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    My account in arabiax3 got banned for multi accounting, now the funny thing,I didn't multiaccount, I stopped playing for few days, and I had a sitter, then a friend tells me I got ban O_o I check back I found my self banned I make a ticket...3 days none responded to the ticket, I contacted Travian Legends support who redirected my ticket here and told me they will resolve it as fast as possible..My Ticket GOT DELETED and in my email I find a reply that they say they reconfirmed it is a multi account impressive...The Question is how to deal with such support?is there another support I can contact?

    كملك أفضل الاغريق بسهولة لصفته القوية كما يمكنني من النهب بفضل فرسان الاغريق..إخترت بالسريفور العربي السريع الرومان ومع اني لست خبير بالرومان ولاكن اضنهم جيدون بالدفاع والهجوم والسبب الوحيد لإختيارهم ان السيرفور سريع فلن اكون بحاجة ماسة لسرعة فرسان الاغريق كما ان صفة البناء مع الحقول في نفس الوقت جيدة جدا للتطورالسريع أما الجرمان فأستخدهم لما اكون والي اخذ قمحية 15سريعة واهاجم كل الممالك هههههههههه

    ولاكن لو خسرت جيشك الجرماني احذف العضوية.....

    as I understood we all the server have to take down 1k troops in total battles and each player can share only 3 battles. My question is if someone attacked and killed only 1 troop will he/She be included in the raffle of book wisdom and bucket?

    is it a daily thing I mean by that if I relocate they spawn immediatly but what if I relocate after 24h will they spawn again or no
    also what if after I relocate and they spawn I lean them and wait they spawn again normally then I re re locate will they spawn immediatly or it is the same situation

    I had a thread where I had a question about 2 players playing in 1 computer it was removed for an unknown reason it's url was…ing-on-the-same-computer/
    access denied as you can see
    I would like to know who is responsible of removing it sicne it was from the adminestration and I didn't really get my answer about the question I posted before it get removed for some unknown reason I would like to contact this person so at least he gives me the answer I need. :cursing:X(