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    What upset me is that at an important moment I was unable to play for 5 days because of an error in the game system, I opened a complaint on the forum the first time and opened a ticket the second time, this hurt me a lot, I couldn't access and when I got it the duke's treasury had fallen, the second time the king's treasury had fallen, it even looks like sabotage on the part of our enemy. I couldn't access the game and they were able to access it normally, it discourages anyone.

    How are we going to play a game where some important players in a realm are without access due to server error, and another realm accesses normally and seems to know what is happening and takes advantage of it. It's an absurdity never seen before in the 19 years I've played travian. frustrating, very frustrating to spend time in a game that has marked cards favoring some, I came to think that the admins would be playing on BBash1 and trolling the rest of the players to win it was so gross this supposed DDoS attack was. How did some continue to access normally and still manage to make attacks?