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    Crowded servers 8| I miss the days when there were 10-20k people on a server :(

    maybe i should see what classic looks like again.

    That isn't a very useful way to do it. What if i have 40000 troops in a village and am going to sleep, but I still want to send them enough crop to feed them all?

    Except i can send resources to the village that I have troops in, not other villages. I can't do trade routes to other peoples villages either.

    Have been getting the granary upgraded, but we only want to kill a chief or two, and then likely to catapult the village down too, so don't want to get it to high of a level in case they do a real attack and chief it.

    A) Why should they? You commit to being Duke/King and are of interest to the enemy therefore. Abuse of vacation mode for those players is just lame and needs to be brought to attention for discussion again.B) U just place them back at that time and repeat the matter every day. This tactic will soon be used by everyone and the servers will become even more stalemate then already.
    C) That's clearly a point where the rules need an update (preferably through game mechanics)

    a) You don't need to end vacation mode for them, just make it not abusable. Can't go on vacation mode if there are real attacks incoming, no VP during that time, etc.
    I could see it working for Dukes to not allow vacation mode. Just have them not be duke for a couple of weeks while on vacation. Might open up other ways to abuse the system i suppose, but give them an easy way to transfer treasures if there are no attacks incoming.
    b) don't you have to have treasures for a certain time before they gain you VP? If not, maybe implement something like that?

    Situation is as follows. I have sent troops to allies village A. I can send crop to A to feed my troops (say 10k for easy math), but the granary isn't big enough to hold the crop over night. So I want to send the 80k to another village (or multiple villages) and have him us the trade routes that transfer 10k/hour of crop to where it is needed. I can send crop to the village that has my troops, but not to any other village. Any suggestions? Is this working as intended? Is resource pushing limited on a per village basis?

    Players need to learn now that when they take one the role of King it involves taking responsibilty and commitment for the whole server & not just until they decide they've had enough of playing the role.

    It's a harsh move, but hopefully in time players will realize that a Kingdom needs a dedicated King & that in itself should bring a more solid structure on future servers.

    It is not a harsh move, it is a dumb move. I lost a fight, i don't want those that attacked me to be able to keep farming me too.

    There is an easy solution to that problem, just don't quit. Only log in enough to keep your account active, and they can't get a new vice king. Or they could make it so that the only way you get a new vice king is if the previous one stepped down voluntarily.

    I can definitely see the appeal to that after starting as king, and now regretting it. For 2 reason, diplomacy is not my strong suit, and shortly after we had our union, I had a pretty big change in my life, which affects how much I am able to play this game. Normally I could just step down and let someone else take over, but that is not an option now, unless I want to screw my kingdom over. I worked hard to build it into a top 10 kingdom, but can no longer give it the time that I need to keep it there.

    I think spiking is stupid, if you are in a half ways decent kingdom, you will probably kill your teammates troops as much as your enemies.

    If you are new, build resources, build phalanx, help your teammates!!

    Beyond that, i don't think there are any particularly good recent guides. Unfortunately, TG has a really backwards policy towards external sites, so external help sites don't really happen anymore, or don't people don't bother updating them cause it isn't worth the effort. :(

    I am not big on screen shots, but this was a duke.

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    Yeah, but #1 defender would be nice. You don't have to put them on the kingdom description after all. Or some place that only your kingdom members can see so they can get a sense of teamwork! I would rather share the kingdom ones than individual ones.