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    As an obsessive OCD player, is there a chance we could label village spots for buildings so that sitters and duals don't build in the wrong places? Perhaps also it could be that you label fields and building spots with a note saying how high you want the building/fields to be taken or whatever. No biggie but you asked for suggestions.

    Thanks icke! I never thought of asking for that but many of us like our buildings in certain places, and chiefed villages send me into an OCD meltdown.

    We have been telling the developers about this problem for a very long time, with our preferred option being that there be no default selection at all. I know of a few players who have lost major hammers because of this, but still nothing changes.

    Just for fun, I decided to start a server already at the WW stage with no intention of staying long. Sure enough I was landed with a 16 pop king. I think that anyone who joins and only stays long enough in the first session to get to 16 pop should not ever be a king. The other governor's pop is 91, and mine after an hour is 61. There are 2 oases inside our kingdom. One has 141 snakes and 268 boars, and the other has 173 rats, 98 boars and 148 wolves. My suggestions are that everyone joins as a governor, and only those growing at a reasonable rate are offered the chance to become kings, and the other that if a new kingdom is founded then the number of animals inside oases automatically drops to reflect the newness of the kingdom.

    I'd also like to see a return to a restriction on how long a sitter can operate an inactive account. Here's an ingame message that I've seen - with only the inactive player's name changed.

    "Player X (= me as sitter cause he is inactive... Full defence account for me)"

    I guess only TG can answer your question then. Is the account owner not available at all to settle?

    In my case, it was the only time I've ever asked a sitter to settle a village for me, purely because CPs were ready in the early hours of the morning, but my account is always very active so sitters are asked to do very little. I'm curious as to why anyone requires a sitter to repeatedly settle for them.

    It's not possible in com1 for a sitter to send settlers at this time. I can't say about other servers or if/when it changed because I'd never asked a sitter to try before. I was trying not to say that some people share passwords and that's how it's been overcome by others.

    Sometimes it takes the system a while to catch up. You might get a couple of hideouts near your old capital at first but then they should move to near your new capital. Camps can spawn anywhere in your kingdom.

    I didn't dislike your post Templar Knight, but there's something about what TK does that you mention that causes some to delete instantly after being wiped out by a bigger player right beside their spawn. You say to reach out to that player to protect yourself, but sometimes that player is right beside you but in a different kingdom, maybe an enemy kingdom. I've seen this happen again and again and was told during Beta that new players would no longer spawn beside established players. I guess you just lost more players....again.