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    Marie Müller, Fantomas, Dr. Zero, Gorgo, Gabi and Terry. These were the classic characters of this plot created in 1952, as a comic book and turned into a feature film, in 1965 and later, in a cartoon, in the late 60s, by Takeo Nagamatsu. The story begins with the giant hand, Doctor Zero's new destruction machine, attacking the ship where Marie and her father were. The giant hand sinks the ship and Marie is the only survivor. Doctor Still was in the area testing the Super Car, his new invention and rescues Marie from certain death in the South Pole sea. The Super Car needs drinking water for its engines and so, our friends decide to land the ship on an island they find, when they discover that it is the legendary Atlantis, now back on the surface due to a volcanic explosion. The group goes to Earth to look for water when they are attacked by the giant hand. In the middle of the rush to escape, they find the tomb of Emperor Ogon Bat. After deciphering the hieroglyphs in the emperor's tomb, Mary pours water over his skeletonized body, resurrecting him as the living skeleton Fantomas. There was a long, high-pitched laugh, and the skeleton came to life. Fantomas has a mighty staff that emanates powerful lightning and is made of silver. There is also the golden bat that precedes the arrival of Fantomas and is the link between the girl Marie and her defender. Fantomas has a body of pure gold and is indestructible.

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