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    Thanks for the feedback guys! So what I take from this is that many of you would prefer no pre-selected movement and thus having to make one more click in some cases, instead of having a more intelligent automatic pre-selection (which of course can't be perfect for everyone in every case). Right?

    more intelligent than us, or more intelligent than the current method of preselection? ;)

    Many of us asked for that many times over a long period, but we gave up asking...

    The best result I've ever seen from this was when an enemy player sending a clear ahead of his teammates accidentally sent his hammer as a rein and over the next couple of seconds his teammates killed his hammer and their own troops. We loved the reports. I've heard of this happening a few times.

    The problem with the robber camps breaking is a known issue (has happened many times before as well, especially on densely-populated speedservers) and this feature unfortunately doesn't change anything about that, but balancing-wise, if your kingdom is so big that there's no free tiles for robber camps anymore then you possibly don't need the little extra boost they give. If densely populated empires don't get them and empries with sparse population get a stronger boost from them, I wouldn't call that a game-breaking design flaw, because it gives an advantage to those who have fewer villages and disadvantages those kingdoms that are densely populated and thereby again likely to be ahead by numbers. I wouldn't be too high on my to-fix-list to be honest.

    Hey Wizzball :) The problem with this part in 2x3 anyway, is that 2 big kingdoms did friendly treasure swaps on a massive scale some time ago and now it is them - the big kngdoms - reaping the benefit of robber camps. The smaller kingdoms have filled their borders and some are getting no camps at all while the meta which exploited a game mechanism is reaping the benefit of lots of camps. So they're only sparsely populated because they have so many treasuries and therefore a huge area, not because they're small (low population) kingdoms. It is them who least need camps, but it is them who are getting the most. I believe that the same has happened on at least one other server. And yes, we need those camps to get stolen goods to get to the next treasury level. The exploiters with their big number of camps are already many treasuries ahead of where they should be given their numbers of treasures.

    My issue though is more with the problems on 2x3 than the lack of the Union merges.

    As I put in our kingdom chat after several attempts because of course chat wasn't working at first...(slightly edited)

    This server hasn't cost me a single cent, so a refund offer makes no difference to me, but many people have put in lot of money and expect a working game. That's the problem. We expected admin to respond to our concerns by refunding those who paid for something that's not working properly (just like when you buy something irl that isn't working properly) but instead their offer is to extend the server - which costs players even more money... That's just wrong and hopelessly inadequate.

    Transfering treasures to get new treasury slots have been used by many teams before... This is not the first time it has happened.. Dont talk about it as if it was cheating :) Its just some were clever to understand the game dynamics and plan ahead and you simply couldn't come up with such a plan. If you had information regarding this, you would have transferred treasures among friendly kingdoms within a blink of an eye.
    regarding giving the gold back, completely agree with it... Its a pity not even a single person from dev team replied to this thread with some useful information.

    No, not every team would have. Some prefer to play the way the game is intended rather than how the WiC/Funny zerg is.
    In the words of a wise teammate, "Just because you can doesn't mean you should".
    And in the words of a leader of our team who did know about it, the strategy is "goat smelling". :rolleyes:

    I agree. Let's see in our raiding reports who is reining grey villages. In a com server not long ago one player in our team was in the top defender list for much of the server purely from spiking grey villages. We found out who it was and told him repeatedly to stop. In the end I think we kicked him. His purpose was to get defender medals.

    It was also meant to force more fighting between small kingdoms battling for growth space, which hasn't happened, in 2x3 anyway.

    What has happened is that kingdoms have run out of room, and robber camps for some kingdoms have become nonexistent as there is simply nowhere for them to spawn, plus there are no settling spots left at all for some kingdoms struggling to get enough treasures to expand with another treasury.

    I think 10K treasures to get another treasury isn't working. Kingdoms run out of room to expand and players are having to settle outside borders. That isn't always an option unless you want to settle in another king's borders. Robber camp numbers are way down for a number of kingdoms because there simply isn't room for them we've been told. One camp with 4-5 waves for about 30 players happening time after time?

    I don't get how one kingdom can have 7 active treasuries with 20K treasures. Is there a special strategy that we haven't thought of?

    I don't even know who 5 people on my list are. I certainly never added them as friends in a server. It seems to add people you have sat for? If I choose not to share my online status, as I've done, does this also stop them from seeing what server I'm playing in? If not, are we able to opt out of sharing that info too?

    That might be the only way to get rid of the problems that metas cause for smaller kingdoms - everybody is in a meta.

    It will also get rid of those abusing the relocation feature.

    I've yet to find a leader who can get the entire group to do anything ;) And many of those who do as asked will then forget whether CEST and CET mean to go forward or backward and which is 1 and which is 2 hours. If it can be done that players' clocks automatically follow server time it would just be much easier for all of us. I don't remember ever having clock problems in TL.