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    You might be looking in the wrong area. It's outside the village walls. Screenshot by Lightshot If you use a second card, it will be right beside it. It means you can have 19 buildings instead of the usual 18. Often buildings have to be demolished to make way for other buildings, and this will save you from having to demolish one of them.

    I think that most of us agree that cheats are treated too leniently by Travian Games. Cheats will then take over, and the game will just die, or perhaps it will stay alive and it will be a case of "May the kingdom full of the most cheats win"

    I'd like to see 2 additions to the Buy tab in the marketplace

    1. In the Rate section, a third option showing only profitable trades

    2. A tick the box option if you only want to buy from someone in your own kingdom, just like in the Sell section

    WHY should you do this? Because if you don't then players will either leave (already happening) or say, "if you can't beat them, might as well join them" (also already happening). All that will be left is cheaters... Bye bye TK.

    You're right here Thorsson. I was just chatting with a player not in my server who confessed he's not gone to multi accounting too now. I guess people just need to even the playing field when fighting cheats.

    This is also my last server unless Travian Games bans cheats for the remainder of the server and deletes all of their accounts, rather than until the cheats agree to a punishment and are allowed to play on. I've seen bans last for as short as 30 minutes when the player rapidly agreed to a punishment. The cheating, almost all by Russians, on com2 is the last straw for me. In the last serious server I played, our team battled the Russian team 4UMA where the cheating was of a scale I'd never seen before judging by the number of their accounts that were banned. They won the server of course. Nobody had a chance against cheating on that scale.

    Unlike detected Travian multi account players, an athlete who is caught using performance enhancing drugs doesn't get to choose which medal he wants to keep and has to give up the rest, and agree to have his single remaining gold medal changed to silver. He loses everything and faces future bans. So it should be here.

    Yes, unfortunately you've hit the pushing limit which restricts how much a player can send to another player (rather than a per village basis). This limit had to be made because of people abusing resource pushing, and as always, everyone else is disadvantaged because of the actions of a few. Possible solutions are to use a trade route / triple trips yourself if you have Travian Plus, finding more players to act as go betweens, or feeding offensive troops of the player you're defending at your own village. He might have rams or catas not in regular use that you could feed. You could also talk to the other player about sending resources instead of crop to upgrade his granary or he might be able to trade on the market for twice as much crop. In the end, granary upgrading is the best solution.

    The real reason is that it's because they are international servers, which is why we also see Arabic script, Chinese characters etc. Some of us are pushing for English servers where this won't be allowed as it's very hard for us to distinguish between different players and villages. We just want the same as many countries get with their own servers.

    The com servers are international, with English as the official language, but options to cater for those who are less familiar with English. The servers specific to certain countries are there for those whose first language is something other than English so they have servers with official languages that they are fluent in.

    I'm with you PoLo in wanting English only servers. Last server our king joined with a Russian king in the union, and I just gave up on chat or playing fully.

    First up you always need a good sitter to be online when you can't be. You can try messaging your attackers. Many will stop if you explain that you're new to the game and need to be left in peace for a while until you gain more experience. If that fails, don't try defending your village unless you have enough troops to kill all of theirs. Upgrade your wall to 20, build crannies to protect your resources. Keep building troops until you have enough to stop the raids and keep them hidden either at an oasis (if these aren't being attacked) or with chicken boots. Have your hero on fighting strength, and maybe some on defence, not on resources. Traps work well in early game, but you should release all trapped troops, so that your traps are repaired for free and so that you have more for the next attack. Spend as many resources as possible before attacks and before going offline. Once you have 1K phalanxes, start upgrading them in the smithy. Personally I'd focus on phalanxes for now, rather than scouts.

    But if the game prevents you from sending reins or resources to anyone not in your kingdom, including WWs, then a limitation on kingdom size could work. Many of us are just sick of metas. I don't recall anyone in TL with its limited kingdom sizes being kicked to make way for other players. I would also be in favor of no kingdom being able to hold more than one WW. I recall seeing a server recently where one kingdom held all 7 WWs. That must have been such a waste of time and money for many players in that server.

    Bumping this up. Well, it's about time we got English speaking servers back. There are servers for so many languages, but none for English. If you agree, show your support with a like or comment, and the big bosses might listen to us. With a kingdom merge that I as a governor had no say in in a just finished server, we suddenly found ourselves in a Russian speaking kingdom. While the king (queen) at least spoke English also and went to the trouble to post the most important information in English also, we still missed out on so much.

    And there is the issue of systemic Russian cheating (and denying) that is brought up in server after server, year after year, right back to TL and maybe even earlier. I'm not saying that all Russians cheat, or that all cheats are Russian, but when one country is equated with kingdom wide cheating, it's always the same country. With English speaking servers we can avoid this much more.

    It's because your village isn't inside the kingdom borders. Do you have another village to sell from that's inside the borders? If so, just sell treasures in that one. If you don't, then settle your next village inside the borders. Maybe your king's treasury was destroyed in an attack?

    What you would have to do NSN, is get the primary account holder to drop you as a dual, and add you as a sitter. You can then transfer the gold, then can be dropped as a sitter again, then be added back as a dual. When the server ends, you can't get back any gold that you put in. It will go to the account owner. The other option is as Rashidix said, to buy more gold. Why a sitter can add gold but a dual can't is beyond me.