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    Must admit GBB played pretty well, could've done better if they didn't ignore our offer 40 days prior to the wonders coming online. But i think in the end hopping to trinity on a nice small pebble with a desire to become something more. did spice up the server at elast a little bit into a threeway endgame which is by far mroe entertaining than a two way setup. But as far as i can tell that's the only real mistake they made. And a deserved victory goes out to drunken beer drinking bears.

    ~quin's dual

    Gaul's have one of their strenghts in speed... and adaptability.

    Roman in Production and Raw power

    Teuton in troops strenght and numbers.

    Forcing all 15c to be natars gives an unfair advantage to teutons... Gladiator helmet is still a trade against troop numbers

    Veni Vidi Vomitorium:

    Feed 1k exactly 10k visiting horses at a discount for a full day.
    Romans had lavish parties where guest would be able to engorge themselves on lots of food and by the time their tummies were full they would be able to go to a special outhouse where they could throw up their food to continue eating.

    A liver for a life:
    It's gonna be a big hangover but at least you'll live
    Survive a fight with your hero due to him being drunk. (the 1-20% boost should make the losses less than 50%, but if he's not drunk he would die)

    An honest politician:

    Chief a village bigger than the origin of the Chief while intoxicated.

    Just awarding them End game Medals might also opt for abuse. When ranking on a great spot in a server is imminent you might "sell" a dual spot just for the medal. Quality of life experiences are a great way to supplement them for sure. Perhaps there's also another possibility to at least have a few of the entire alliance confirm the dual their worth when awarding the endgame medals. They do deserve recognition but if you don't do it correctly it's like a participation medal which not only ruins the worth of it for the one getting it but also downplays the value of those who earn their medals. But perhaps there might also be some dual only achievements to actually support more use of the feature. Most people learn a lot from more experienced duals or dualing with a more experienced player anyway.

    A duke is a entity that serves under a king but has enough claim to a throne to somewhat contest it with a major duchy under his own rule, somewhat similar to a Vice-president who should always contest a CEO unless somehow their interests allign which is rarely the case.
    A grandduke/grandduchess is usually reserved for a sibling of a king.
    A Regent takes temporarily control until the Crownprince(ss) comes of age to rule in their own name.
    Hand of the king would be funny but i would favor to go all out on Game of throne fandom or stay away from it entirely it's not something that i would recommend doing only with 1 foot.
    In terms of warfare the best title would actually be Marquis since they tend to hold lands that are contested by other countries, also known as marshes. In ranking they are below a duke, however on war councils they tended to outrank everyone but a grandduke of their own liege. Or someone appointed specially for that role as a general or field-marshal.
    So if there's only 1 viceking in your current system, a chancelor would make more sense. However if there can be several of said titles in a single kingdom a Duke would make the most sense