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    Have over 100 oasis with troops in them, moving this weekend during this unannounced changed so lost about 5k troops to starvation and now I can't pull troops from oasis quickly as I have to wait for screen reloads and it's so time consuming.

    I've had enough, letting the troops starved as I wasn't prepared to feed a 75k hammer, not enough granaries set up for this. They shouldn't have allowed that feature to begin with as I built a hammer bigger than I can feed. Now that they trapped us they think we'll dump a ton of gold to compensate but nah..

    Gonzo, good bye!

    I know of a few games that are community driven and player controlled. They attempted to make some profit all attempts failed but the game has a cult following since 1996. Players make content updates and it's completely volunteer based.. it's also more fair(althought there is some cheating)

    But the cheating is monitored..

    So I would suspect that if this game failed to make a profit and the developers gave up on it one like it would sprout up. Possibly free to play and player controlled...

    that's odd that the decimal time for travel multiplied by 3 (the speed) equals the adjusted tourney square distance. I'm not sure I want to add another column to adjust the decimal time to H:M:S..

    I got it to work by treating the new adjusted distance 16.8*3 as the new distance and did this hmm just realized something..

    I basically undid the 16.8*3, then formated the decimal back into duration 24:00:01

    Like this a1 = 16.8*3
    b1 = a1/3/24

    so I'm basically dividing 16.8 by 24 and converting that decimal answer into 24 hours format readable by the format condition 24:00:01 if that makes sense. Earlier I was trying to get the same result in the adjusted block by multiplying by 24 thinking that was the correct method.

    It's so odd that I can't just take the original block and divide it by 24 then format it into numbers -> duration like this

    t = (20/3)+((80.81-20)/(3+3*(.1*10)))
    / 24

    But if I break it up into steps with additional columns it works

    I'm all kinds of stuck on stupid today, need more smarts

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    ahh that's the new distance adjusted for the TS. Just like in my original post.. hmm I like your method better as it can implement the TS levels as they go up without reverse engineering everything

    Amazing! Thanks you're a genius, exactly what I needed to know :)

    =(20 / F2) + ((E2 - 20) / (F2 + F2 * (0.1 * N2))) F2 = sph E2 = d and N2 = TS level

    I'm getting 16.8 hours which I assume is 16 hours and 40 minutes roughly..

    How do I display this correctly, I should note I'm in Google ************ which is slightly different than excel but should do the same things. I tried formatting by numbers in duration 24:00:01 but I get erroneous numbers

    Thanks Natasha

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    20 / sqh + 10 / ( sqh + sqh * 1.00 )

    sqh = squares per hour of slowest unit

    So if you have a sqh of 7 (clubs) that would make 50/14 = 3.57 hour or 3 hours 34 minutes and 17 seconds.

    What's the 20 for up front? (20 / 7 +10 / 7+7*1.00) would look like this right 20 / 17 / 14 Which should be the same as saying (20*14)/17 sorry could be wrong no coffee this morning and hard to maths

    Also any ideas how to increment the percentages via a column in spreadsheet so that the TS level reflects the proper percentage?

    Hi I'm currently looking to calc travel duration when accounting for various TS level. for example when the distance is 30 squares and ts is level 10 which gives a 100% bonus speed to 10 squares.

    Any ideas? I'm a bit stumped right now. Thanks!

    I'm thinking now that just take the distance over 20, and divide it by 1 + 0.01x percent. So in this case it would be 10/2 = 5 giving the total distance an effect of 25 squares.

    Anyone see any flaws in this logic? thanks

    So what I got here is a distance of 80.81 squares, travel time is 3 squares per hour. planned arrival time is 5/41/2015 22:00:00 hours and the TS effect is

    Distance (80.81) if greater than 20, 80.81-20 = 60.81 / 2 equals about 30.4 + 20 equals 50.4 giving me an effective travel distance of 50.405 squares per hour with the 100 percent increase in speed. Anyone know if this is accurate? Thanks

    Would someone who knows start a thread on the 5th column type stuff, the spies and mind games? I have tasted it but still think i am missing too much. Is it like a long con?

    Hmm, I don't have enough to write about to make it's own thread but spying is something that every alliance deals with and is in the back of your head when you think opsec for attacking missions. To help prevent the impact of spying I would cluster people into small groups and have them operate in what we called battle groups. Usually helps to have a leader in the group usually someone will self appoint themselves or you can dictate who you think should lead the group.

    I've always tracked hammers, their locations, and any information that might give me an advantage. I've also been the victim of information gathering.. I can remember a rather large hammer of mine upwards of 150k being chiefed while I watched the Ravens play in the superbowl. They did their homework and it worked. Before when external forums were widely used members would have to register and the leaders could track ipaddresses of their members. So that any unusual change in ipaddress(unauthorized user) would potentially be banned and the account holder of that user name be suspect of helping someone else gain access to where they shouldn't be.

    Now being the spy is something different entirely, there has to be some motivational factors there. Why spy? Hopefully you can find someone with a grudge, perhaps he was forced to give up something for the 'good' of the alliance while others who were better positioned were not asked to do so. Maybe he doesn't get reinforcements when he asks for them. Perhaps you have a core group of players that hate another core group of players and they war again and again every server.(I've been in this scenerio). Then it's just a matter of slipping one of your core guys, or yourself into their group.

    I've made up fake skype names, had my ipaddress changed and worked my way into the enemy camp once before and it took a long time to do so. Helped that I was a large account and top raider for awhile. It was interesting but you will hurt people feelings. The feeling of betrayal and the concept of this being a game gets blurred a bit when people trust you and count on you as a 'friend'. Too me it's a game and I don't take these things seriously but I will use your feelings to my advantage. :)

    Hope that helps. I imagine there will be lots of hurt feelings and tons of secret societies built on these types of servers. Most won't amount to much though as it take a talented crew to do any real damage.

    Well I have been a member of many alliances and witnessed bad leadership. One way or another I eventually floated into those leadership rooms with serious discussions.

    I've seen a lot of horrible and selfish leaders who still had loyal and trusting team mates. In general a newer player will not want to lead but follow and 85% of those who follow will be loyal. I've tried multiple times to infiltrate enemy alliances with communication to various members and I'd say 98% won't allow you to spy on their alliance. Rarely you'll get that one who will and you can sit for them and get a feel for whats going on over on the other side.

    Bad leadership of alliances I've been apart of typically were unwilling to delegate responsibilities instead they would say they got everything, offensive and defensive but when stuff hits the fan as it always does. They drop the ball, cover their own behinds and leave everyone else out in the wind. They also won't venture very far if they are a hammer account, instead baby it and demand it be protected like it's the most precious resource.

    Then there are leaders with horrible ethics who will win by any means necessary. In game threats, spilling over to real life threats, stalkings, inappropriate conduct, i.e sexual harassment and lewdness. The particular person that I'm speaking of was active, set up offensive ops every week and was successful but lacked manners. Other leaders I've known were successful by avoiding conflicts, they established clear lines of communication across numerous alliance and brokered deals that bought him time to delay any conflicts until others started fighting. Then he would talk more and delay more until it was time to either pick a side or continue to avoid conflict. Eventually though you got to start war with someone.

    Sorry to hijack your thread here, I found the question worthy of a response though. I do like the concepts laid out here in Kingdoms, get people to work together in cells, small groups and expand from there.

    To run a huge hammer with 100k+ crop consumption I would recommend a dual or two. I've ran accounts where I would burn through duals like gold, Fired one, lost one to the tiresome work a huge account takes to keep from starvation. Constant raiding and building up villages then keeping troops que'd and wheat fields upgrading.

    Mostly I see people quit after being constantly attacked, frustration of seeing their hard work being crushed or lack of planning exposing their newness. For instance, I hit the capital of the unique spy holder with no hero but kinda made the attack look fake by including ram and cata in each wave. With 1 scout as well, if that makes sense. Hit him with 80k crop hammer and blew through his hammer which was parked at home with evasion off..

    A month later I split my hammer sent 8k or so at him and the rest someplace closer so that when the majority of the hammer hit they counted everything else as fake and had someone with hero 3 or so hours away pick up the unique spy. He quit three days later..

    Most of the guys I used to play with have quit though, so finding new players who enjoy the game and figuring things out as you go works as well. Just read a few of the guides you find online and then try to divide up the hours you watch the account. Believe me it's so much easier having 2 or 3 sets of eyes on an account. Just be careful, lots of trash players out there and sitters can do a lot of harm when running an account they are not going to play like a dual. They will be focused on their account and will make a lot of mistakes trying to manage yours as well as theirs.

    With a little luck, trial & error plus sacrifice of my time and endless mail traffic I've been fairly successful and my track record speaks for itself. I prefer not to lead alliances now, stepped aside a long time ago for others to move up and make their own mistakes. I much rather play the role of OC but have done everything there is to do much like everyone else here. Lucky to spawn next to some great players and work my way into their group finding talented duals who helped me finish as top attacker on two separate servers as well as WW builds, capital's zero'd, WW hammers chiefed, unique artifacts stolen, many towns crop locked.. I don't count all the players destroyed in early game because that's to be expected as you clear your area. My goals shift towards mid game where we start to venture cross quad. This Kingdoms version keeps the borders a bit different and battles are closer to home. Could be a good thing I haven't decided yet

    Actually I think we hit on something here, this game needs more social connectivity. Perhaps a facebook login method, or something to that effect. True I don't want it linked to my facebook but others may want this since they are on facebook more than travian.

    I guess the interaction is a little mechanical and not as fluid.. chat rooms are dissapointing. It needs to be a continuous flow, like a spam room or a battle room where posts are limited to serious buisness.

    Guess I'm to old for this game now...

    I have too many troops, said no one, ever.

    If they are attacking an undefended target with speed then they are doing it right. They are taking a BIG gamble that troops can not get their in time. So as the attacker you want him to move slower or your troops to move faster? This is travian 101.. you build a ghost hammer of TT's and hope to encouter troops that you walk over not a wall of defense..

    Also I would like to point out, you can stash 250 troops in an oasis then recall them to your village with a treasury to hopefully make attackers target you less. Or they may target your oasis.. if it's nearby and giving up useful hero exp