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    Once upon a time, Ferdinand and Hugo were united kings. Ferdinand is a Teuton, Hugo a Gaul. Although, they have different characters, they are getting along well, but then...

    Hugo decided to invite Teutonic king to celebrate Samhain Eve with him and his people. Ferdinand hesitated a bit, as he did not know what to expect, but after further reconsideration he accepted Gaul's offer. Teutonic king decided to take few paladins and axemen with him, as a precaution. Celebration goes on, Gauls feasted along with Teutons. Ferdinand was impressed of how Gauls celebrate the end of harvest season and the beginning of darker half of the year. Laughter, dances, singing went on and on, but intemperance in drinking was clearly seen in between both of the kings, as they started to compete in everything they did. Not long after last song, sang by teutonic king accompanied by his men, Hugo decided to challenge Ferdinand to a "friendly" duel. Ferdinand did not hesitate at all, and accepted the challenge, he called one of his men to give him one of their axes, Hugo asked his swordsmen the same, but for a sword instead. Both kings were fierce like lions, fought like Gods from the stories of their tales. As the fight proceeded they fought more and more obstinately, it was no longer a friendly duel, even Gaul men and Teuton men who surrounded them in a circle noticed that, but neither of them dared to interfere. Both kings were exhausted, but neither of them looked like giving up... Sunrise on the horizion heralding the end of Samhain Eve came along with a blow of Hugo's sword scuffing the cheek of Teutonic king. They both stopped and looked at the rising sun, with the blood slowly soaking from Ferdinand's cheek. After brief moment of silence, they gazed each other, smiled and embraced in a bear hug. Soon after Ferdinand decided to bid them farewell and went back home with his men.

    ...and this is why Ferdinand came home with a scar on his face.