain this.

    Define "own" (in caps). You're being too vague. Am i going to be attacked and raided by other kings? That is expected, and will be handled fair and square. Am i going to be attacked by governors from other kingdoms? How can they when their troops are on 10 hr trips to fight robbers twice a day. Also these robbers are sure to put a few scratches on your army too. You failed to convince me to pick governor.

    Here's some more math. Let's assume early game means that you have 1 village all lvl 8 fields, giving you roughly 500 res per hour. 15% (bottom end) of this is 75res/hr. A king will get 1800 each res per governor per day. And with 1 duke, a good king can easily net 4 governors early game. That's 7200 each res per day. What kind of robber hideout give you 7200 each res every day? Of course there is always the possibility of everyone picking to be king and the governor density is down. But i remember during early game, each kingdom has around 2 - 3 governors. Now with the duke system at 0 treasure, you can double that number.

    Also right now to take advantage of robbers, you have to play offensive. No two way about it.

    - They get to collect taxes
    - They get to fight robbers.
    However, with the duke system, a king can collect from 200 different villages, while a governor has to travel 10 hours to fight costly fights against robbers (kingdoms are much larger now, thanks to the duke system). Developers, PLEASE fix this imbalance. I have a few suggestions below, but I don't care how you fix it. Just please fix it.

    Suggestions to fix this problem:

    Buff governors:
    - Robber hideouts only spawn within 4 squares of governor villages.
    - If you are a defensive governor, you can trigger robber hideouts to attack you instead. Robber hideouts will attack you with all their forces in one wave except 1 unit, so you can clear and rob them later.
    Buff dukes (nerf kings):
    - Dukes now collect tributes instead of kings. Kings however collect tributes from dukes. Basically dukes get to fight robbers and get to collect tributes.
    Change king system:
    - Instead of collecting a % based on total production, collect based on how many troops a king has stationed at an allied village. The more troops a king has stationed at an allied village, the more percentage a king gets from that village. So a king can have 200 villages under his belt, but he still has to reinforce all 200 villages with significant numbers of troops in order to get the tributes.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Let's compare Kings and Governors:
    - Receive tributes from all governors (right now in beta, top kingdom has 200+ governor villages)
    - They get to fight robbers
    With the introduction of dukes, there are even less kings, and kingdoms are much larger. Let's take the top king from beta for example. He collects from 200+ villages. Let's say he collects only 15%. That's an equivalent of production from 30 villages. On the other hand, what do governors get? They get a larger kingdom that spawn robber hideouts 10 hours away. And every robber hideout is a blood bath that yields negligible resources.

    When next server starts, what do you guys think I'll click when asked to select between Kings and Governors?

    So counterproductive. Why not give a boost to alliance merchants and alliance reinforcements instead of penalizing other options? For example, make merchants to allied players move 25% faster and troop movements to allies 25% faster. No one likes punishing others for no reason.