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    hallo guys. i want to add something.
    i have tested this tactics,as a roman player , however at the end of the directions, i had resources shortage to make a small celebration at town hall .
    this is because of the 25 unit quest.
    in Teutons, the club swinnger costs 180 total resources however in Romans it costs 280
    when you multiply the differences with 25, we get 2500 total difference.
    which is exactly the same amount of shortage in romans.
    i sacrificed more by demolishing main building and barracks.
    during the game you should use your hero wise. i attacked oasis, eventough they are not generous, they contrubuted me for 2k of total resources.
    so in genereal,if you are applying this tactics as a roman
    you should be ready to sacrifice your
    -your soldiers (at oasiss)
    -your 10 lvl main building
    -and the barracks
    plus account is mandatory

    benimde bir sorum var. kahramanımın bulunduğu köyü nasıl değiştirirm ?
    2. kurduğum köye kahramanımı geçirmek istiyorumda.