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    You only need to look at offers in the market to see that there's too much crop around. If you want to sell any, it will cost you up to double of any other resource. At the same time it's almost impossible to trade other resources much of the time. Heavy gold users love the current situation. They sell other resources for double the same amount in crop, then NPC it into other resources. I believe this is deliberate to encourage more spending on gold.

    How is the mix of resources calculated? I'm aware of crop being determined by the number of treasures, but how is it that 2 players of the same tribe in the same kingdom get the same total of resources, but a different mix? Is it something we're doing without realising that causes this?

    * It's very easy to accidentally delete a farm from the farm list when scrolling. This needs fixing. I know this has been mentioned multiple times. And can we have an arrow at the top and bottom of all scroll bars, whether in farm lists, chat or whatever?
    * New players and casual ones need to be discouraged from being kings. It's not fair to the active experienced players to be dumped with an unsuitable king. You need to explain that players need experience, leadership ability and a lot of online time to be kings etc, that all new players should be governors
    * The start up map needs to be bigger and not have tiny kingdoms sandwiched between other tiny kingdoms.
    * Move the instant merchant button. Sometimes the game is buggy and you have to click twice to send merchants, then you suddenly find you've sometimes wasted gold sending 500 resources to a village 1 square away.
    * Reduce the damage heroes get in early game. Hero keeps dying -> new players leave TK never to return.
    * Get rid of "rein" as the default sending troops button. No default at all means we won't keep reining enemies.
    * Let us delete our own reports, while keeping the automatic deletion after a certain period of time if you want
    * Fix the clock so daylight saving doesn't affect it
    * Allow each dual to sit 1 account, so the account owner isn't lumbered with 3 accounts to watch while the dual/s have just 1. Share it around. Watching 3 accounts gets tiresome very fast.
    * Try one goldless server for free. See how it goes then maybe see if you could try a server without gold where everyone pays the same one off amount to play. Anyone who deletes before server end could have the unused amount converted to gold for a different server
    * Create an important systems message to alert all players to this thread then wait a few days. After that, create a poll for EVERY suggestion given, do another system message to alert everyone to the poll. See what the majority wants.
    * Make WWs alliance owned so there can be no switching, and maybe limit WWs to 1 per alliance to reduce the meta advantage

    What about then if each dual could sit for one account only? The way it is now, the owner of the account might be responsible for watching his own plus 2 accounts he sits for, which can get time consuming and tiring, while his dual/s play their own account only.

    It seems unfair to me that robbers attack any players in the kingdom. Surely it makes more sense that robbers only attack players who haven't cleared a wave? We had a situation where the robbers attacked the players who had cleared waves, and left alone those who hadn't. I don't think that they could attack the robbers back to stop them as they'd already cleared a wave. I don't get the logic in that.

    Some of us have made our feelings known on this more than once, but it seems that nothing will be done. Meanwhile, TG continues to lose new players. The only solution that I found was using a regeneration helmet and armor with experience boots, and the hero was always on fighting strength. None of these were cheap. Getting to 1K troops with a ram for sieges on hideouts also helped. Our hero tread the life/death tightrope continuously until we got to this point, even with regenerating him twice to full health.

    I thought it was possible to send a hero in ahead first to attack camps, then follow it up with troops. Now the message "You already have troops on the way there" appears and prevents you from sending a second attack while the first one is on its way. Is this new or a bug? Or maybe it always was like that and I forgot.

    I know that this has been brought up before and some changes were made, but I think more tweaking is needed regarding how much health the hero loses on adventures and its regeneration rate. Even with regeneration equipment, some use of ointments and only hitting robbers and doing adventures the hero's health is always dangerously low. This has been a problem ever since heroes stopped regaining full health every time they went up a level.

    I like the ideas also, except possibly for the cost of NPCing to be increased each time it's used in the case of NPC villages for the WW, but then maybe an exception could be made for each WW to have one village exempt from the constantly increasing cost of NPCs. Official NPC villages with GGs and GWs aren't part of TK, but alliances still have their own designated NPC villages with high levels of storage for NPCing.

    Either you read it wrong or I did, broken_digit. You get 50 VP per stolen treasure if stealing from #1 alliance, but #1 alliance gets no VPs from the raiding of treasures from their wings. xTools' practice that you mentioned, or I believe SAMURAI's (Mafia style?) alleged practice of offering protection in exchange for treasures won't gain them any VPs if taking from smaller alliances. No doubt metas will find a way around the developers' efforts to discourage large metas.