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    This is a platform open to everyone, free to think whatever they want. I respect.

    We are business people. It's just a way to distract yourself. I'm really surprised you're exaggerating that. What is your problem? Laugh away.

    I am doing that. I will not write again. I have a job on the computer, now I'm surprised that I even spent so much time with you.

    Good luck to you in life.

    I am not defending anyone. I defend my kingdom.

    I'm sorry if you throw the box away because there are rotten apples in the apple box, but you can't be a tradesman.

    We got treasure from very simple GF & Reckless kingdoms. Also, an average of 75 stolen items per person per day comes from the shelters. You calculate. How do we reproduce this? You are connecting this to multi.

    Whatsapp had 154 members on day 1 or 2, the player amount of wings was 375-400 in first week.

    You had 79 bans in the kingdom, of which alot got multiple.

    Then you guys started to get alot of naps/allies. List should be somewhere in BBash1 tribune and is correct.

    It is not 'knowing numbers better' its called observation. Just as we observe whats happening in regarding of friendly farming, telling ppl to farm multies before they do, add weird mails as sitter/dual but cant write that ingame as moderators watch... etc etc

    So you were the spy on wp.Because you have no other way of knowing the number of people in wp.

    Also, if you noticed, there were only Turks. Where are countrys .

    The subjects are open in many languages. After all, we have an account in the kingdom. :) Write it here, if possible, add the number of people from other countries.


    You have no idea who i am, yet you talk as if you have any clue.

    Maybe i do play? Maybe not?

    Weird assumptions only to boost the ego and to brag ingame game i assume.

    -- If you are not in the game, how can you have this list?

    -- If you're in the game, what did you do besides make this list?
    You really don't know what you're writing.

    I'm just guiding you, don't get me wrong, I'm not judging you. But you can be a better player.

    Maybe you would have been more successful if you had given the game enough time to keep a list like this.

    Yes, i'm sure alot of the players on the 79 player ban list were also real players.

    Hope Son Champignon or was it Star (TheKuns) made good use of all accounts he went on 1 by 1 to sell stolen goods people hoarded and i surely hope Pomak will farm the multi accounts before Yankee does.

    Just don't do that. Look at their rank in attack, talk to these people later.