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    How this would affect the game:

    It would make total mess in the game, because of it ,probably it could be better that TK make a special event, War of Kingdoms, where is no WW . They would announce how long such a thing would last, and at the end, kingdom with the most VP win. So you cant play sim sim sim on this server, you will need to fight. Maybe to give some bonus to troops like double training speed or something( so after 2 wars kingdoms remain without troops even with recovery).

    My hole idea, is to make mid game more fun, more competitive. If you win you are in good position, you got VP got some troops back got resources to repair some damage or build more troops. If you lose still, you will get little behind, you will get some VP too, and be aware that next time you need to prepare better. Perhaps war will destroy the kingdom that lost, but this is a game, better win weaker die.

    It would be risky, cus you are more vulnerable from attacking from some other kingdom(classic attack), but rewards are not so small. So you can kill your competition and get rewarded, beside that they are killed. Still after this, there will be many kingdoms afraid to go to war, and would try to avoid( if you are number 1 kingdom you would not probably wont to go to war cus you have strong position, but keep in mind that kingdoms behind you want to get your place) so maybe there would be a peace penalty if kingdom wasnt in a war few week, so it start to lose VP( still can make agreement between kingdoms to announce the war and dont attack each others just for that ) but we can add minimal WP that need to be eared in the war so this penalty goes.


    There are many things that can be abuse, but the system itself attracted you, am I right?

    I would like to discuss here with you, what you think is bad, what you thing is good, why you think that this could or couldn't work in our great game. Maybe this is too complex, maybe someone have better ide to shake up mid game , please feel free to give your opinion and maybe one day we will see something like this live.

    Ty for reading this far,

    Bye from Serbia Hun_26

    As an introduction to this, I want to say that Travian is a war game, everything we build, fields, buildings, new villages, it all comes down to providing as many resources as possible to produce an army that will defend the wonder of the world or eventually destroy the enemy. The battle around the wonder of the world and the very essence of the game are phenomenal to say the least, but in my opinion it lacks more of that struggle for supremacy before, the real kingdom can isolate itself from others, protect well, develop many villages, take the wonder of the world and defeat the server.

    How many times have you read from a player that the server was boring?

    How many times have you played server and not been attacked a total of 10 times?

    When I’ve played solo it’s a little more common that someone will attack you, but you will join some strong kingdom again and you’re generally not a good target for attack unless you’re really close, and they can steal resources from you. We think more about how to protect the king and the duke from stealing our treasure.

    I will explain three main things:


    -how this would work(open for some better ideas)

    -how would it affect the game

    So lets go deeper in my idea and see how I think that we ca shake things a little.

    Lets call the feature War of Kingdoms.


    Only a king can declare war. King can choose the kingdom he wants to attack. When he decide to declare a war "diplomats are on their way" and need 2 days(48h) to be officially declared. So enemy kingdom is informed in the moment but there will be 2 days preparations. In that time members of the kingdom can attack each others, but will not contribute to the war( I will explain it later).

    War is ended after 5 days from the moment of official declaration, so 7(2+5) days total(from the moment when king press the button to declare war). After that the winner is decided. There comes truce period where they cant declare war to each others for 7 days. Then, everything is normal. When war is finished and truce start any other kingdom cant attack any of these that where in war, for 3 days.

    So we have kingdoms: A,B,C

    A declare war on B. They fight, A won. Truce between A and B 7 days. C wants to attack B. C must wait 3 days from the end of the war to attack(so that kingdom have some time to recover).

    I hope you get it and isn't that complex.

    You will probably say at this point, that strong kingdoms can attack weak ones and get every benefit of war, with little risk. So to avoid this unfair combats, kingdoms must be in 1:2(or 1:1,5) ratio in number of victory points. So what this mean? If you take one kingdom lets say 6. place in terms of VP, and you have 70.000 VP, you can attack kingdoms that have 35.000-140.000 VP, and ofc you cant be attacked from some kingdom that is not in this ratio.


    I will try for the beginning of this hole idea, to keep it as much simple as I can. This is the most hard one to implement in the game.

    So wars would be, lets say, risky moves for a kingdom, unless the kingdom is well defended , connected, prepared, in terms of bot ,off and deff.

    So we will introduce War points, that count only in the time of war and that will at the end say who win that war. These points are won in three ways:

    - Taking treasuries from the enemy

    - Killing enemy troops(bot in off and deff)

    - Destroying building

    *So, someone will say, taking treasuries, already gives VP , why would you declare a war and announce them that you are going to attack them? Lets say that if you steal treasuries in time of war you get 2 times more VP( stealing from 1. kingdom on the server would be x20 of the number stolen treasuries, they are best and they need to prove that).And that VP earned will automatically be added, before war is over, bit it gives WP(war points) too.

    *Killing troops will be the second way, and that can be done like 0,1 point per crop consumption( it wont be the most important factor, it counts and can at the end decide the winner, but I cant say at the moment exactly how much, but lets say 0,1). Ofc this will count in both off and deff, but I'm thinking to just give some beneficial to attackers, so the enemy team get less points if they kill attacker, cus generally deff in Travian is more stronger then off, so lets say half the points so :

    I attack with 1000 EI army of 300 phalax. I lose 50 horses and they lose all phalax. I will get 300WP and the defender gets 75WP.

    In addition to this, this is war, successful attack on village will give additional points(so we prevent not defending the villages bigger village more points). One more interesting thing, every resource you steal, you ofc get that when your troops come back, but in the embassy, would be a new tab that will contain everything that you need to know whats going on about the war(the points on each side, units killed, lv buildings destroyed, resources stole, treasuries stolen) and there will be something called spoils of war, where for every recourse that you stole you get double the amount as bonus(so you stole 200k resources in the war, in spoils of war is 400k) that you can only get if your kingdom wins the war, and if you lose you get 50 % from what you stole(so you stole 200k you get 100k as bonus) . This resources are something like stolen goods( but if you stole 20k wood, you will get 40k wood, no more no less, and for every rec like that).

    There would be and Recovery Funds(I could not create a better name sorry XD) where they count lost units, and after the war, you can recover 40% of lost units(20% if you lost the war), they would be free to recover but it would take time(same time like they are producing in barracks ,stable and and workshop in that village so lv count, upgradeing the level make this recovery faster) but in mean time you can produce in your barracks and stables and workshops. So if someone lose their entire army, dont delete and leave the game cus he have no time to make a hammer for a WW or something like that, still he lost much but something will be back.

    Third way to ear WP is from destroying buildings. Every lv destroyed gives some points( this would be more beneficial in terms of gaining WP, then killing troops, cus catas are slow, and need a good faking and attack) . To avoid that the hole kingdom is under attack(100 fakes 3 or 4 real attacks) only buildings destroyed in capitals count others dont give points. T be clear when i say buildings I count resource fields too. In addition, destroyed buildings give spoils of war too, so we sum how much resources needed to build that , divide by 10 and that come in spoils of war( dont need to have enough carry capacity, its added in the moment after attack to spoils). So you would go for expensive buildings more often, and the cheap one you would try to avoid.

    The building that only gives you more WP when you destroy it is Treasury, that is the most important building in the kingdom so it would give 3 times more WP then other buildings.

    The defender, wont gain any spoils of war if he lose the building ( he can collect ruins XD).

    So all earned WP is transformed in VP but probably not in 1:1 ratio, that would be too much, but would be impactful on the game itself, so lts say 1/10.

    VP gained from stealing treasuries(like at the moment but in war would be 2 times more) are added automatically(and it counts to WP too!)

    Few things in addition.

    -King cant kick player from the kingdom in times of war

    -War cant be ended, before it end itself

    -Kingdom can only be at war with only one enemy

    -Wars cant be declared first 14 days of server(normal speed)

    -Current wars can be seen in statistics(new tab called War of Kingdoms, with no info other than who is in the war)

    -Finished wars can be seen in (new tab history of wars, where you can see who was at war, who won, and how many WP they both had)

    -Spoils of war and recovery cant be used before war ends

    -In the mean time of a war, everyone can attack everyone, so I can be raided and attacked from some third kingdom, but ofc that doesnt count in WP in the war

    I start from me, I played legends, few years, and when kingdoms was announced, me and my friends where really excited about new things that are going to happen. And it was really great, feel was much more different, cus, it wasnt like legends where you are just a point on the map, now was area, and everybody around you are friends. Played few servers, some new things where added and changed for the quality of life and i thinked that this game was taking the right way to develop.

    I play 2 servers for year, have some experience, use sometimes little gold, and play this game cus i really like it, but in last 2- 3 years nothing new where added, yea menhir someone will say, but does it really have huge impact on the game and enjoying? You can team up early and thats great, but what about replayability? Still game works farm farm farm, build build build , wait wonders and crush all you have made, and we will see who made more. I know that this is about new tribe, but even if Tk dont want to add new tribe(probably they have their reasons, cus community is begging for that and they are ignoring) but what about some new mechanics, some new features, big scale things that would change how game work, maybe move the key point from last 10 days of server to the whole round, like wars between kingdoms, real wars that need to be announced ,war points, spoils of war, VP bonus. The thing is why are TK afraid of some big change? Test it on the TEST, and we will see, its good? Great, many players would come back to try it, more players ,more money for the company, more fun on servers, new strategies...

    Im really sad, when I see that this community is crumblling, forums are almost death, new players dont have proper guides, wiki need a refresh.

    I get that if you make a game more and more complex it will make harder to attract new people to the game, thats why is a good new players guides and support needed.

    Even this is the game I like, I enjoy it less and less, like many other players. I play cus of a team and having fun with them, but I was solo it would be really boring. I hope that this words will reach someone behind all of this and understand one

    thing, make a change and results will come back. In the nature species that change fast are the one that survive.


    Sorry for a big post but i really needed to say it.

    Bye from Serbia :P

    The spawn of the WW and that your troops died have nothing to do with each other. When you are on vacation you dont get resources, but crop is still produced and your troops eat crop. That is the rule not a bug. Think what will happend if troops stop to consume crop in late game. So you have a hammer that eats few hundreds thousand crop per hour and you can avoid that for 7 days when you are in vacation. That would be abusing the system.

    How many different opinions and ideas do we have ... That all of them can be great
    But I want to use this post and talk to you a little bit.
    Most of the people who have posted or are posting in this thread are mostly well-thought-out people with new ideas who like this game to progress. That's why they take the time to come up with ideas.

    My friends, we can write hundreds of interesting ideas for the game. But we know that they are difficult to implement or that the development team's priority in other cases. Let's be honest with each other. One of the current problems of the game is the lack of players. I think it would be better if we focus on coming up with new ideas to attract more players or ...

    I believe that if we come up with new ideas on this issue, the development team will welcome them as well. I have read most of your ideas or written my positive or negative comments about them. I know that your mind is very flourishing and you can have great and interesting ideas in this field.

    You are right. Big support for this opinion, that was something I was thinking to.

    You can find a lot of guides on forum, about all tribes, so there something for teutons. I personally dont play them cus that is not my play style but here some advices that i read. Basically teutons early have cheapest troops and noone can match them. So you do your quests to get resourses(that is the main way to gain resourses early) and then build clubs as many as you can, and ofc some scouts. Then start picking good targets( developed players with little armies, inactive players, robers when they appear etc). Try to avoid big battles and losing troops early on. You just want to raid with your clubs so you can invest in infrastructure and more clubs. So with teutons main goal is to use your advantage and that is many cheap units to harass other players and get the edge. So thats it. Some specifics you can find on forum 100%. Bye ^^

    I played travian legends for 5-6 years and afther that 1 year kingdoms. I really love this game but I think that this game is to simply and need some more funtions and tribes. When I heard that are coming 2 new tribes in travian( egiptians and huns) I come back to play but I want more to see that in kingdoms :P

    Guys I have one question. How many troops deffend natars villages and when I conquer one, what I have built in that village?

    that is all truth, but like many guys said, when king see that his "teuton" are spaming clubs and gives them to kill, he will kick him but one alliance cant found one teuton to spam units every war, that can happend one time in 10 times. And about VP, if the war was big ( big loses, many destroyed buldings ...) you gain more VP, if war was small(just 2-3k units killed) you gain few VP

    Hi guys. I am new in this game. I played 4-5 servers and I didnt was so bad. I have some ideas that can make this game better.

    When two alliance are in bad relationship, they declare war, and they attack each others, war last after 4-5 days and, what happend? Nothing...
    I think that we must improve war system.
    My idea is to reward the winner of war. e.g. the loser in war become vasal of the alliance winner. Vasal alliance give percent of produced treasures and resourses to alliance kingdom. They cant attack dominate alliance. After 7 days vasal alliance can declarate war to dominate alliance and if win they are not vasal any more but the dominated alliance dont become vasal. When one alliance become vasal after 3 weeks,automaticlythey wont be vasals of that alliance and cant become vasal of any alliance 2 weeks.

    Now, how to see who is winner of the war.
    For each enemy unit killed you gain points. If unit eat 1 crop you gain one point, If unti eat 3 crop you gain 3 points...
    For each destoyed level of buildings and resourses fields, you gain 10 points.
    For each conquer village you gain 1000 points.
    For each destroyed village you gain 2000 points.
    Each player have his points, the summation of all players of alliance are the points of alliance.The alliance that have more points are winner. From that points alliance can gain victory points,too. To top 5 players in war ,of the alliance who win, system give reward in resourses or perscent of troops lost in war.

    I said many numbers in this text, That was all for e.g. Travian system will balance that.

    This will be great thing in travian, and this can make travian better game.
    Bye by Hun

    Can some experienced player say to me detailed way to play with romans for first 7-14 days on x3 server