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    I played travian legends for 5-6 years and afther that 1 year kingdoms. I really love this game but I think that this game is to simply and need some more funtions and tribes. When I heard that are coming 2 new tribes in travian( egiptians and huns) I come back to play but I want more to see that in kingdoms :P

    Guys I have one question. How many troops deffend natars villages and when I conquer one, what I have built in that village?

    that is all truth, but like many guys said, when king see that his "teuton" are spaming clubs and gives them to kill, he will kick him but one alliance cant found one teuton to spam units every war, that can happend one time in 10 times. And about VP, if the war was big ( big loses, many destroyed buldings ...) you gain more VP, if war was small(just 2-3k units killed) you gain few VP

    Hi guys. I am new in this game. I played 4-5 servers and I didnt was so bad. I have some ideas that can make this game better.

    When two alliance are in bad relationship, they declare war, and they attack each others, war last after 4-5 days and, what happend? Nothing...
    I think that we must improve war system.
    My idea is to reward the winner of war. e.g. the loser in war become vasal of the alliance winner. Vasal alliance give percent of produced treasures and resourses to alliance kingdom. They cant attack dominate alliance. After 7 days vasal alliance can declarate war to dominate alliance and if win they are not vasal any more but the dominated alliance dont become vasal. When one alliance become vasal after 3 weeks,automaticlythey wont be vasals of that alliance and cant become vasal of any alliance 2 weeks.

    Now, how to see who is winner of the war.
    For each enemy unit killed you gain points. If unit eat 1 crop you gain one point, If unti eat 3 crop you gain 3 points...
    For each destoyed level of buildings and resourses fields, you gain 10 points.
    For each conquer village you gain 1000 points.
    For each destroyed village you gain 2000 points.
    Each player have his points, the summation of all players of alliance are the points of alliance.The alliance that have more points are winner. From that points alliance can gain victory points,too. To top 5 players in war ,of the alliance who win, system give reward in resourses or perscent of troops lost in war.

    I said many numbers in this text, That was all for e.g. Travian system will balance that.

    This will be great thing in travian, and this can make travian better game.
    Bye by Hun

    Can some experienced player say to me detailed way to play with romans for first 7-14 days on x3 server