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    Hi Travian lovers

    i have in multiple games, created a town somewhere far away from my other towns, in order to join a kingdom or just to move away from a bad area.

    But then only to find that i could not join the kingdom, and just got trolled and the new city now getting farmed.

    or the "new area" i moved to was just as bad, and the new town again now is getting farmed.

    I would love the ability to "Move out" from a city.

    a function where it could clear op a space in my culture point slots

    so i could try again. the left city could be in the same state as disbanded city, for a few days, and then deleted. Or could just get deleted after the "moving out".

    Right now my only option is to leave the server, Delete all the progress for that game, and maybe come back in a few weeks / months on a new server

    i would program the function like this.

    user have to button in town hall, to "Gather all population and move out"

    this could start a count down for 6-12hours where the user cant do anything in the town.

    the function could give user one of the two options:
    * Get 3 new settlers and directly find a new city to move to. ( after the 3 setters leave the original city its gone or disbanded for x time )

    * Just delete the city, this would clear the culture point slots, so users can create 3 new settlers and try again.

    I really love the game, and have been playing for over 10 years.

    i have always felt sad every time a have to just leave a server, to give op hope and wait x weeks to come back and try again.

    I think its great that there is focus on the Mobile APP.

    but IMHO the map is the least of the problems on mobile.

    the general layout of the interface is close to unusable.

    I have a few years working in Mobile programming, and i know a good interface is the key for solid app.

    there are even multiple functions in the WEB version that you are unable to do in the Mobile.

    * Dailies Card lottery.

    * Send Merchants to other cites from Marketplace. "drop down with list is missing"

    i could go on for a while..

    but the thing that i think is most important to change is the view for everything.

    the "page" with arrows to the next menu, is so counter-intuitive, i find my self giving up using the mobile app for anything else then building que.

    and wait til i get home to the PC.

    i hope the beta version of mobile app is going to address the issues of they interface.

    and fell free to contact me if you want any good ideas for improvements.