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    While you're pushing to fix nuisance buttons, Georgi, how about the delete button in farm lists which is easily hit while scrolling, and changing the rein button as being the default when sending troops, to having no default. We keep killing our own troops after reining then attacking farms. It was fun however starving some enemy troops accidentally sent as reins. ;)

    I'd like to ask about double targeting with catas. We've always believed that if you're targeting say a WW, then all catas should be sent as 1 target on the WW for maximum damage. A player tells me that simulators show it makes no difference whether you double target the same target or single target. Who is right?


    Thank you for your message.
    There should be no difference.

    Refalgus, kings do care about attacks on non alliance villages inside their kingdoms, as it warns them to collect tributes before the attacks. You can turn it off by unchecking the Show attacks box. One option to keep everyone happy could be a separate section with non alliance villages inside kingdoms box that can be checked if wanted. Maybe robber attacks could be shown by a gray rather than red sword, just like on the map. As for the multiple tabs, yes please!

    Putzin, go to your embassy and click the kingdom icon on the left, then the Found Kingdom button at the bottom.

    I know that Wiki is a work in progress, but think that a page in Wiki itself where we could note things that need further explanation or are missing from it could be helpful for the writers. I've just noticed that city status is not listed there as being a prerequisite for a great barracks and great stable, yet it's written twice that these can't be built in your capital.

    Just like the order of farms in a farm list can be changed according to distance, population etc., I think it'd be helpful if kings could do the same with villages in the Tribute Overview, according to time taken to arrive, time left before overflowing, number of resources/treasures etc.