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    If I'm correct, isn't that just in summer, then it changes in winter, and is 1 hour different to UTC? And those of us who aren't European have to keep track of when CEST and CET start and stop, and keep comparing our times with other players, or checking with Google. Many of us know to do that, but many don't, and the time issue continues to cause problems. Is there a way that it can be done that we are all just set to server time?

    Yes, but will it match server time? As in if there's going to be something like starvation turned on/off at a certain time or an update is happening, and our clocks are on UTC, will it match the time stated by Travian for the events that are happening?

    After clicking on the ? icon on the top right, you should see this:
    Then clicking on Help Center should bring up this:

    To report another player, you need to choose Violation under the Category drop down list
    And to see your previous tickets, you need to click on My tickets

    If this doesn't work, then try sending a private message to an administrator using this forum. You will need to tell the person your game world and avatar.

    There is no way to mark a read message as unread, but maybe this would be a good idea. It could also help in dual accounts where one player could read the message then mark it as unread for the other dual/s to see it.

    I've never seen this happen before and it was probably something that was never thought about. Hopefully the designers will fix this so inactive dukes can't be made king. While you wait for a reply is it possible to cat down the high population buildings of whichever is king currently to bring his population below that of your highest active duke? That should break the cycle.

    But then Ammanurt, the game owners would miss out on all the income they get from players golding up their villages, so that will never happen. I like the idea however.

    The relocation feature was meant to be for players who spawned in inactive areas, and I think this 15C relocation is just one more exploit that some players will take advantage of. It should just be you can only relocate your first village.

    Fabian, as Renuo said, just handicapping bigger kingdoms in some way is not enough, as the metas will just be a mass of small kingdoms helping each other. I think they would actually be the smallest kingdoms of all to take advantage of the benefits it would give, which would then give them a big advantage and undo what the aim is. They would run out of alphabet letters put after their kingdom name as there would be that many. In addition to what I suggested above, I'd also like to suggest a limit of 1 WW per kingdom.

    If the number of players per kingdom is limited to 60, sending reins or resources to anyone outside your kingdom is prevented, and only kingdom members owning a WW can feed or rein it, this would be a simple solution. The per capita idea above could also be added. As always someone will find a way around it, but it's got to be better than it is now. So many governors in servers dominated by metas are deleting out of boredom.

    Maybe the developers could trial this idea in a special server?

    Slightly off the topic, but if the developers are serious in their desire to discourage metas, another idea given by a teammate is to limit the number of players in a kingdom to 60 as in TL, and only allow players from the team owning the WW to send resources or troops to it. For sure someone will find a way around this, but it would help I believe.

    All good suggestions above, that will work. Pointing out to the raider that you are new to the game and want to learn it in peace is almost always very effective. See also if you can get 2 sitters, both in different time zones to you. When your account is going offline, send your troops away always.

    I actually wouldn't like to see this option. Often people have to send very early as they'll be offline when they should send their troops, so they add a ram with their troops to slow it down and conserve crop in the defending village. Releasing them all at once after the attack means they'll be waiting for a very long time for their troops to get home. Personally I return troops types for each village separately - e.g. phalanxes, separate to druids, separate to the hero. I agree that it takes a long time - half an hour usually. Perhaps a Return all cavalry/Return all infantry/Return all heroes option would be better. There would need to be some way to keep permanent standing defense from returning.

    For me, the most annoying thing now is that, say after returning all the spears from 1 Teuton village, it then goes back to the Show all Teutons screen. It would be faster if it stayed on that village until I sent the paladins home, then went to the next Teuton village, before going to the Show all Romans.

    I, and I'm sure, many others feel that the punishment for those caught cheating in Travian is too light. If you're caught cheating, your time in the server should be over. Many of us are tired of cheats being allowed to continue in the game and using their unfairly achieved advantages to attack and defend against fair players. If you read this, please give your opinion. The game administrators need to know how the majority of people feel.

    I don't know if this issue has been brought up before but it seems to happen in every kingdom in every server where there are already enough incoming attacks to clear the number of waves in camps, and others still send attacks and beat some of those who had already launched attacks. Your troops then come home with nothing. I realize that people playing on phones can't see the number of attacks already on the way, but I'm sure that others can see, and send anyway. Perhaps the camps could 'close' once the number of waves sent equals the number of waves available, but if that's not possible or not a good idea, it would help if troops came home instantly if the camp was cleared before they got there, so at least you have a better chance of attacking a different camp.

    And the best thing ChillingEffect is that if it's like what has happened in the past, 2 new kings have been allowed to spawn in exactly the same spot that they left. Brilliant!

    To set someone as a sitter, in the lobby click on this Once you type in their name, click on the Edit icon to add gold privileges if you want your sitter to have them. (Remember that a sitter can't finish the last 5 minutes of builds for free without gold privileges for some very weird reason known only to the developers.) When you want to log into someone's account that you sit for it should be on the left of the lobby screen with your own ingame name.